November 2023

The October chapter meeting was an incredibly informative and enjoyable meeting. Rob Moore, SAR National Vice President, Western Region was our special guest. He joined us from his home State of Hawaii on the Island of Oahu.

Rob has been travelling around the Western Region visiting all the chapters on a listening tour to hear what we are up to, answer questions we may have, and to carry back to National any insights or feedback we might have to improve our society. His comments were both interesting and enlightening.

A couple of key topics he discussed were the SAR Museum Collection and the current effort seeking donations or artifacts for the museum. He shared a brochure with pictures of some of the artifacts as examples of the donations to date. One was a 1770-1775 Naval Quadrant that was a gift from our Chapter. He also talked about the 250th anniversary, and the coming 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party on December 16th, 2023.

We also had another special guest, Gretchen Johnson, a 5th grade teacher from Deterding Elementary School in Carmicheal. Gretchen talked about the importance of the American Revolution education for her students. She and her fellow teachers at Deterding will receive the first sets of books donated through our chapter’s 1776 Book Challenge Project. I personally was moved hearing her speak so passionately about her students’ desire and interest in learning and the depth of her knowledge about history and the American Revolution. This reassured me that the education of future generations is in good hands, and everything we as a Chapter can do to support these teachers and students is so critically necessary and valuable.

Gretchen shared that each classroom teacher receives approximately $250 annually for all classroom supplies for all subjects they teach. In contrast, one set of classroom books we provide through the 1776 Book Challenge exceeds this with a value of $350 per classroom book set. We have a dramatic opportunity to make a significant impact on the education and lives of these students while furthering the SAR’s mission to promote patriotism and further the education and inspiring future generations about the founding of our great country.

I encourage you to consider donating to our chapter’s 1776 Book Challenge Project as you are able. There is more information and ways to donate on our chapter website.

In closing, we have another exciting Chapter dinner meeting coming up in November where we will be honoring veterans. Please feel free to wear something to commemorate and honor your time in uniform if you served in one of the armed forces. I hope to see you all there. In fellowship,

Jon Wroten

Executive Vice President Jon Worton presents a Sacramento Chapter challenge coin to Vice President General Western Region, Rob Moore.

The SAR Mission 

“Patriotism - History – Education”

Sacramento Chapter's 1776 Book Challenge is Officially Underway.

The 250th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence is just around the corner - July 4th, 2026. Our goal is to provide at least 1776 books to classrooms written for 5th grade students that inspire patriotism and a love of our American Heritage. Each teacher will receive a classroom set of books that can be used for years to come.

Teachers participating in the program will make these books available to their students and encourage them to read and report out on what they have read. Where possible, teachers can select the books that they want for their classrooms.

We need your help!

Join the 1776 Book Challenge by donating funds that will enable us to purchase books for this program. For each $10 donated, we will place a book plate with your name or your business name in each book.

Donors may elect to sponsor 1 or more 5th grade classrooms with a donation of $350 each by specifying the teacher's name and school.

If you would like to volunteer to help with this project, contact:

  • Carl Ahlberg (916)624-3917 -
  • Craig Anderson (916)257-7892 -

Our First Book Donations

Our first book donations were made to four teachers at Deterding Elementary School in Carmichael on November 1st. Gretchen Johnson attended our October business meeting and spoke to our members on how important our support was to their school. Our School Guard members have a huge impact each year sharing what life was like in Colonial America. In particular, students are very enthusiastic about seeing the replica artifacts that are brought to the classroom. V.P. Programs, Craig Anderson presented Gretchen with the first copy of her book selection: Sophia's War that she will use in her classroom.

Four classroom sets of books were donated to 5th grade teachers at Deterding Elementary School in Carmichael on November 1st. Pictured with Sacramento Chapter Members Craig Anderson and Carl Ahlberg are teachers Bethany Ellis, Amber Baily, Cory Bridges, and Gretchen Johnson.

Donors to Deterding Elementary School

You may donate by sending your check to Sacramento SAR, P.O. Box 6664, Folsom, CA. 95763-6664. Open and print the donation form at the link below:

Click to Donate to the 1776 Book Challenge  by Check


You may donate by credit card at the following link.

