"...And if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly..."  
Teddy Roosevelt 
Just the facts
It is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to announce the closing of TRUE Health and Wholeness.  We held out hope all last week, even today, that we would not have to make that announcement, but due to some unexpected and blindsiding events the last couple weeks we can no longer continue normal operations after Tuesday 5/30. For those of you whom we could not speak with about this in person, we are so sorry. We would welcome a chance to chat with you if you like.
The Emotions
Summing up a 12 year journey in few sentences like that feels so incomplete. TRUE is what we jokingly call our "first born child", for how much passion and work we have poured into it, and for all sleep deprivation it caused.
Yet, despite the frequent waves of sadness, shame, regret, anger, and loneliness that seem to be our constant companions now, we choose to believe the whispers of hope, and of new life ahead, will soon speak louder than our current grief.
The hardest part is the sour stomach of realizing how many people we've let down, and the relationships we've come to cherish that are now at best, interrupted. There are no words to convey how sorry we are to make this announcement.
Good-bye...for now
To our beautiful, beloved studio: Every corner of your space has felt sacred to us.  Just recently I (Nina) walked through each room of our dream facility and prayed that the transformations, the confidence and the lessons of self-care and self-worth would continue in the lives of  those who spent their precious time within these walls.  We will miss you, but as people of faith, we believe we will see this life-changing mission continue.
To our staff: Thank you for treating our customers so well, for taking such pride in your services and for being so gracious and understanding with us. To those who went without pay this last week so we could close down as best as possible, wow. How can we thank you enough for that? There is nothing like hardship to show you who your true friends are.
To our patrons, loyal friends, and supporters along the way: Thank you so much for your belief in us, thank you for teaching us so much. Thank you for dedicating so many late nights and early mornings to spend your time, energy, money, and sweat with us. We are so sorry to have left so many transformations unfinished. It breaks our heart to not be able to finish what we promised. Some way, we hope to make it up to you. We are not done. We're just regrouping. To those of you who heard we were in trouble and did everything you could to keep us open, thank you for trying. We almost made it!
To our wonderful children: We are so sorry we weren't able to keep the studio you love so much. Naomi, we're sorry you won't get to help with kid's camp this summer or fold towels in your roller blades anymore. Caleb, I'm so sorry daddy didn't get to work you out as much as I promised. Noah and Cohen, you won't remember this place much, but seeing you playing in the kid's room made it an extension of our home.  To all four of you: Thank you for praying with us, crying with us, and comforting us these last couple weeks. We hope you will look back when you are older and be proud of what your parents tried to do. Know that we will do our best to make you proud with how we handle these next few months. We won't be perfect, but we will never stop trying. You are why we have worked so hard.
To all of you: Your faces inspire us to keep working, and it is your laughter, smiles, hard work, and transformations we will miss the most. It has been a privilege to do life with you, to watch you grow and change, and our hope is that your life is better for having known us.
Rising like a Phoenix
Despite our failings, we don't look back at our journey and think...we could have tried harder, sacrificed more, slept less, or spent more time studying.
Business owners, and in particular Elliots, are a resilient breed. We are weary and wounded right now, often unable to finish sentences without crying, but we didn't suddenly forget everything we know about health and changing people's lives. We have not lost our love of this work. We have learned so many lessons from the school of hard knocks the last 12 years and we promise not let those lessons go to waste. We believe we have a sacred duty to help as many people as we can.
To those of you who wish to, please stay in touch.

We'd love to continue to hear your stories, and for you to hear ours. We failed this time, but we are not failures, and at this moment, TRUE's destiny is to be paused, to be reset, and remade into something greater. We plan to take the month of June to heal, regain our bearings, and give you an update in July about where we see ourselves going from here.
Our aim is to stay here in the area if we can. Wherever life takes us, and our four beautiful children, know that to you, and to our life's mission, we will always be TRUE.
With a heavy heart,
Christian and Nina
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