~ Sacred Space ~
For some time, I've had in mind to do a blog on setting up sacred space at home. Given the life changes we are having to make right now, it seems more imperative to share how a small amount of devoted room can bring some much-needed calmness and well being.
First, I should be clear how I am defining "sacred" - a place set aside for
a particular purpose... a place where we can unwind for a moment or two
so we can better equip ourselves to handle life's challenges.

We've all heard how important it is to have "me time". Though, very few
of us really understand it is as important as eating and sleeping well.
In our homes, we have a space to cook and eat our meals, sleep, and bathe...
so why not a serene space for renewal? It is only when we take time to gather ourselves that we can sort out our to-do's clearly and collectedly.

Mind you, this does not need to be an entire room. The point is not to
shut the world out but to have a space that triggers a sense of relaxation.

Find a corner of a room, a closet, a niche... personalize your
space with a couple of things that resonate for you and
celebrates your own sense of style!

Pick out a special chair, or a meditation cushion, a comfy rug,
or a throw blanket. Bring in colors that give you a feeling of
peace and renewal. Add a small table or stool, bench or
window ledge or bookshelf to place items on.

And, this is important... make it clutter-free!
I believe a cluttered space is equal to a cluttered mind.
Even if you are overwhelmed with clutter in the rest of your home,
keep your sacred space...well, sacred.

If you're a creative type, personalize your space by creating something
for it and infusing even more of your unique energy.
Music, photos, flowers, journal... all good. I love to add art and favorite objects
from my travels! I always add a well-loved cup of tea and a good read.

While these are a few of my personal suggestions, there are truly no rules.
All that matters is that you set up space that encourages YOU.