Grace Church  
in Salem
The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Rector
385 Essex Street
Salem, Massachusetts 01970

8 June 2022

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6:00 pm

Bible Study


1:00 pm

Sabbatical Team Meeting




Trinity Sunday

9:30 am

Choir Rehearsal

10:00 am

Choral Holy Eucharist Church School

4:00 pm

Celtic Evensong with Communion






The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Rector



Ryan Patten,

Sr. Warden

Peggy Carter,

Jr. Warden

Barbara Layne, Clerk

Angela Williams, Treasurer

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Andrew Bishop

Lisa Duffy

Katie LaBonte

Joanna Troy

Matt vanHamersveld



Larry Kamp,

Director of Music


Tom and Karen Tucker, Sextons


Cheryl Robinson, Bookkeeper



Regathering Team

Peggy Carter, Chair

Lisa Duffy

Christine Reichert

Tom Tucker

Anti-racism Team

Maureen Bingham

Cliff Cutler

Ryan Patten

Jane Thompson

Angela Williams

Debbie Phillips

Technical Support for Worship

Jason Stonehouse

The Reverend Debbie Phillips


Hugh MacKay

Joanne Moar


Gavin Watson-Bertrand 

Altar Guild

Laura Beasley-Topliffe,


Beth Brown

Lisa Duffy

Larry Kamp

Caroline Ogah


Flower Committee

Deb Papps, Chair

Jane Thompson

Maureen Joyce


Celtic Meditations Team

Ryan Patten, musician

Eric Wagner

Jane Stewart

Paul Massari

Christine Reichert

Joanne Moar

Kathleen Tone


Director of Church School

Melissa Barnes



Ministry Team

Caroline Watson-Felt

Priscilla Lemons, Clerk

Ad Hoc Fundraising

Peggy Carter

Melissa Barnes

Joanne Moar

Caroline Watson-Felt

Real Asset Management/Property

Eric Wagner

Mike Ouellette

Tom Tucker

Bob Cole

Walter Weizenauer

Robert Hoffman

 Creation Care

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Tom Gaither

Jane Stewart

Garden of Life

Jason Stonehouse


Convention Delegates

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Joanne Moar

Eric Wagner, Alternate

Deanery Delegates

Laura Beasley-Topliffe

Joanne Moar

Walter Weizenauer

Eric Wagner

Thought for the Week

Dear Friends,

Jesus took himself apart often in his ministry, to pray, to be with God, to be renewed. The Clergy Sabbatical Program sponsored by the bishops seeks to ensure that clergy in the Diocese of Massachusetts have an opportunity for a time of sabbath, for a renewal of spirit and a reaffirmation of life with God. A sabbatical can offer opportunities for creativity and discovery for both the clergyperson and the congregation. It is recommended that clergy take a sabbatical every five years.

I will be starting my sabbatical Monday 13 June and returning on Wednesday, 7 September. During this time, I too will be exploring new ways of being in relationship with God and taking some time to rest. Eric and I will be reconnecting with some friends we haven't seen in many years and we are hoping to take a trip to Scotland. 

While I am away, the Wardens, Ryan Patten and Peggy Carter, will be here to continue to lead you in the way of love. The Bible Study group is considering meeting during the summer, and the children will work on their Abundant Life Garden. The Anti-Racism Team will keep an eye on our Little Free Anti-Racism Library to make sure it stays well stocked, and both Revs. Cliff Cutler and Manny Faria will be celebrating most services at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm respectively. When they are not with you, we have wonderful members who will lead us in Morning Prayer and in Celtic Evensong.

The week after I return, we will all be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our ministry together. I look forward to seeing what we've all learned from our experience of Sabbath.

In the Way of Love,


Trinity Icon II.jpg

This Sunday

This Sunday we will observe Trinity Sunday. Rather than a celebrating an event, this day commemorates a doctrine. You may join us in worship in person at church or on Facebook at both the 10:00 am and 4:00 pm services. The 10:00 am service will also be available on Zoom.

At 10:00 am, Barbara Layne will be assisting with the readings while she and Peggy Carter are our ushers. The children will gather for Church School at 10:00 am and then join the congregation for communion. This is the choir's last Sunday until September 11.

At the 4:00 pm Celtic Service, Debbie Phillips will give the reflection and prayers, Paul Massari will assist with the readings and CHristine Reichert will be our usher.

Please join us wherever you are 

in your search for meaning. 

