Sweet Lola is leaving Midtown

Please no hissy fits, stomping feet, wailing and gnashing of teeth. We hate it, too. But....it's time to go. Our last day will be September 30, 2013. Plenty of time to get your fill of Lavender, Blush and PBCroutons!

As the owner of Sweet Lola Yogurt Bar, I can't say exactly how we (as in "Lola" and I) love you since obviously we do not know each of you personally....but it is a feeling of immense gratitude we have for the collective body of our Sweet Lola friends and fans. Your enthusiasm and delight, your talking, tweeting and texting about Sweet Lola, bringing in family and friends (because of course, darling, YOU ALWAYS know where the good stufff is) has been so endearing, so sweet....and ever so truly appreciated.

There are so many of you to thank for being such great customers and supporters of Sweet Lola. The pleasure has been mine indeed in creating Sweet Lola Yogurt Bar and in meeting so many wonderful people who came through our doors.

What next, you ask? Not sure! We will keep you informed as plans fall into place for 2014.

This weeks flavors are White Apple * Salted Caramel Pretzel * Dreamy Chocolate and.....O'NILLA! Lavender is coming soon!

LolaLand. Be happy that it happened!

Sweet Lola Yogurt Bar

phone: 713-521-1333