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March 22 & 23, 2014

Back by popular demand. Sponsored by Nourhan Sharif. Save money with Early bird registration. 
Sadie's very first time teaching and performing in Toronto!

Sponsored by: Joharah Kolishenco

Sadie is so escited to be a part of this amazing event in Colorado!
ELEVATION 2014 Bellydance Extravaganza

Sadie's local Colorado classes, workshops, shows & more

Hey Colorado!
While I am busy traveling around the world, I am always happy to come home to Beautiful Colorado! 
Due to my travels I will not be holding any local classes at this time but I do have some fun workshops, retreats and shows planned!

Sadie performs with DEVOTCHKA for Valentine's Day!
3 intimate shows at the Mercury Cafe February 13, 14 & 15.
Sadie is so excited to perform with these guys again!
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Be sure to catch me in Golden, Colorado in April 
at ELEVATION 2014!  April 24-27, 2014
I am so excited to be offering a few workshops and performing there this year!

Sadie's FIRST Colorado Rockies Retreat at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort!
November 6-9, 2014
Save the date!  Details will be released in a few weeks. Over 20 hours of intensive training with Sadie, Live music, 2 Gala shows, performance opportunities, soaking in the hot-springs and so much more!!! Check the resort out and stay tuned for details to be released and registration to open. Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort

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Your frequently asked questions answered by Sadie in each newsletter

It's the new year and lots of great ideas and big goals are stirring about. It has been timely that I have been receiving inquires from  dancers asking how to approach making a business at bellydancing. I hope I can help shed any light on the subject for hopeful and aspiring dancers.

This question comes from Shanti:
"I just started my own solo business as a bellydancer in Los Angeles and I would like to be traveling the world performing and teaching and doing music, t.v., film work in the entertainment industry.  I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to expand from the oc/la market and into the the greater market?  I would like to work with trustworthy good people and feel safe while traveling and not sure how to even get started with all that".

Dear Shanti, 
Congratulations on your new business adventures into bellydance. It sounds like you are interested in doing both community and commercial work. LA is a great place to try and tap into the commercial work market such as the T.V, music and film work you mentioned. You would want to get on with an agency that can help place you and possibly even look into SAG membership depending on what your goals are. Some producers won't even work with you if you do not have an agent or are not a SAG member.

Working within the bellydance community itself is going to be different than the commercial entertainment world. You will be the one-woman-band. You gotta do most of it all yourself, it's not just dancing! Can you teach? Can you do your own make-up, hair, costuming and music editing? How are you at negotiating a fair price for yourself that still respects industry standards? Can you do accounting and contracts? What do you feel about hauling multiple 50 lb bags everywhere you go around the world. This still leaves us with self-promotion as well as all the behind the scenes business like emails, websites, Facebook, uploading video clips to youtube, etc. Oh, did I mention no job security, health issuance plans or retirement accounts either. This takes A LOT of time and effort not only for your business but your personal life too. 

While the bellydance community is large and growing strong everyday and includes dancers from just about every city in every country it is still a very interconnected grass roots community. We don't have any major agencies or corporations running the show and frankly, I am SO glad we don't. I love the inter-workings of our community and find it a rare and special thing. It does, however, mean that you are self-made. No one is going to consult with you on how to do any of this stuff except for maybe your teacher or mentor. Most of the luxuries that any other entertainer might enjoy cost way too much for almost any bellydancer to afford. No entourage here! I have so much respect for an accomplished bellydancer because I know and appreciate how much work has really gone in.

The two most important factors of creating a successful career, and not just a few gigs here and there, are your product (your dancing) and your community ties and networking. You have to put in your dues so to speak. Like any other career  there is a path to success and it doesn't happen overnight. In order to get out there and get noticed you have to attend and support events such as festivals, workshops and competitions. The community wants to support people who support them and in our business that just makes sense. Its our version of social security. Not only do promoters need to see that you are invested into the community but they also need to see your product and be wowed. What do you offer the community that is unique as a performer and/or teacher? Are you a pleasant person and easy to work with? What are your selling points? Why would someone want to take a chance on you? While there are many more opportunities for bellydancers within the community than there ever was even 10 years ago, the competition is stronger than ever too. The bar is being raised.

