Dear Friends of Naturopathic Medicine;
Hopefully you are staying cool and hydrated during this early summer scorcher. There is a lot of news to report but I will write more next week when time avails, including my usual health updates.

I would ask for your patience with my recent emails in letting you, the people most affected by the legislation know of the pending Naturopathic CA legislation, and my pleas in asking for YOUR support in our David vs. Goliath passage of SB538. If it passes, it will enable us to serve you better medically, and to potentially help secure the health insurance coverage that you deserve! But, as an activist for 35 years working for a more just, healthier, peaceful and cleaner world, these struggles against powerful vested interests don't come easily, but the joy with victory is great!

I was at Sutter Hospital yesterday, discussing the pending legislation and yesterday's Sac Bee article with an emergency room MD. He let me know very intentionally, and clearly, that he could vouch for the high quality medical education that NDs receive. H e told me, " I've worked alongside NDs from Bastyr University in Seattle for a long time and I have always felt that the Bastyr students received a better education in pharmacology and the basic sciences than I did from my medical school, and that the Bastyr students were better prepared

Make sure to open the link below of the Sacramento Bee's great coverage on their interview with Dr. Godby on Naturopathic Medicine and pending CA Legislation!

Great news from the Golden State Naturopathic legislative world!!! The CA Senate voted 21-9 in favor of SB 538 a couple of weeks ago! Now, the bill is onto to the CA Assembly!   Thank you, each and every one of you that took the time to open the Naturopathic bill link (about 200 people did)! Also, thank you for everyone who wrote or called their Senator. It made a huge difference!

Unfortunately, I learned that  Kaiser Permanente, by far, the largest health insurance company for my patients, is one of the major interest groups opposing our pending CA Naturopathic bill! Whether you feel like you would be effected directly by the bill or not, if this bill passes, according to people in the know, at least many of the dollars you spend in naturopathic offices will eventually be covered by your health insurance policies. Would this be a game changer for you? If so, please help us out!



Although SB 538 passed the CA  Senate, and is now in the Assembly, our efforts continue to be aggressively blocked by the California Medical Association (CMA) and we need YOUR HELP to convince Assemblypersons that they should vote for our bill. We need your help as patients, to help us succeed against the CMA's powerful lobby, so that we have more opportunity to help you! 

We need to get lots of support letters for our bill [SB 538] sent to our Assembly representatives. Please contact your family, patients, colleagues and friends so they can help too! You can CUT AND PASTE the email text below and send it to them! 

Thank you for supporting California's Naturopathic Doctors and Patients! 

Support SB 538!

Please take 20 seconds of your time right now to go to  the California Naturopathic Doctors Association's automated system to ask for support for SB 538! Just click the big red TAKE ACTION button on the
to access the pre-written letter of support. The support letter is written in English and Spanish so if you do not see the letter in your language, click the "switch message" button to access the alternate version.

Thank you for supporting California's Naturopathic Doctors and Patients! 

Enjoy the spring! Please be creative and continue to find new ways to use less of our precious California water. 

Cristina, Jianna, Nisha, Wilma and Dennis Godby, ND