The Center for Sacred Studies  

presents a Wisdom Bridge Teleseminar

We are now offering
this 7-week course without a set price,
in the spirit of Sacred Reciprocity,
and in the true harvest spirit of
to open our prayers and teachings to a wider audience, and increase the flow of all our prayers for the Mother Water.

Listening to Our Mother Water
The Path of Purification

Members of the WaterSongline Council 

 Offer Stories, Reflections, Transmissions, Practices,

 Prayers, Songs and Ceremonies for Renewal and Balance


A 7-week Live Audio Course 
Tuesdays 6 - 8pm PST
November 4th - December 16th, 2014  

The WaterSongline Council is dedicated to global prayers and subtle action to help heal our Mother Waters, Earth and Humanity.  Each member of the council has spent years actively engaged in healing the planet through their own sacred service.


Omileye Yeyechun- Ochun Priestess, Crown of the Mother

Lis Addison- Sacred dancer and singer

 Kazumi Ohishi- Kaminchu Shaman, Okinawa Japan

Robin Tewkelus Youngbood- Okanagon/Tsalagi, Minister of the Church of the Earth

Lawrence Robert Boyll- Man of prayer 

Chief Olu Anikinnikun- Ifa Priest

Mahealani Ochinawa- Priestess of If a, High Priesten os Nana Buuken (Our Mother)

Mbali Creazzo- South African medicine woman

Imani- Sacred Musician, Student of Olatunji, walks with the heartbeat of the drum

Ann Rosencranz- Devotee of the Mother Water, woman of prayer


Watersongline Teleseminar Omileye Prayers
Watersongline Teleseminar- Omileye Prayers

Like rivers to the ocean, 
is a convergence of prayers for our Mother Water 
Listen to the gifts of the Mother Life-Giver so we can give back to Her
Open ourselves to Her medicine of Love, Compassion and Joy

Balance and honor the Divine Masculine and Feminine in our lives
Return to wholeness

Allow Her to reflect to us our pure beings
Join with like-minded people so that we can all be vessels of healing

Fully live the calling to be of service

Listening to Our Mother Water

A Path of Purification

A 7-week Live Audio Course 
Tuesdays 6 - 8pm PST
November 4th - December 16th, 2014

6 -7:30PM
Reflections and transmissions from members of the WaterSongline Council. Time for dialogue, question and answers
7:30 - 8PM
Time to grow your love-in-action by joining in small group discussions with the community of participants

Recordings of sessions available for all participants


This Course is Now Offered as a Sacred Reciprocity

In the ceremonial giveaway culture, we do not constrain life, love and the limitless spirit by ascribing a value to it. Our holy belonging is invaluable. And so we offer our ways freely to all who want to receive and we gratefully receive whatever is offered.


We open this WaterSongline Teleseminar so that each of us have an opportunity to make an offering for the healing of Our Mother Waters in the true spirit of the harvest of thanks-giving.


Offerings are gratefully accepted:

To cover the Wisdom Bridge costs for the Center for Sacred Studies

and in support of the WaterSongline Council fundraising for the Spring Equinox Gathering for the Waters in Washington.


No one will be turned away for lack of funds.




Tuesday November 4th 

6 - 8pm PST 

Catching the Golden Ball: Answering the Call to be in Service

Many of us have been called to offer ourselves as healing vessels for the planet.  Ancient cultures across time speak to stages of the calling: the initial inspiration; the confrontation with the demons; diving in to the "belly of the whale"; receiving spiritual help and opening to the "elixir of immortality."  Many in our current society have lost the Initiation Rites which give a context and ground for the calling of the metaphysical, dream realms.  Many of us have undergone initiations without being able to recognize them as such.  We will identify several ways to follow our own calling, to offer hope in times of diving and darkness and to offer ways to approach the unspeakable moments.

Tuesday November 11th
6 - 8pm PST  
Mother Water Goddesses and the Path of Purification

Ancient Mother Water stories are often set in a time when life is out of balance and the Mother Water comes as a messenger to save the people and restore the world.  The Mother overcomes the obstacles, fighting the demons that cause the world to be in chaos.  Every time the Water Mother fights a demon, it transforms into another more sinister form.  Finally she drinks the elixir and overcomes the demons.  The Mother Water shows us to overcome the shadow energies internally and externally. The Mother Waters show us that for the world to be awakened, the individual must be awakened.

Tuesday November 18th

6 - 8pm PST  

Water as Giveaway: Sacred Reciprocity

Mother Earth teaches us that as we give to her with love, she reciprocates with more love. We sow our seeds with gratitude, and the plants abound.  The plants in turn feed us, and our great gratitude for their bounty inspires us to give back with more generous offerings.  This is sacred law. The flow of Mother Water to the Oceans teaches us the same law: we all are destined to return to the vast embrace of the Mother.  Just as her waters flow more freely when an opening is cleared, our thirst will be quenched when we offer ourselves wholeheartedly.

Tuesday November 25th

6 - 8pm PST  

Water as Balance-  Honoring the Divine Masculine and Feminine

We all embody the masculine and feminine forces. This current era is a time for reclamation of the feminine: the Waters; the Earth; the shadows; the underside and the receptive in all of us. We are not here to separate or create divisions, but to balance and harmonize the opposites.  The Male protectors, warriors are here to protect the female divine energy.  These guardian spirits act as gatekeepers, protecting the perimeter, demanding very little.  Each of us carry our own unique balance of these forces.  Many men walk at the side of women, people of all cultures walk together, supporting the movement of unity.

Tuesday December 2nd

6 - 8pm PST  

Water as a Sacred Mirror
Water's medicine reflects back to us our true face and our wholeness, showing us the pathway for our internal purification. Water's nature allows our prayers to reverberate and ripple within Her body and touch the whole earth.  As we look to the waters of the world we can call on our own capacity to bring pristine waters in and through our lives.  Our external environment reflects our internal environment.  When we see the pollution and suffering in our world, each of us in our own way can be guided to look within to our own suffering and bless the Mother Water.  Her compassion grows our compassion, helping us walk in wholeness and balance for a sustainable world.

Tuesday December 9th

6 - 8pm PST  

The Sacred Medicine Wheel: Primordial Womb of the Mother

How are we truly listening to the Mother Water and the Earth? The way in which we are listening has changed.  It is time to practice our spirituality; to ground it in action.  In the past we asked ourselves, 'What am I hearing, what do I need to heal myself?' Now that many of us have done our healing work, we are asking, 'How can I listen to offer back to the Earth and be of service?"  The messages from the sacred medicine wheel and the sacred sweat lodge can guide us on this new journey of listening.

Tuesday December 16th

6 - 8pm PST  

The Era of Water- Prophecies for this Time

Many cultures carry prophecies that speak of our current dire times.  We are often given the message that our only hope is to unify.  Our very life-blood, the Waters are threatened.  Many people live in fear, wondering if we are in the "end times."  Whatever the outcome, it is essential that we birth a new consciousness.  We begin our weeks together sharing prophecies and ways to approach our fears, developing our practices for hope and compassionate response.


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