Shirley Marvin with Gypsy Lou Webb on this Summer's Adventure and 10 years ago!
What an honor to be a part of this wonderful adventure! 

It has been a fascinating summer so far and we were blessed to have Shirley Marvin with us for 3 weeks as we celebrated her 94th Birthday. We picked up Shirley Marvin for a 3 week car adventure from Louisiana to Cape Cod via LaGrange & Hilton Head for a 94th Birthday Adventure. Shirley is the first Wellness Center patient to ever take such an adventure. We knew it would be hard but that it would also be an amazing experience.

First stop was to see 100 Year old Gypsy Lou Webb in Slidell at her retirement center. For 100 she was in great shape and she recognized us right away. We went through the Rockmore book showing Lou pictures of herself & Rockmore. She talked about how she was bed ridden now and had to stay in her room although she can walk to the bathroom which is pretty good at 100. The hardest part was leaving and with a tight hug/grip on us, Lou said, "You can't leave now, I'm just starting to remember who I am." Lou is still doing deadpan humor at 100.

Then it was on to LaGrange, GA for 3 glorious pre Birthday days at Lake Harding as a guest of Ralph & Nita Howard. Next was Hilton Head where Shirley's granddaughter & husband and two great grandsons gleefully celebrated her 94th Birthday. She spent the next 2 weeks on Cape Cod visiting with family & friends, doing Rotary & Temple and special events. Shirley took a solo SouthWest plane ride home changed planes in Baltimore and made it to New Orleans without a problem.
We started doing the Noel Rockmore Project with Lou & Shirley 10 years ago when they were 84 & 90. We have learned up close how difficult it can be for the elderly to navigate their living & health conditions without an advocate. We remember when Lou went homeless at 95 after being kicked out of her sister's house by family after her sister died. We think things happen between financially capable and dependent family members that are most often over having different values. Sometimes the financially capable family member wants you to adhere to their values or they get angry and want to "go at it" to teach you a lesson.
This has certainly been the summer of people with different values "going at it" on the streets of our beloved Baton Rouge and in our politics. We found out this year that our financially capable family member who was supporting Shirley's retirement living had different values than us and withdrew that support. At first you feel sorry when you learn that someone else's values are not like yours and then some folks get very angry. Eventually we all just dust ourselves off and get back in the race because "That's Life!"
So here we are in the "getting retirement center funds scramble mode" and then Shirley has a major dental catastrophe losing a front tooth last week that requires some expensive dental work - paid up front! When Shirley was 84 and losing weight with bad teeth and could only eat soup, we opted to put a lot of dental work into her mouth so that she could eat solid food, live longer and be beautiful at all the future Museum Shows & Events! That was the best investment we ever made and it brought us all to here. We certainly plan to have more events with Shirley so Our Values say, "Lets make those happen as well as staying in the retirement community she loves." She distributed all of her art except these last few pieces over 10 years so that Rockmore's legacy of art would be preserved. Rockmore's legacy is now secured and with all of us working together, "we can and we will" get him that Artworld recognition in Shirley's lifetime that he deserves, so "let's go at it!"
You have carried us through against impossible odds to here and we know you will again.
Thank you,
Shirley, Rich & Tee Marvin

Proceeds from the Sale of These works go direct to Shirley Marvin. If you buy one of Shirley's works below, any of the less expensive ones you choose to buy will be 1/2 price. Personal delivery by the Marvins to your home in continental US will then occur within 1 month of payment. Send us an email if you are interested - all offers considered - sales finalized by this Sunday Aug. 14th.
$20,000 1962 Figaro Café - 36x27 Oil on Canvas - Shirley Marvin Collection
$10,000 Shirley Marvin Discovers America
50x40 Oil on Canvas
$10,000 1983 Stone Child
45x35x3 Collage On Canvas in 3D Frame
$5000 1985 Twin Cesarian Sculpture 28x28x14 Collage
$5000 1955 Boy in Village 20x30 Oil
Shirley's 1st Rockmore Purchase.
$1500 1991 Migraine - End of Life
 29x36x4 Found Art
$1500 1991 "Party Favors" - Icee Machine - 32x40x3 Found Art
$1000 1967 World of Noel Rockmore Etching - 18x13
$1000 1994 - Cloud & Ocean End of Life - Collage 26x20
$1000 1979 Mother Cabrini 26x20 Silkscreen Ed. 14 of 90
$1500 1960 Still Life of Bottles - 11x18 1st Monotype on Paper - New Orleans
$1500 1991 DWI -18x12x5 Found Art Collage
$1000 1991 Dear Eva - Cocoa Puffs 22x30x3 Found Art
$1000 1991 "Ash Wednesday 8 - Laser" - 22x30x3 Found Art
$1000 1991 Happy Acres Farm  - 32x40x3 Found Art
Sad News - Andrea Lannin Pssed away on August 1st, 2016.

