August 11, 2018

CB aka Cowboy
I have sad news to share with you. Our sweet CB, also known as Cowboy, left this world for the next, on Sunday August 5, 2018. CB had been a part of our Jungle Friends family since he was retired from research in 2005. 

CB was a favorite among our carestaff, here is what Kelli wrote about CB's passing...

"The hardest part of any animal related job is having to deal with their inevitable deaths, especially when working in a sanctuary situation where many of the animals are coming from unhealthy and/or dangerous backgrounds. Last night, Cowboy, one of the monkeys I personally helped care for, passed peacefully in his sleep from old age. 

While I mourn this gentle old man's passing, it really drove home the passion I have for this job and this field of work. 
Cowboy came to Jungle Friends from an iron-toxicity study and had spent a good portion of his life in a laboratory setting undergoing rather unpleasant testing, but thanks to places like Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary, he was able to live out his final years outside in the fresh air with his monkey companions. Recently though, Cowboy started showing signs that he didn't have much time left and was moved to our geriatric/hospice complex called Jody's Wellness Jungle and then finally to our on-site Bob Barker Medical Clinic.

On Saturday 8/13/18 before I left work that night, I went to say goodbye to Cowboy, I worried he wouldn't make it through the night. In his eyes, even though I could see he was tired, I also saw gratitude. Grateful to me and to Jungle Friends for giving him an almost wild monkey's paradise to live out the rest of his life.

Our silent conversation, communicated only through eye contact, told me that the difficult and tiring work that I do, all the days I've worked through the Florida heat and rain, and all the extra hours I've stayed, makes a difference to these monkeys."

Working with animals is often called a thankless job, but I don't think that's true. Cowboy assured me the night before he left us that what I do is appreciated and that my hard work, my literal blood sweat and tears, don't go unnoticed. I am thanked and appreciated everyday for what I do. It may not always be expressed through spoken words, but one look from the monkeys says it all."

Rest In Peace sweet Cowboy
~Kelli, Jungle Friends Caregiver

We will all miss CB. H has been so much a part of Jungle Friends for so many years. He was about 40 years old and we are all so happy he was able to spend his  "Golden Years" here at the sanctuary. Until we meet again my sweet CB...

Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director ~ 386-462-7779

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