Committed to the Collective Wellbeing ::  The Congregational Health and Reconciliation Team, or  CHART , has been formed to ensure our congregation maintains a safe and secure atmosphere free of disruptive and threatening behaviors that could harm others’ emotional or physical wellbeing. CHART discusses those individuals specifically brought to our attention through an incident report, and those who specifically seek reconciliation. The substance of reports is shared with the individual. CHART discussions are confidential. The team’s formation was thoughtfully constructed and consists of our ministers, a current representative of the Board, a current Pastoral Associate, and a mental health professional from the congregation. To that end, CHART’s team consists of Revs. Taylor and Gage, Ed McDevitt, Alice Ocrey Brent, and Anne Devaud (current chair).

The team had its first meeting on June 22, 2020, and will meet quarterly, or more if needed, to assess the wellbeing of our collective community and to address problems. Click here to read the CHART Policy adopted by the Board in March 2020. The CHART Team can be reached at . Feel free to contact us to share your thoughts and concerns.