January 18, 2017
Zillow Announces  Hottest Housing Markets for 2017!
Sacramento was the only city in California listed, ranking as #10 on the list. This is encouraging news for Sacramento, and those considering joining our community.

"Zillow says home prices are rising quickly, but still 58% less expensive than the median home in the Bay Area. Zillow predicts Sacramento home values will appreciate almost 5% this year.

Zillow says it selects locations with 'quickly rising home values, low unemployment rates and strong income growth.'"

Upcoming Events
Fair Oaks EcoHousing Site Tour
Sunday, January 29th

Fair Oaks EcoHousing will be a neighborhood of 30 homes on 3.7 acres in Fair Oaks, CA, 18 miles east of downtown Sacramento.  

Come see the site and our architectural plans, and meet our members at an upcoming tour. Kids are welcome. 

Meet at 10:30am at the Fair Oaks Coffeehouse in Fair Oaks Village, at 10223 Fair Oaks Blvd, at the intersection with Park Drive. Look for us on the side of the Coffeehouse, in the patio area or in the building at the back.

We can carpool to the site. The tour will last about an hour, with an optional lunch afterwards at the Siam Patio Restaurant or the Smokey Oaks Tavern.
We're seeking the rest of our future neighbors! 

Can't join us that day?
An additional tour will be offered on Sunday, February 12!
Sunday, January 22nd

Join us for a potluck at 6:00pm in Fair Oaks (please RSVP for address). 

This will be a chance for a fun evening with the members of Fair Oaks EcoHousing.

First-time guests do not need to bring a dish to share. Food and drink will be provided.

Family-friendly: kids are welcome.
Berkeley Cohousing Presentatio n
Sunday, February 5th: 1-3pm

Join hosts Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris for an in-depth interview, presentation, and conversation with Fair Oaks EcoHousing developers - soon to be California's 35th cohousing neighborhood!

Long Haul
3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
(Across from La Pena on Shattuck at Woolsey)

Meet members of the future community who live in the Bay Area. Find out how to help grow the cohousing movement in California.
Cohousing in the News
"The Home Buying Decision"
New York Times | January 2017

Are you on the search for a new home for you or your family? It can be an overwhelming process.

The process of house hunting can focus on the wrong things...

It focuses on the features of the house, not on the social relationships that will happen in them, which is all you’ll remember decades hence. Choosing this or that house has only a moderate effect on joyfulness. The neighborhood you choose, and the social fabric you enter, is more important than the structure you adore.

This recent article offers a great reminder that what matters in the end is your neighborhood community. We'd love to help you fall in love with Fair Oaks EcoHousing! Attend an upcoming event to meet us and learn more about buying with community in mind.
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Pictured: Fair Oaks Village, Fair Oaks Theatre Festival, Floating the American River.
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