July, 2019
Sabal Palm Spotlight

Hurricane Financial Preparedness

Whether you are new to Florida and the hurricane preparations or a native used to the annual trip to the grocery and hardware stores to stock up for the season, there may be some financial preparing you have not thought of.

Nobody wants to think a hurricane will hit our home, but preparing for it can make the stress of the season a little less. Here are some financial preparedness tips that may help you through this hurricane season.

  • Have cash on hand in small bills. During and after a storm electricity may be out making cash your only option of payment.

  • Make a written list of important phone numbers and account numbers. Once the storm has passed it can be a challenge to find a phone number for your insurance agent or your bank account number-especially if your phone has died and the electricity is out.

  • Review your insurance policies and your hurricane deductibles. Make sure that your coverage reflects the current value of your property.

  • Document your household items and valuables on video or film and store it in a safe place, upload to a cloud service or send a copy to a loved one in another state.

  • Have an up-to-date backup of computer files, especially financial data. Print out a copy to have in case of electrical outages.

  • Store important documents in a sealed, plastic container in a Sabal Palm Bank safe deposit box:
  • Wills
  • Certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Contracts
  • Deeds
  • Passports
  • Stock & Bond certificates
  • Social security cards
  • Backed up computer documents
  • Other documents

Sabal Palm Bank also prepares for the season. We have tested our systems and trained our staff to get back up and running after a storm. Our new downtown office was built to withstand hurricane force winds and has a high capacity generator which will allow us to open for business as soon as possible after a storm, even if power is still not available. If you have any questions about how Sabal Palm Bank has prepared, or can help you prepare, just call or email me. Finger's crossed for a quiet and safe hurricane season for us.

Dee Barth
VP, Operations
Happy Fourth of July

Sabal Palm Bank wishes you all a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

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