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July 2022 Newsletter
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A Message from your Chapter President

Our Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet is coming up on Saturday, August 6. To me, this is the most important member meeting of the year. This is the meeting where we elect or confirm directors for the chapter. I will also give a status on what the chapter is up to, our successes for the past year, and our challenges going forth. 

At our Cinco de Mayo member in May, you said, loud and clear, that you wanted the club to provide more education and hunting/fishing opportunities for our young people. We heard you and have planned some activities for our young people at the Annual Meeting. Up to this point, we have no youth tickets purchased for the meeting so far. Please consider bringing some sons, daughters, and grandchildren to the meeting. 

Finally, please remember that we must inform the caterer of our expected headcount 10 days in advance (July 26). 


SCIF News!

There is a lot of stuff happening with SCIF, including:

  • SCI Foundations strategy with Grizzly Bears
  • SWEEPSTAKES are getting bigger & better!
  • Update from R3 Symposium
  • SCI Alaska Chapter provides humanitarian aid near hunting grounds
  • Jason Seaton, Pathfinder, completes Father/Son Hunt
  • Summer's On at the International Wildlife Museum

Be sure to check it all out . . .


At the risk of mentioning the obvious, it is past time to take a few minutes a day or week to look at what is going on in the legislative arena here in California and see what YOU can do to help bring us back to normalcy, or better yet excellence in our state.

There are so many bad bills being written and signed it is very hard to keep up. But take a few minutes when you see a bill that was just signed and go read the bill. There are recaps on the SCI update list, Howl for Wildlife, NRA ILA, CRPA, and many others that you should be a part of. Take a minute and read them. The Governor was just in the news bragging about the 16(!) "reasonable and needed" gun control bills he just signed. This is a source of pride not only for the Governor, but also the democratic leadership and membership that wrote, voted on, and sent these bills to the Governor. He and the legislature said these bills were needed to improve the safety of our citizens and stop gun crime. Now we just had a shooting in a shopping center food court recently that was stopped by a armed CCW holder, yet this is the same type of person the Governor says we do not need - private citizens carrying guns. And what other types do we not need according to the Governor? Look at one recent bill - AB 2571, advertising to minors. What type of action and people does this outlaw to make our communities safer?
1) It prohibits promoting gun activities to minors (Sponsors or otherwise promotes events at which firearm-related products are sold or used). This is summer. Summer camp season. Every single Boy Scout, Youth shooting team, most FHA and other youth organizations offer shooting at thier summer camps. As a Boy Scout merit badge instructor as well as youth shooting coach and range master I can tell you the shooting range is the most popular activity at camp. Always a waiting list to get in. The activities are on every organizations web site prompting thier camps. And under this bill they are now subject to a $25,000 fine per instance. Right now. Today. It is the law in the State of California.
2) The bill prohibits manufacturing any firearm targeted to youth (Firearm-related products in sizes, colors, or designs that are specifically designed to be used by, or appeal to, minors); . Did you get a .22 or other gun for Christmas when you were young? Do you have youth size firearms for your kids or grand kids? Are you tied in with a camp or school that offers shooting teams or activities? Most of us know that proper fitting equipment improves proficiency, makes the activity more fun, reduces accidents. Shooting is by far the safest youth sport - period. As a youth shooting coach I can not remember a single injury or accident in over 7 years being involved with the sport. And if there was one even in another state we would have been made aware of it so we could learn from what happened. But, there were not any. Now take the thousands of kids in the state who go to camp, join a team, or attend a youth shooting event in the future and give them rifles or shotguns that are too long, too heavy, have the wrong size stock. In other words firearms that are not manufactured for youth - what the bill now requires. We will have kids missing the target, not having as much fun, and I guarantee having accidents as the guns will point in the wrong direction because they cannot control them - they are the wrong size. That is what this law now mandates in this state. 
3) Oh, that tee shirt, hat, or jacket you got your kid from the NRA, summer camp, FHA, or the school shooting team taking about the range or shooting activity? Brand name merchandise for minors, including, but not limited to, hats, t-shirts, or other clothing, or toys, games, or stuffed animals, that promote a firearm industry member or firearm-related product is now against the law in the State of California.
This is a VERY partial list of what is now against the law in the state under this bill. You can read the whole text HERE
And, this is one of 16 new bills signed this month! All are just as illogical - they were written by people with no experience and expertise in the subject matter.
We have a election coming up in November. Start working today to make that count. Educate yourself on the issues, what is wrong (look above...), and what you can do. Don't be afraid to talk at the picnic, golf course, or other activity on what you think is wrong, and why. Remember those that do not work to prevent evil are working to promote it. We have MANY districts in the State of California that are going to have close elections. Many are brand new under redistricting. This may not be you, and possibly you cannot do enough in your district to make a change. But if you can help make a change in the state, then you will benefit. Learn about those close central valley and inland districts where there is a close race - and help support the candidate that supports your views. They may not be your Assemblymember or senator - but their vote will be for your state. There are going to be a lot of close races this year. YOU can make a difference which way that goes.   



1 ½ lbs. venison loin
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons Kosher salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
3 extra large eggs
2 cups breadcrumbs, dried & seasoned
1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese,
 plus extra for serving
¼ cup olive oil
2 tablespoons butter
1 cup basic tomato sauce or marinara sauce

Slice the venison into 1-inch pieces and pound to ¼ inch thickness. In a plate, mix together flour, salt and pepper. In a bowl, beat the eggs with 1 tablespoon water. On a second plate, mix the breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. Lightly dredge the venison slices in the flour mixture, then the egg wash, and then the Parmesan bread crumb mixture. Heat oil and butter in a large cast iron skillet or saute pan. Place venison pieces in the skillet and cook for about 2 minutes over medium heat on each side or until browned. Place pieces on cooling rack. Plate each piece of venison on a plate and serve with the basic tomato sauce or your favorite marinara sauce. Serve with your favorite sides and wine.

Submitted by Ken Baccetti
SSC Treasurer

A Monthly Reminder on Hunting Ethics

Recognizing my responsibilities to wildlife, habitat and future generations, I pledge:
  • To conduct myself in the field so as to make a positive contribution to wildlife and ecosystems.
  • To improve my skills as a woodsmen and marksman to ensure humane harvesting of wildlife.
  • To comply with all game laws, the concept of fair chase, and to influence my companions accordingly.
  • To accept my responsibility to provide all possible assistance to game law enforcement officers.
  • To waste no opportunity to teach young people the full meaning of this code of ethics.
  • To reflect in word and behavior only credit upon the fraternity of sportsmen, and to demonstrate abiding respect for the game, habitat and property where I am privileged to hunt.