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September 2016
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Merlin Stone 
Discover the extraordinary life 
and profound contributions 
of Merlin Stone, the renowned feminist author, sculptor, artist, 
and historian. 
  Known for her groundbreaking books When God Was a Woman  and Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood , Merlin Stone was a pioneer of the Women's Movement and the reclaiming of the Great Goddess tradition of the Western world. 
In this phenomenal 384-page book, new light is shed upon Merlin's philosophy and methodology as you take a memorable journey through her life.
"It is so great to remember Merlin ... 
to have so much detail about 
her life and her work."
  -Olympia Dukakis, 
Oscar-winning actress and author 
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Donna Henes is an internationally renowned urban shaman, award-winning author, popular speaker and workshop leader whose joyful celebrations of celestial events have introduced ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people in more than 100 cities since 1972. She has published four books and currently writes for the Huffington Post, Beliefnet and UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum, and serves as ritual consultant for television and films. Mama Donna, as she is affectionately called, maintains a ceremonial center, spirit shop, ritual practice and consultancy in Exotic Brooklyn, NY where she offers intuitive tarot readings and spiritual counseling and works with individuals, groups, institutions, municipalities and corporations to create meaningful ceremonies for every imaginable occasion.

"Wise women, goddesses, and midlife Queens agree: Mama Donna's book is a friend, an ally, and a sweet sister whose wise words bring insight, humor, and power to women during and after menopause."
- Susun Weed, author of New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way
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I have been teary with relief, joy, and connection as I discovered The Queen of My Self  just this morning.  For quite some time now, I have thrown a wide net of terms and phrases across the internet in an attempt to find a model of inspiration and being in my ever-expanding middle years of life.  None of my efforts paid off - at least not in ways that would connect with me and what I was looking for.  I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for, hence the difficulty in exacting google search terms, but I knew that when I found it (if I found it), I would know right away.  Today was the day and I knew it because the words on the page brought tears to my eyes and a number of exclamations of discovery.   Descriptions of the maiden, mother and crone are familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place myself in any of those categories.  I have been feeling adrift without any clear way to put words to what I have been thinking and feeling.   Imagine my surprise and shock to find someone who was able to offer Queen as a fourth paradigm for women's  journeys.  It. Just. Fits. I don't know why it has taken so long to find you and this expansive way of being.  I don't know what was different about my searches this morning, but I am wise enough to accept that the universe has a way of unfolding discoveries at the appropriate time.  Thank you for offering this new way of thinking.  I am very excited - and hopeful - to be here.
 With many blessings,
 - Elin , NH  

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So, so many blessings Mama D! I am still so grateful for who you are, and how you impacted my life and Spirit. In deep gratitude!
- Sasha, CA

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The transition from Maiden and Mother to Queen can be a difficult one, fraught with hard lessons and lots of loss. It takes great determination and courage to confront and embrace the changes brought about by the midlife passage.
It can be really helpful during this confusing time to have the inspiration, advice and encouragement of a counselor/coach/mentor - someone who has been there and done that and is ready to help you do the same.
Queen Mama Donna offers upbeat, practical and ceremonial guidance for individual women and groups who want to enjoy the fruits of an enriching, influential, purposeful, passionate, and powerful maturity.
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I read and walked for miles at night along the beach, writing bad blank verse and searching endlessly for someone wonderful who would step out of the darkness and change my life. It never crossed my mind that that person could be me.
- Anna Quindlen
with Mama Donna

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Mama Donna's 2014 Egguinox Celebration
Mama Donna's 2014 Egguinox Celebration


Yes We Did! Brooklyn Museum Presentation
Yes We Did! Brooklyn Museum Presentation


Mama Donna Blesses the Pepsico White Night Event
Mama Donna Blesses the Pepsico White Night Event

It is my hope that as more and more women rise to reign
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we will harness our purpose,
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creating a more balanced
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This is the legacy of Her majesty.
- QMD 

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Sacred Seclusion

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Hail Queens!
This August I was very lucky to spend two weeks at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire. It is a venerable and prestigious retreat facility that supports artists, writers, musicians and other creatives to spend uninterrupted time working. And work I did. I accomplished a lot. But the best part for me was having a studio cottage in the woods with no one else around.  

