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Big Changes May 31, 2022

Safe Church, Safe Communities, and You

Safeguarding to Safe Church, Safe Communities

As previously announced by the General Convention's Task Force to Develop Model Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies & Safe Church Training, once the new Safe Church, Safe Communities training is complete the Safeguarding God's People training modules will be removed from use.

That time has come.

On May 31, 2022 "Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith for Ministries" and "Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith for Congregations" will be decommissioned and removed from Praesidium Academy's online catalogue. There are currently eight new courses active at Praesidium Academy, with the Safe Church, Safe Communities branding, that have been faithfully created through collaboration of Task Force Members, many Episcopalians across the church, and Praesidium's skilled curriculum development staff. The only way to access the training materials at this time is online through Praesidium Academy, the new online learning platform. All learners who had completed a course in Praesidium Armatus in the past four years were migrated to Praesidium Academy. Praesidium's support team is prepared to offer assistance for those diocesan administrators who are new to the position or have yet to update their account by contacting

Spanish language translation and interpretation have begun, and conversations about resources for non-USA dioceses are being scheduled. Other language translations are being considered through the General Convention legislative process. Please be in touch with your needs.

Prevention of Sexual Harrasment

The two courses currently in Praesidium Academy titled "Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers & Supervisors" and "Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Harassment for Workers" will remain available through July 31, 2022. The new Safe Church, Safe Communities Anti-harassment course will be released and uploaded to Academy soon and will be subject to revision pending legislation currently moving through the General Convention legislative committee process.

Please check out the Safe Church, Safe Communities webpage for details and more information on Model Policies, Course Recommendations, and Frequently Asked Questions. The page is updated monthly at a minimum.

A Community of Learning and Practice


Diocesan Safe Church Contact Form

We are eager to offer updates, share best practices, and help on-board seasoned practitioners and new personnel with the new Safe Church, Safe Communities modules developed by the General Convention Task Force to Develop Model Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies & Safe Church Training. It is difficult to do so when we don't know who your diocesan contact is. As we establish a new Safe Church, Safe Communities network, we need to be able to communicate with trainers and administraters at the diocesan level. Please tell us who yours are using the button above.

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Need to access your learner account?

Praesidium Academy Learner Link

If you experience difficulty logging in, please contact Praesidium Support at

Need a hand setting up your training practices? Click here to navigate to the charted Course Recommendations located in the resource tabs on our web page.

Haven't updated your local Diocesan Policy yet? Click these links to the Model Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth and Vulnerable Adults and share with your diocesan chancellor and Safe Church Administrator.

Got Questions? Send us an email!

Interested in hosting a Provincial Training to train diocesan level trainers? Contact 

Resources and Support

The new Safe Church Office for The Episcopal Church resides within the Department of Faith Formation with Bronwyn Clark Skov currently serving as manager. She has been working closely with the Task Force on completing the creation of nine new modules hosted online at Praesidium Academy. Bronwyn is also working toward conversation with leaders of all nine Provinces of The Episcopal Church to schedule training for two Safe Church trainers per diocese, who will be equipped to train local trainers and others. Plans to work toward non-USA diocesan policy support and other language translations and contextualized interpretation are under way with some plans pending resolutions and funding by General Convention. As we transition to the new curriculum and learn more about Praesidium Academy, please do not hesitate to contact Bronwyn with questions and suggestions. Her office hours and contact information are below.

A Collect for Safe Church, Safe Communities

Holy Creator, we offer our gratitude for the opportunity to live in community, where we can take comfort in others and be nurtured when needy, fed when hungry, and protected when threatened. Guide us as we strive to protect those in our midst who are most vulnerable and innocent, respecting the dignity of all humans, so we can more fully and appropriately love our neighbors and ourselves. Help us to be examples in the world in the likeness of your son Jesus, who spoke truth to power, gave hope to the hopeless, and loved selflessly. We humbly ask for all of this through the gift of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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Bronwyn Clark Skov, Manager

Safe Church, Safe Communities


Office Hours    Spring 2022

Tuesday           8:00 – 4:00 pm CT

Wednesday      10:30 am – 6:30 pm CT

Thursday          9:00 am – Noon CT