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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

August 2019

Jean Varney
Jeannie Varney
 Nutrition Consultant


Welcome to the Eat Right Be Fit Live Well monthly link roundup.
Each week I read many interesting articles relating to nutrition, fitness and wellness. Here are some of my favorites from the past month. While every article may not be relevant to your personal circumstance, I hope at least one will spark your interest and provide you with a healthy tip you can incorporate into your daily routine.  



Top Green Cleaning Products:   Concerned about the toxins in your cleaning products? Here's a guide to help you choose non-toxic detergents and cleaning agents for your home and laundry. (

High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol May Pose Special Risks in Young Adults:   This study reinforces the importance of monitoring and controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your 20s and 30s, not just later in life. "A person under 40 with an LDL level above 100 is at a 64 percent higher risk for later coronary heart disease than a young adult with a lower reading." This is terrifying given most adults  of all ages have a LDL above 100. The fastest and most effective way to lower cholesterol? Diet! Avoid, sugar and flour and the processed foods that contain these ingredients as well as saturated fat. (Red meats, full fat cheeses, butter, and yes, coconut and palm oils.)  (NY Times)

Why are Some People "Carboholics"?   Drugs and simple carbohydrates affect the same pathways in the brain. Both can lead to addiction. Great read! (Eat Rx)

Can Alzheimer's be stopped? Five Lifestyle Behaviors are Key, New Research Suggests:  Stave off dementia by engaging in these 5 lifestyle habits. (NBC News)

Can the Ketogenic Diet Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?  Temporarily using the ketogenic diet as a metabolic reset is probably fine but staying on it long term is not recommended.  It does not prevent chronic disease as suggested on the internet. To ward off cancers, heart disease and type II diabetes stick to a mostly plant-based, whole foods diet consisting of veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. (Nutrition Studies)

The Keto Diet Explained: What the Science Really Says:  Another must read for anyone considering the Keto diet. For most of us, reducing carbs to a minimal amount over the long haul is NOT healthy and can contribute to chronic disease.  If you go Keto for the short term, remember this diet is NOT high in protein and should be followed under the supervision of a medical professional.  Stick to plant -based forms of fat not animal fats. (Food Revolution)

Heart Disease Biomarker Linked to Paleo Diet:  Is the Paleo diet linked to heart disease? Read this before over indulging in animal proteins, esp. red and processed meats. You know how much I despise fad diets. The paleo diet is NO exception.  (Science Daily)

10 Superfoods to Boost a Healthy Diet:  How many of these foods do you eat daily? Interested in eating for longevity? If so, incorporate these suggestions into your diet on a daily basis. YUM! (Harvard Health) 

10 Healthy Tips to Take to Heart:   Implement these 10 simple steps to reduce your risk of heart disease - the #1 killer of all Americans each year. Start with #2. Doing so will help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose levels all of which are contributing factors to poor heart health. (Berkeley Wellness)

Irritating Compounds Can Show Up In 'Vape Juice':   If you or someone you know vapes, I encourage you to stop. E-cigarettes are hardly innocuous. Their vapor "contains a lot of harmful chemicals, heavy metals [and] ultrafine particles." And while the long-term effects of vaping aren't known, health issues are fast arising in individuals that vape. (NPR)

The "Grandparents' Diet":  By changing your diet you can protect the earth and your health. Here's what you need to know. (Nutrition Action) 

About Jean Varney 
Jean Varney is the founder and president of Eat Right, Be Fit, Live Well LLC, a health and nutrition consulting firm committed to empowering men and women to improve their health through sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle.  Based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Jean coaches clients nationwide by phone and in person.  She focuses on helping individuals make smart choices about the foods they eat in order to maintain high energy levels, avoid unwanted weight gain and decrease their risk of heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  Jean received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  To learn more about her practice, please visit her website at: