From the Massage Therapy Practice of Laura Kalman, LMT
Dear Metta Family,

As many of you know, after nearly 11 years of practice, I am taking a sabbatical from my massage therapy practice for the majority of 2017, beginning on January 1st!

Besides having more time to spend with family and friends, I look forward to spending this time pursuing personal passions, creative projects, and community engagement. I am also looking forward to returning to my practice at the year's end with renewed inspiration, energy, and a more developed sense of how I can best be of service.

I do not take for granted the privilege that allows me to take this time, and my greatest intention is to find ways to share the unique tools and experiences I accumulate for deeper transformational healing. 

What will you do?

Self-care:  In these challenging times, many of us are hearing again and again that “taking care of ourselves allows us to better care for others” ....because IT’S TRUE! When I first explored the idea of taking time off from massage, it was in response to a physical toll that was occurring as a result of caring for others before myself. As I began to define what a sabbatical would mean for me, I realized that in thinking about the process of self-care, I had already begun taking steps to heal. As I continue to learn through my personal healing process, I will gain more tools and perspectives with which to help others. 

Community Service:  I have a mission to promote self-awareness, self-love, and empowerment by creating more accessibility to bodywork services and wellness education. I hope to expand this mission through volunteer work, community events, and program development.

Travel/Massage Tour:  My BIG PLAN for late summer/fall 2017 is to travel across the country while sharing massage and bodywork in a variety of settings, from community and wellness centers to private homes. I’m making this up as I go along, so please I welcome your suggestions, tips, and leads! A website with blog and “tour dates” should be up by springtime!

Continuing Education: I will continue taking courses with Dr. Carol Philips in CranioSacral/Myofascial Unwinding techniques, and I will also explore new bodywork, movement, and healing modalities. This is all very exciting and the possibilities are endless!

Financial Literacy/Business Management: By allowing more time to focus on the administrative end of Metta, I intend to find ways to become a more focused, secure, and successful community-based business owner. Metta means loving kindness, and as a business owner, I will continue to cultivate a community true to its namesake.                                                

Finally, it is my honor and privilege to serve you through Metta.  You are much more than “clients” to me. You have trusted me with your care over the years, and I feel such gratitude for the many ways that I have learned and benefitted from our relationships.  It is of the utmost importance to me that you have continued access to a high level of skilled and compassionate care. Please know that I will do everything in my power to connect you with practitioners who will best meet your individual needs. 

Laura Kalman, LMT 
Metta Founder/Director 
Metta Integrative Wellness Center | (410) 207.1297