They assign everyone a work studio plus a bedroom in a group house. But I chose to sleep in my isolated writer's room instead. I craved solitude and silence after a trying year for me personally, as well as for many friends and clients and for the world as a whole. For me, the sure fire remedy for burn out is a solo retreat. And here I was, alone, surrounded by trees and absolute quiet. Free to sleep, to dream, to read, to write, to drink tea, to meditate and do yoga. Thank you MacDowell for this remarkable gift!
Soul searching, like the practice of any devotion, requires solitude, quiet, and quality time. But life is hectic and our inner needs have often been relegated to the bottom of our endless to-do lists, our dreams and desires deferred, left on the back burner to simmer. Over a hundred years ago, Florence Nightingale observed:
"Women never have a half-hour in all their lives
(excepting before or after anybody is up in the house)
that they can call their own, without fear of offending
or of hurting someone. Why do people sit up so late,
or, more rarely, get up so early? Not because
the day is not long enough, but because
they have no time in the day to themselves."
In bed at night in my cozy den, I read for perhaps the one hundred billionth time, A Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. It is the holy bible of my retreats. It inspires and enriches my seasonal times of solitude. One favorite line:
"I find there is a quality to being alone that is
incredibly precious. Life rushes back into the void,
richer, more vivid, fuller than before."
Every year I retreat to some extent and fast to some degree for a one-to-two week period around my birthday, and ideally, six months later, during which time I devote myself entirely to purifying my body, my home, my thoughts, my emotions, my intentions. No talking. No contact. No media. Not even any music. I always think I will want to listen to Tibetan chanting or Mongolian throat singing, but I never do. All I want is silence. Shhhh. I am listening to my inner voice.
This introspective ritual is my way to center myself. To sharpen my focus, realign my perspective and rededicate myself to living the very best life I can. I emerge with energy and enthusiasm, my path reconsecrated with purpose, passion and power. I cherish these times out of time that I reserve for my Self - slow and silent times of going within to see and hear and feel and know what I might. This ritual practice is essential to my sanity and is completely non-negotiable. Retreating has been the centerpiece of my Sacred Spirit Survival Support System for more than 40 years and counting.
When we carve out a niche in our busy lives to do the sorts of things that feed our soul, we are affirming our Self-worth, acknowledging that we crave and deserve our own undivided attention. When we claim the psychic space and set aside the personal time to pursue the knowledge and mastery of our Self -  when we assume the entitlement, the ability, and the authority to do so - we are able to access and transform our perceptions, our perspectives, our experience, our expectations, and, in the process, our entire reality.

By taking the time, by taking our time, we bless ourselves with true devotion. We consecrate our precious lives, and celebrate the continuously wondrous miracle of the unfolding of our Selves. Marion Woodman, the Jungian analyst, writer, and specialist in feminine development research, calls this process, "coming home to ourselves."
"Woman must come of age by herself... 
She must find her true center alone."
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh 
Me and my shadow at MacDowell 

With best blessings of solitude and silence, 
A Secret Vice

How inexplicable it seems. Anything else will be accepted as a better excuse. If one sets aside time for a business appointment, a trip to the hairdresser, a social engagement or a shopping expedition, that time is accepted as inviolable. But if one says: I cannot come because that is my hour to be alone, one is considered rude, egotistical or strange. What a commentary on our civilization, when being alone is considered suspect; when one has to apologize for it, make excuses, hide the fact that one practices it-like a secret vice!

- Anne Morrow Lindbergh, A Gift From the Sea 
A Cave of One's Own

By Sister Joan Chittister

Abba Anthony teaches, "Just as fish die if they stay too long out of water, so the monks who loiter outside their cells or pass their time with those of the world lose the intensity of inner peace. So, like a fish going toward the sea, we must hurry to reach our cell, for fear that if we delay outside we shall lose our interior watchfulness."