Click to Donate to the 1776 Book Challenge by Credit Card

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Jon and Barbara Wroten

Larry and Anne Brasher

Jim and Karen Faulkinbury

Justin and Nathan Uchida

Carl and Inga Ahlberg

Ted Darrow

Norm Maulsby

Mother Lode Chapter

Evan G. Jonas

Matthew and Lara Bowdish

Don and Mary Ann Littlefield

Craig Anderson & Associates

Jason Cardinet

Rob and Marcy Moore

Sacramento Chapter November Meeting

6PM November 15th, 2023

Please Join Us!

Friends and Family are Welcome

Our November meeting will be held at the Old Spaghetti Factory, 1625 Watt Ave. on November 15th at 6:00PM. Please join us as we honor our nations veterans and our community first responders.

The Sacramento Chapter will be awarding the SAR Heroism Medal to John Mohamed. John is a 22.5 year member of the Sacramento Chapter SAR, and he is employed by Fulton El Camino Park Police.

We will also be presenting Col Gene Gobbo (USAF Ret) the SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Medal and Certificate in recognition of his charitable work in our community. We will be honoring SAR Veterans by presenting Certificates of Patriotism to new members of SAR's Veterans Corps.

Meal selections are Sicilian Meatballs w/Spaghetti, Fettuccini Alfredo, or Baked Lasagna. Meal prices are $30, payable in cash/check at the door. Contact Wesley Anderson at or (530) 312-0917 or Craig Anderson at or (916) 257-7892 for reservations. If you prefer to pay in advance by credit card. click the link below.

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Don Harper 3rd from Left

In February 2023, the Sacramento Chapter had the honor of presenting SAR Silver Good Citizenship Medals to two members of American Legion Post 861, Don Harper and Frank Squire, for their tireless work with the veteran’s community.

On September 12th, Don Harper was awarded "Nations Finest 50 Local Heroes" award for his support of veteran’s services including annual stand-downs, and the Veterans Village project in Rancho Cordova. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg joined Nation’s Finest to present special medallions to them for their work on the west steps of the state capitol.

American Legion Post 861’s members include four Sacramento and Mother Lode Chapter SAR members; we encourage all SAR veterans to join with our Partners in Patriotism such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Military Officers Association, the Navy League, and similar organizations to support their veteran’s programs.

Click to read the attached article from the Folsom Times


The Capitol Society C.A.R. President, Madison Olsen was awarded the SAR Bronze America 250 Medal. Pictured L-R Scott Brooks, CASSAR Historian, Madison Olsen, and Emily Boling, Capitol Society Sr. President.

Special attendees at the meeting were Sophia Kaufman, California State C.A.R. President, and Sue Fitzpatrick, California C.A.R. Sr. State President.

Sacramento Chapter America 250 Honor Roll lists SAR Members and our Partners in Patriotism who have participated in our chapter's America 250 program. Thanks to everyone for their hard work! If you have questions and would like to participate, please contact Craig Anderson Click on the button below to view a video overview of the program.




Jim Faulkinbury

Jim Faulkinbury

Jim Faulkinbury

Don Littlefield

Don Littlefield

Don Littlefield

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson

Carl Ahlberg

Carl Ahlberg

Jon Wroten

Kimm Richwine

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Kimm Richwine

(Charlotte Parkhurst DAR)

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Robert Fitzgerald

(American Legion Post 861)

Susan Broderick

(Gen John A Sutter DAR)

Emily Boling

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Debra Carlson


Haylie Nuesendorfer

Capitol Society CAR

Anna Carlson

Capitol Society CAR

Isaac Rex

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Quentin Carlson

Capitol Society CAR

Isabell Brooks

Capitol Society CAR

Madison Olsen

Capitol Society CAR

Click  to View the America 250 Introductory Video
Color Guard Commander David Beach
Coming Color Guard Events

November 11, 2023: Veterans Day Parade Folsom, CA at 9:00AM

December 16th, 2023: Wreaths Across America with The Charlotte Parkhurst Chapter DAR at the veteran's hall, 1300 Forest Ave. Folsom Ca.

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Veterans Day

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Chapter Dinner Meeting

6:00 PM

Wednesday November 15th

The Old Spaghetti Factory

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