VEG’ers are not just sitting around twiddling their digits. The pandemic has not ended events. Instead, and very quickly, it has evolved them. Here is this week’s news in the world of events, brought to you by the VEG.
Intel has created some of the best exhibits and conferences on Earth, so don’t forget to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd at 3PM EST) with us as Intel’s Victor Torregroza talks about events past, present and future (plus he brings a special treat for all). Then we’ll mix it up with Ashlee Ammons and Mixtroz as we get matched up with the perfect co-guests. RSVP today and you’ll be just in the nick of time.
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Don’t take a Safari to your virtual event

I’m hearing many complaints from Safari users who use the browser for virtual meetings. Bizzabo and Welcome both lack Safari support. Hopin suggests you’ll experience video problems. Users complain Safari doesn’t work for polls or chat, or for networking in some cases. Microsoft Teams requires that you make adjustments in your privacy settings to use Safari.  Zoom users cannot launch zoom from the browser. At the heart of it?  According to the dev forums, Safari doesn’t support Audio Worklet API the way other browsers do. Is that the issue? In true Apple fashion, Safari seems shut off and siloed from accessing many events platforms. Do you know something I don’t?  Email me

Meetups Replace Meetings

Now that we’re settling into the second year of 'virtual first' events you can expect more meetups and less meetings. One good example is the upcoming FinTech Online where you’re promised 24 post-event high priority matches that you didn’t even think about, participation in up to 24 15-minute double opt-in meetings (12 meetings average per participant) and up to two 55-minute peer group conversations called Tabletalks. ShopTalk’s Spring Meetup for women is taking a similar tack. In order to get the most out from these meetups you’re going to have to devote some up-front time creating your meeting personna.

What Your Zoom Background Says About You

If dogs look like their owners then Zoom backgrounds represent their owner’s personalities.  Green screen, plain white wall, showing off  doodads or pretty book collections, your real home, or just a background blur?  Social scientists are going to have a field day dissecting why people choose their  backgrounds. Start thinking about it with this deep dive from Quartz. (PS.  I’m into realism.)

Fun Facts

16×9: Recommended aspect ratio of a Zoom background

$15: Average cost of having someone create a Zoom background on Fiverr

Speaking of Zoom backgrounds, can we take one last collective giggle over the man who mistook himself for a cat before we retire it? 

Will We Stay or Will We Go?

 Vaxed-vacations or vaxed-biztrip? What’s your first choice? Freeman’s Inside Live brings its top honchos to the screen to hold frank, data-laden conversations about new health and safety initiatives for events. Its latest research shows nearly 80% of attendees and exhibitors will be ready to return to live events once they’re vaccinated.

But don't pack your bags just yet. According to The Meeting Professionals virtual meetings still have the upper hand.

Looking deeper into the crystal ball with The Meeting Professional 
  • Games as Events
    Gaming is no longer just about the play. It’s a destination to meet and experience a wide variety of activities says the Wunderman Intelligence Report. This week’s fav example is Teooh. The avatar-based virtual event platform has exploded in popularity since launching in April 2020. As of December the metaverse had amassed an overall population of 50,000 users across 10,000 active rooms, with a total of 12,500 hours spent in the virtual space.
  • Microsoft Grows Nuanced 
    Microsoft tried to 'hip it up' by buying TikTok and then Discord. It managed to buy and butcher Skype. But the recent 16 billion dollar acquisition of Nuance Communications, long time leader in speech recognition and AI technologies, seems much more in character. Ostensibly the purchase is to beef up Microsoft’s healthcare/telemedicine play, but MS Teams can only benefit from the nuanced use of voice across all industries.
  • Overheard
    It’s harder to do virtual events than physical events because people have been doing physical events since the beginning of time -- Ben Chodor, Intrado CEO on the future of events 
  • Sundance Deconstructed
    In 2021 Sundance Virtual found its groove with Zoom, Instagram and VR Theatre. Learn from Jon Williams and Sara Hein-Phillips in our upcoming Memorial Day VEG Meetup.
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