On July 14, 2017, the EPA finalized a new rule for dental clinics requiring the use of amalgam separators and best management practices, as a way to reduce discharges of mercury from dental offices to municipal sewage treatment plants and the waters of the United States.

This rule requires that new clinics, opening after July 14, 2017, must be in compliance with the rule at the time their clinic opens. Existing clinics must be in compliance with the rule by July 14, 2020. If your clinic is opening a new location, or is transferring ownership, please contact MMSD as soon as possible to go over next steps.

Because MMSD has had amalgam management requirements for dental clinics in its Sewer Use Ordinance since 2008, existing clinics in the district's service area that are following the district's requirements are already in compliance with much of the EPA rule. However, there are a few actions that your clinic will need to take to be in compliance with the federal rule.

For now, you can stay tuned for more information. We will soon post information to our website including an explanation of the rule and necessary actions your clinic will need to take. We will also include this information when we send out the 2018 amalgam certification report packet early next year.

In the meantime, for more information about the new rule, you can review EPA’s fact sheet for dental clinics. Information about MMSD's current dental requirements, as well as links to resources for dental clinics, is available on MMSD's Pollution Prevention for Dental Clinics page.