In contemporary society the word "cell" is associated only with prisoners. It carries connotations of punishment and captivity. It speaks of force and control, of limitations and slavery. It stirs up the negative in us like little else. But the nun/monk's cell is not a place of captivity; it is a place of freedom.
Monastic spirituality does not require withdrawal from the rest of humankind, but it does require interiority. In the desert, each monastic had a separate living space commonly called a cell. It was a small area in which the monk spent hours reading, praying, studying, thinking, or sleeping. To this day, monastic communities still provide small, individual rooms where the monastic can go to be alone, away from the common areas of community dinners, prayer, and work. It is where the monastic, even in a large community, can go to be silent and undisturbed.

Like the fish Abba Anthony speaks of in this saying, it is the monastic cell that anchors the soul in place. The problem, the Desert Monastics would say, is that everyone needs one of these. Everyone. Those who came out to the desert to seek spiritual direction were given sound spiritual advice. The Desert Monastics were not telling people how to be monks. They were telling people from all walks of life - clerical and lay - how to live the spiritual life.

The fact is that human beings need spiritual rest as well as physical rest. Psychologists deal daily with the effects on clients of stress and pressure, of frenzied work and frantic schedules, of open-plan offices and crammed buses, of swarming trains, planes, and automobiles. They see the weary and the worried, the angry and the anxious, and all of them say the same thing: I need time for myself. I need to be able to think for a while. I just need someplace quiet.

It is precisely when life is at its most frantic, most frightening, that we each need a place to go to, a place that wraps us around in silence and calm. No matter who we are or what we do, we need someplace without clutter and disorganization written all over it. We need a cave that is ours. We need someplace we have put aside, a small, simple place we have designated as our doorway to peace, where we can sink into ourselves and find the God/dess  who awaits us there.

Tongues of Fire

The French have a marvelous saying:
"When a woman loses her blood, she gains her voice."

The New York Subways sport this sign:
"If you see something, say something"
Queens speak up and say what needs to be said
in defense of what they know is right and worthy
and in the best interest of women and society as a whole. 

A Queen has got to say what She has got to say!

Mia McLeod, a South Carolina lawmaker, is proposing that men who want to get Viagra or other drugs to help them have sex must wait for 24 hours and get a sworn statement from their sexual partners detailing their problems.Rep. McLeod says her bill is a tongue-in-cheek response to all of the rules South Carolina's male-dominated Legislature places on abortion.
McLeod's bill would require a 24-hour waiting period before an erectile dysfunction medicine could be picked up from the pharmacy and require patients to get counseling on celibacy as a valid life choice! What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right?
The Queen's Correspondence


Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to
The Queen's Chronicles. It is a joy to connect with you and to share your comments with our sister Queens.

Letters In Response to the JULY/AUGUST 2016 Issue
Blessed Mama Donna Queen Extraordinaire! WOW! I'm totally amazed and impressed with your Queen's Chronicles newsletter! And I am astounded with the wealth of information, support, love, abundance, compassion, connection and community that you offer in this newsletter! Where do you find the time to produce this with all the other activities and writing that you do?! OMGoddess! I spend days doing my e-newsletter, so I completely appreciate all the time and energy it takes to gather the info, and format it all into the Constant Contact template and update the mailing list! WOW! Bless you for all your love and devotion to such a vital endeavor!  You offer the world so much! I am so grateful for all you give!
I'm going to post the link to this Queen's Chronicles issue on my FB pages and spread the joy around!
- Amalya, CA
Love, love, love this Call! I know I have already been called and am answering that call as I can. Question: I follow a forum on Facebook that is a closed forum for women called The Goddess Gathering for Women's Empowerment. I am seeing too many posts from younger women who are lost and trying to find their way as mothers, as workers, as lovers, as lovers who seek a relationship that doesn't compromise who they are. I also don't see many posts from Queenly aged women. I would like to post (copy and paste) the Call to Burning Women as I think this group needs to see this.  It is so affirming!! I would, of course include the name of the author and will only post with your permission.
Thank you!
- Queen Adeline, CA

