Sacred Heart Books and Gifts has been purchased by Tony and Lindy Meyer in Kansas.
Sacred Heart Books and Gifts Has a Buyer
Special Message from Linda

Dear Friends,
In late July, my husband, Greg came to me and said we should close our business.  I knew we had talked about slowing down a bit next year, but closing was a different story.  Closing did make sense though.  We both turn 60 this year and we desired to spend more of Greg's vacation time from work visiting our family and actually taking a vacation.  We have always prayed for God's will and guidance with Sacred Heart and felt that yes we did need to close, but we would wait until after August so we could serve our customers.
Our plan then was to have a couple of clearance sales, close and take a loss on any leftover inventory.  As often happens though, God had other plans.  We were contacted by several families interested in purchasing our business!  What a surprise to us and a blessing.
We have sold our business to Tony and Lindy Meyer of Concordia, Kansas.  Some of you may recognize Lindy's name because she created and sells,  Faith Folders for Catholics and Catholic Lapbooks.  Even though the Meyers homeschooled for only one year I have such peace and confidence in them and their ability to take care of our customers.  They both have servant hearts and desire to keep the mission of Sacred Heart Books and Gifts.    They plan to continue offering discounts as Sacred Heart has always done, but most of all they plan to serve you and your needs.
I told Lindy recently that it is not about the sell or about the business, but about serving.  God takes care of the rest.  Lindy and Tony understand.  They are missionaries at heart and will serve each of you very well.
As I conclude I want to encourage you to listen to that still small voice within you ALWAYS.  It is a taming of our will to do that listening, but when you do you will be truly blessed.
For Greg and I we did not know at the time of our decision that we would bring my mom home to live with us.  Then our son told us just three weeks ago that he and his family were moving to Colorado!  Time with family is so important to us.  We want to be active grandparents and desire to have a close relationship with each of our sons and their families.  Because we listened we will have the time to care for my mom and time for our sons and their families.
We don't always understand what God's desire is in the beginning, but if we wait patiently he will show us.  As we draw ever closer to Advent let us remember Mary's YES.  May we trust God enough to say YES to His calls in our own lives.
Know all of you will ALWAYS be in our prayers.
God Bless,
Greg and Linda Nelson

Tony & Lindy Meyer & Family

Greetings to all of the Sacred Heart Books and Gifts customers. We are so blessed and thankful for the opportunity to serve you in this new endeavor. We have been married for 22 years and have seven children: two boys followed by five girls, 21 down to 4 years old, with our three oldest attending Benedictine College. We have a passion for the Catholic faith, evangelization, Catholic education, and family life. Our kids attend a nearby Catholic school but we did dabble in homeschooling for a year and have many homeschooling friends. Tony has a Bachelor's in Business and a Master's in Theology from Catholic Distance University and currently works in maintenance at St. John's Catholic School, helping in other areas at the school as needed. Lindy is the Director of Religious Education, Youth Ministry, and Family Life at Our Lady of Perpetual Help and is a Certified Fertility
Care Practitioner.
As a family we enjoy learning and growing in our faith and are excited about this opportunity to help others do the same. We both come from families of educators and have a passion for learning in general. As we work through the legal and financial transfer of the business, we hope to have the store reopened very soon. While the ownership has changed, the mission of Sacred Heart Books and Gifts will always remain the same. We will continue to offer most products at 15% off, provide an extra 5% discount to parishes and schools, help you find items that aren't listed on the website, and serve your specific needs the best we can.  Our family looks forward to meeting yours at conferences this spring and summer.

We are in the midst of rebuilding the website and adding inventory back. It looks a little rough right now but you will see new items every day as it takes shape. We are starting with Christmas and other related items but if there is something you need that you don't see, please contact us. Any questions or requests can be sent to  

Linda and Greg have big shoes to fill but we will do our best to make this as seamless a transition as possible. Our research of products, curriculum, and Catholic material has already begun. Please be patient with us as we learn. We look forward to serving you and your families for many years to come. Just as the Sacred Heart Books and Gifts tagline reads, we are "Sent from Him to serve You."

Tony, Lindy, George, Isaac, Erin, Laura, Elizabeth, Clare, and Mary Meyer.
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