April, 2019
Sabal Palm Spotlight
The Little Known Retirement Investment Secret

Have you ever said to your broker, “Here are my retirement dollars, manage them.” In this common IRA scenario, you direct, they decide.

All IRAs are directed. The difference is who is making those investment decisions. If you want to be making the decisions, you should consider a Sabal Palm Bank Self-Directed IRA (Traditional or Roth).   

Historically, the majority of IRAs have been invested in CDs, stocks, bond and mutual funds. With a Sabal Palm Bank
Self-Directed IRA, you can expand those options to invest in Real Estate, Notes and Mortgages, Limited Partnerships, closely held Stock, Tax Lien Certificates and some Gold Coins, just to name a few.    
You select the investment you are interested in and comfortable with.  You determine how aggressively or conservatively you want to invest. 
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There are some considerations to keep in mind. Traditionally, many IRAs may not be FDIC insured and they may lose value. In addition, the IRS forbids investment in certain assets; for instance, works of art, certain metals, life insurance products and antiques. They also do not allow you to invest in yourself or your linear family. At Sabal Palm Bank we can help you avoid “prohibited transactions” while getting the most out of your choices. 
“My Sabal Palm Bank Self-Directed IRA has allowed me to own rental income real estate that today acts like an annuity," says Tom Sultzer, Sabal Palm Bank SDIRA client. "I’ve been able to diversify my retirement portfolio between the stock market with my broker and real estate and notes with Sabal Palm Bank. Feels like the best of both worlds.”   
If you are interested in more information, contact Dee Barth.

Dee Barth
VP, Operations
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