Your lovely missives are always appreciated. Hugs from Utah,
- Greta, UT
Hello. May this reach you in high spirits. My name is Tara and your magazine is a beacon of inspiration in a very sterile environment, and one that I am very grateful for. I am incarcerated and there is very little inside of these walls that is inspirational or evocative of nature because of all the concrete, steel, and wire. We are not allowed to touch or walk on the strips of grass in the yard, nor are we allowed to touch even a single leaf if we walk by a plant. Recently I watched a lady get put in the segregation unit because she picked a flower. I find myself sniffing the air fervently when passing a bush, tree, or shrub on my way to and from the chow hall in hopes to get a scent of sap or wood or flower as a desperate way to connect to some part of nature. I also look out past the fence during yard time and daydream from the forest within myself for inspiration.When I read articles from your magazine I am reminded of the divine femininity within both me and in other women; even those women that, yes, I have hardened my heart against. I am also reminded of my connection to the Wheel, to the seasons, to the Earth, and to the helping spirit realm of beings present but not seen. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, I just wanted to let you know that you have a positive impact in my life and in the lives of other women who have chance to read you. Namaste,
- Tara, Colorado Department of Corrections
Letters In Response to the special JULY 4, 2016 Issue

Amen. I think this is brilliant. One of my teachers, Dr. Bruce Perry said that we are primates and our closest relative is the chimpanzee and they live in a 50 person support community and so should we. Also, childhood is the time for dependence, adolescence is time for independence and adulthood is undependence, or interdependence. God willing more of us will make it to adulthood.  Thanks for all you do.
 - Nan, TX
Thank you. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your newsletter. Happy 4th of July of interdependence.   
- Gabrielle, NY
HI Mama Donna,
I appreciate receiving your newsletter and LOVE your Ma-uhm chant. Wish for us all to "get it." 
- Pamela, ? 
What a beautiful ode to Oneness!!!!  Thank you so much.
We are God - We are Sovereign We are Free!
- Cynthia, HI
I sent out your message because I felt there was so much medicine in it that it had to go out to my list. Thank you once again for this gift of writing and wisdom you share so beautifully and powerfully. We met in person when you came to Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown years back. I haven't gotten to NYC to see you or be part of your events but am always to get your writings and they inspire what I share with my list. Often I am sharing an excerpt but this time the whole message needed to go. I was taken into a state just reading it and wanted others to have a similar experience. Thank you again.
 - Carol, PA
I totally understand your latest message. For what it's worth, I have even gone a little farther into the current conflict with a realization from my own observation, that what is separating some people is, not only do they feel separate from others, but they feel better than others for some reason: skin color, religion, gender and financial status, for the most part. This feeling of being better has to be carefully taught (as in the South Pacific musical tune) and is difficult to break. I send clarity to those who are feeling this way, and empowerment to those, as yourself, who are teaching the truth of our oneness. Love and Light,
- Eileen/Stardancer, TX
Please keep your letters coming. And do feel free to make suggestions about content you would like to see. Or anything else, for that matter. 
Please send your responses to
Y our letters will be printed in the next Queen's Chronicles.
Kudos to the Queens!

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We extend hearty congratulations to our multi-talented circle of Sister Queens for their impressive accomplishments and successes.

Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people's souls.
~ Melody Beattie

Alessandra Belloni, NJ; Lauren Curtis, NJ; Ilona Granet, NY; Karen Guancione, NJ; LuLu LoLo, NY; Linda Mary Montano, NY; Pat Oleszko, NY; Barbara Rosenthal, NY; Christy Rupp, NY; Elizabeth  M. Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, CA; Fairie Elaine Silver, FL; Cecilia Vicuña, Chile;  on their performances and/or performances of their work.
Nancy Azara, NY; Stephanie Brody-Lederman, NY; Jackie Brookner (R.I.P.); Lauren Curtis, NJ; Mary Beth Edelson, KAren Fitzgerald, NY; NY; Janet Goldner, NY; Suzanne Lacy, CA; Mierle Laderman Ukeles, NY; Lisa Levart, NY; Marilyn Meisler, NY; Lorraine O'Grady, NY; Howardena Pindell,Aviva Rahmani, NY; Carolee Schneemann, NY; Barbara Smith, CA; Nina Sobell; Marcia Soloff, NY; Nancy Spero, (R.I.P.) Linda Stein. NY; Robin Tewes, NY; Martha Wilson, NY; Rhonda Zwillinger, AZ; on the exhibitions of their artwork.   