One thing I would also like to mention here is to be absolutely certain that you can see yourself doing whatever you come on the scene with 10-20 years from now. What you get known for has a tendency to stick with you FOREVER. For example, I came out 10 years ago with a strong emphasis on my drum solos. I loved them then and I love them now but to this day, my biggest request for bookings are my drum solos. Even though I can do more and have evolved to enjoy so much more as an artist, that is what people want to see from me even if it is 10 year later. I am really lucky that I still LOVE to raq a drum solo and probably will forever.

Okay, you have taken all these things into consideration and are ready to go, so now what?
You have to get into the middle of the action!  If your goal is to get out of your local community and make a name nationally or internationally, you need to attend some of the festivals that generate a lot of attention and buzz. A few of my favorites are Yaa Halla Ya'll, The Belly Dancer of The Universe Competition, The Oriental Festival of Europe and The Miami Bellydance Convention to name just a few.  Make sure some of the producers are going to be there like Hollywood Music Center (Mher is awesome), IAMED (Suzy Evans is your woman!) or others who produce DVDs and music. If you can, attain yourself a performance spot in one of the shows. Check to see if some bigger name headliners are going to be there and take their workshops.  If it is your cup of tea, enter a competition, more than once. Be on your A-game and self promote with a promo package that includes contact info and social media links where they can see you dance. Network and befriend the community, producers, teachers and other students, let them know your goals and interests without being over zealous. People can get turned off or even offended by newbies who lack some degree of respect for the process it takes to enter the business.

Once you have joined in on the festival experience at least a few times you will start to get a feel for it all. You'll vibe out the process. You will see how the business of bellydance really works. More often than not, the first few experiences are humbling ones and you may feel like a small fish in a big pond but do not let that deter you. As I said, the community, while big, is still very small and interconnected. Once people take notice of you, you will be amazed at how powerful that word of mouth can be.You will slowly start to become part of the community and doors and opportunities will open for you. Of course you can always be more proactive and try and create opportunities for yourself if it isn't happening fast enough but just be prepared that even then you may still have to pay your dues and do things for less than you may feel you are worth. Once a sponsor or producer sees that you bring value to their event then you will have more negotiating power. 

If you want to work with trust worthy people, then always see who they have worked with in the past and get some recommendations from those dancers. Just because someone has organized an event doesn't necessarily mean they are experienced or even qualified. Pick and choose your sponsors because more often than not you will do repeat business with them. I have several sponsors who are family to me now. I see them once a year and I know that at the end of a long travel journey and schlepping my suitcases across the world, my bellydance family will be there to help me settle in and get back on my feet so I can do my job well. A good sponsor will know what you need and like to make you feel safe and at home. Even the best sponsor is not a mind reader so you need to make your conditions very clear in your contract. If you want to ensure a certain level of safety and comfort then state that in your contract too or make your own flight and accommodation arrangements and have the sponsor pay you back. 
Let me be the first to tell you it is not the glamorous life. The work and challenges are never ending. Traveling in economy class around the world is the worst for a dancers body, skin and hormones. I pay thousands to my chiropractor, massage therapist, yoga classes and naturopathic doctor every year to be able to maintain some balance in my body and to be able to keep up with my demanding schedule.
It gets lonely and isolating, especially when you work internationally. You may be subject to less than stellar treatment and conditions and still you have to put on your best face. But the benefits for most including myself outweigh all the stresses involved. It is a beautiful and blessed life however hard it may be. 

Talk to your bellydancer friends, find a mentor or ask your teacher to guide you and mentor you through this process. Its not an easy one to navigate all on your own. Believe it or not I did all of this too. I spent years on the circuit as a student in workshops and on the hafla stage before the big "star" gala show but that was how I got noticed. I came up before youtube and Facebook and while those options are now available and helpful it hasn't changed so much, you still need to make an appearance and support the community so it can support you!
Good luck and I will be looking out for you!!


Send your questions to sadie.bellydancer@gmail.com to be answered by Sadie in future newsletters.
A new health or beauty tip in each newsletter

Coconut is the superest of Super-foods!  I have been using it for years and find new reasons to love it more all the time. I cook with it, use it as a moisturizer, I do oil pulling by swishing it in my mouth everyday to keep my gums healthy, kill bacteria and brighten my teeth. I just love it. Check out these great article links to see just why it is so amazing.