We are sad to say goodbye to Andrea Lannin who passed away at 63 years old at her brothers in Connecticut. For the last three years Andrea had "charted her own course through her cancer treatment" as she had us put it versus any type of battle or fight.
We first met Andrea in person in 2008 when we got started on exploring the artist Noel Rockmore and discovered that his girlfriend from 1975-1977 was alive and well in Albuquerque. Andrea was an artist on the internet and worked a day job to pay her rent. She told fascinating detailed stories of her life which were both tumultuous and eventful. She was always surrounded by friends that she chose to be family and we were honored to be included after our first meeting. We visited her several more times in Albuquerque and she took on the role of mentor, head cheerleader and fantasy casting director for the Rockmore movie.

Andrea was born in New Jersey and survived a tumultuous but interesting upbringing along with her brother Larry. Andrea pursued a career as a fashion designer and had great success in Europe. She returned to New York at 24 and that is when she met Rockmore who she lived with in New York and New Orleans over the next 3 years. Interview with Andrea Lannin in 2008: "I had just turned 24. It was Halloween and some crazy guy comes up to me. He says some crazy pick up line. He was the pick up king of the world you know. He knew how to pick up women. He said he wanted to show me something. I didn't think he was very attractive because I was young. But certainly he was the most stimulating guy I had ever met, and probably to this day, it's the same. So I said ok, ok. I laughed, because, you know, ignorance is bliss when you're 24. But I was delighted to meet him because it was what I was looking for.

After the relationship with Rockmore ended in New Orleans in 1977, Andrea took Rockmore's dog Miro and stayed with her parents in Florida before returning to New York. She married and had an interesting and tumultuous 10 year relationship with a well known fashion photographer who was eventually consumed by his addictions. Andrea moved to Albuquerque to do her art and got office work to support herself and her cats until this year.

Early this year she decided to end all of her treatments and chart her way through the end of her life with the gracious help of her brother Larry & his fiancé Francesca at their home in Connecticut. Andrea left her apartment in Alburquerque, NM in March and prepared for her final months. We offered to drive out to Alburquerque and bring some of her artworks and momentos that would not fit on her plane ride and she was going to discard. Her friend, Paul stored the work at his house and handed off to us and we delivered it to Andrea at her brothers in Connecticut in April.
It was strange to see her doing so well with no treatments after seeing her not doing so well the year before under full treatment. We made plans for her to come visit us in Cape Cod within 2 weeks because she felt that it would be the best thing to do first. It was a great low key visit and we had all of her artwork hung on display throughout the house. She wanted to go to the Ocean, visit a candy shop and get a Cape Cod Sweathshirt for her brother. She talked about many things and had no regrets especially after reconnecting with her brother which would have been her only regret.

The only thing she would not do was engage in any talk about optimistic remission, miracles, hope or anything like that, it was not on the table to be discussed. She had chartered her course through hospice and she was fine with her choice. Rich tried to get her to make a post on Facebook to include so many of her friends on this final journey. Rich opened up her page, showed her all her old friends. Andrea had been the pioneer that taught us all the value of Facebook connecting. She then got frustrated trying to explain her reasons for not posting saying, "You don't understand, I have closed all my doors, I have chartered this course, I do not want to reconnect with anyone, I do not have the time or energy to. They know me, we all had our time together." Then she stood up and walked into the other room and we all stayed up and drank wine till 3 in the morning.
We learned so much about so many things in so little time with Andrea. You are Free Andrea, it was an interesting tumultuous race and you ran it your way to the end, well done!" Your memory will be a blessing to us all!  

The works below are by Andrea and donated to our Non Profit GEFQ Foundation and are large (see description of each image). By her request, she wanted us to offer them after her passing first for $1000 each because she felt that was their worth. If none of our Rockmore collectors or anyone else wanted them at that price, then she wanted us to sell them for whatever anyone wanted to pay our GEFQ Non Profit as long as they promised to display them in their home. The first two are Doug Ireland, famous 70s writer on gay issues and Joe from New Mexico
which show her portrait skills. Send us an email and any offer if you are interested and The GEFQ Team will make it happen and we will let you know by Sunday August 14th. Thanks!

Shirely, Rich & Tee Marvin - The GEFQ Team

Doug Ireland by Andrea Lannin - Early 70s - 40x31 Oil on Canvas 
Joe from New Mexico by Andrea Lannin - 55x49 Oil on Canvas
Boy in Collage by Andrea Lannin - 65x52 Collage on Canvas 
Street Party Collage with Gold Leaf by Andrea Lannin - 36x29 Mixed Media 
Spititual Experience by Andrea Lannin - 50x104 Oil on Canvas 
Jets & Fish Collage by Andrea Lannin - 45x55 Oil on Canvas  

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