Norma Joyce, OR, The Four Aspects of the Goddess and the Wheel of the Year (Book ); on her publication.

Stephanie Ebony, CA, and Teresa Waclawik, BC, Canada on their moves.
Suzanne Lacey, CA, on her new job.
Please send your good news, achievements, accomplishments, successes and celebrations so that our international circle of sovereign sisters can send you blessings and accolades.

And we are glad to so. It is a joy and a privilege to share in the fortune of another woman. I recently heard Oprah say the saddest thing ever - "The hardest thing about being successful is having someone to be glad for you."

It takes a centered and confident Queen to break that pattern. There are 60 million thrones out there. One for each of us. There is plenty of purpose, passion and power for us all. May we use it well! 
Circle of Concern

Helping Hands Circle

Please Offer Your Purest Thoughts, Your Heart-Felt Prayers, Your Great Good Feelings, And Your Very Best Blessings For Healing and Peace of Mind To:
Adrianne, NY; Alison, TN; Amy, NY; Babs, NY; Barbara, NJ; Bebee, DE; Berenice, NY; Bettye, NY Betty, AL; Chrissie, NY; Christine, NY; Dana, FL; Dawn, CA; Diane, NY; Dolly, NY; Dominique, NM; Dorothy, CA; Gail, WA; Jo, AZ; Gerry, VT; Joan, ME; Joan, NY; Judi, FL; Judith, NY; Karen, NJ; Kathleen, PA; Kathrine, Denmark; Kaylin, MD; Diane, Scotland; Kazuko, NY; Kim, NY; Kimi, NJ; Laura, NY; Laurie, OH; Linda, FL; Linda, SC; Lisa, NJ; Lorie, KY; Lydia, CO; Lisa, PA; Lucia, TX; Margi, NY; Mari, VA; Margi, NY; Marna, NY; Marsha, NY; Mary, MD; Mary, NY; Mary, OH; Mary, CO; Nancy, NY; Nancy, NC; Nona, LA; Pat, MA; Patsy, NY; Paula, NT; Pearl, NY; Reynolds, NY; Roberta, NY; Sally, NY;Sandy, CA; Serpentessa, NY; Sharon, NY; Shelley, NY; Sheriden, MA; Shirley, IN; Sherli, CA; Sid, PA; Sue, CA; Susan, NC; Susan, NY; Terese, NY; Terri, FL; Urvashi, NY; Vicki, MN; Weslea, ME; and Yvette, NY; who are in the process of healing themselves from illness, accident, injury, or surgery. 
Amy, NY; D. Barbara, NY; Beverly, NY; Carol, NY; Diana, FL; Eleni, NY; Gaetana, NY; Joanne, NY; Kimberly, NY; Kyia, MN; Linda, NY; Linda, NY; Maureen, NY; Meryl, NY; Beedee, NY; Patricia, Australia; Regi, CA; Sheryll, CA;Susan, NY; and Svetlana, NY; who would benefit greatly from some spiritual support.
Deni, NY; Erica, New Zealand;  Gaetana, NY;  Hemetra, PA; Laurie, OH; Lois, NY; Marla, NY; Mary, CO; Marya, NY; Nancy, NC; and Roslyn, NJ; the caregivers who are in weary need of care themselves.

May Their Spirits Rest in Peace  
MichelleCliff, CA
Sherli Evans, CA
Lena Robichaud Frontin, M
A Sandy Harner, GA
athy Kelly, NY
Helen Thomas, DC
Marilyn Wood, NM

With Heart Felt Condolences
Maureen Anderson, NY  
Randi Anderson, NY
Norma Joyce, OR
Deborah Kotler, FL
Jill Spisak, GA
Hilary Thompson, NY
Teresa Waclawik, BC, Canada
Leslie Wood, NY
  Please send your requests for physical and spiritual healing and positive energy so that the powerful women of The Queen's Court might send their prayers and blessings to you in your time of need.  
The words of kindness are more healing to
a drooping heart than balm or honey.
- Sarah Fielding



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