Everyone is welcome at any and all services at

Grace Episcopal Church

Parish Prayer List

Please keep the following in your prayers:

Evan Wagner, Garrett Graves, Nancy and her granddaughter, Sherri and Jerry Rhoads, Karen Kelly, Allison Mascolo, The Bishop-Tanquay Family, Marion McIntosh Gates, Max Joyce, Inga and Todd and Family, Linnae Peterson, Larry and his family, The Very Rev. Gerald Porter, Adeola vanHamersveld, Mel, Melissa Glassman, Corey MacNeil, Cliff Cutler, Helen Phillips, Kristin Gourley, Scott Tucker, Zan Duffy, Dianne, Sarah Colvin Duffy, Michael Towey, Stacia, Brian Peterson, Jenny, Loretta and Kris, Deb Papps, Derek Fuller and Family, the people of Buffalo, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Ukraine; all those impacted by COVID-19, the Salem Public Schools and for an end to racism, war, anti-Semitism, gun violence and oppression.


If you have prayer requests, please email by Tuesday at noon for publication in that week's e-news.

Resolution for Pride Month in Salem


City of Salem – In City Council, May 26, 2022


WHEREAS, In the month of June, for over 50 years, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, A-romantic, and A-gender people across the country have commemorated and memorialized the anniversary of the “Christopher Street Uprisings” – of which the Stonewall Uprising is the most known – a pivotal moment in LGBTQIA+ history; and

WHEREAS, June was first historically and civically designated as Gay Pride Month by President Clinton in June 2000; and

WHEREAS, “Pride Month” is an opportunity to memorialize members of the LGBTQIA+ community who have been lost to us, and who are still dying every day, from the AIDS epidemic and the fallout ripple effects of those terrible days, from hate and violence, from suicide, and the perils of living on the streets when young people are neglected and excommunicated from their families and communities; and

WHEREAS, while society at large increasingly supports LGBTQIA+ equality, it is essential to acknowledge that the need for education and awareness remains vital to end discrimination and prejudice and “Pride month” is a life affirming opportunity to celebrate our diversity and bring awareness and strong ally-ship to the ongoing struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community – especially at this time of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and increasing legal and bodily threats to the dignity, humanity, and safety of transgender and non-binary people in America and;

WHEREAS, Salem has long been a community of diversity, acceptance, and inclusion and acknowledges that Salem’s LGBTQIA+ residents make great contributions to all aspects of life in Salem as business owners, artists, public and private leaders, educators, doctors, lawyers, civil servants, volunteers, and more; and

WHEREAS, Salem wishes to honor the important history of the LGBTQIA+ liberation movement which includes the historic and ongoing fight for equitable treatment in healthcare, fair and equal legal rights, justice, and accurate education of the history and lives of the LGBTQIA+ community; and

WHEREAS, Salem wishes to acknowledge, support, and actively work to advance the rights of the broadly intersectional diversity of our community, here in our City of Peace, to ensure all citizens experience equality and freedom from discrimination; and

WHEREAS, the City of Salem will once again raise the Inclusivity flag on June 1st in downtown Salem, will paint designated crosswalks in Salem with the colors of the rainbow, and will act as host for the North Shore Pride Parade as means of showing support of the LGBTQIA+ community and to celebrate our diversity and shared humanity;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the City Council of Salem, in partnership with Her Honor Mayor Kimberley Driscoll, hereby proclaim the month of June 2022 as Pride Month in Salem, Massachusetts, and encourages all people to share in the Pride of our LGBTQIA+ neighbors.

Juneteenth Service

Join us on Sunday, 19 June at 10:00 am for our observance of Juneteenth.

Juneteenth marks a time in history that has remained largely unknown within the white community, yet it has long been celebrated among the African American community. The brutal history of slavery and segregation continues to inflict pain on our society, and Juneteenth offers a light of hope on the fight for freedom and justice.


We mark this moment as a Church not only to celebrate the end of the institution of American slavery, but also as a reminder of the continued work to dismantle the sin of racism which permeates every aspect of our lives.


During this time of worship, we will celebrate the gifts and beauty of the Black community, acknowledge the atrocities of our past and the present, and commit to working toward a more equitable future. We will hear the words of a mother striving to raise an antiracist child. We will listen to the words of prophets of old and those of today. We will sing hymns of praise to the One who loves us all as Beloved children. Finally, we will gather around the table of justice, the altar of communion.


So please join us as we commemorate this notable day and recommit to our work of racial reconciliation and justice.


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