April 2019
Volume XII, Issue 4
Safe Harbor Fun Fact

Did you know we have taken in and placed over 100 senior Labs in the last two years?

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Volunteers and Fosters

Welcome New Volunteers!
Linda and Ernie Hartman, Foster Team

We'd love to welcome you to one of our volunteer teams:  Foster, Transport (if you need a little occasional "fur time") or Adoption Support as a reference checker.  Our volunteers have their own special Facebook page to get acquainted, share stories, pictures and info.
Click  here   to learn more and apply to join us!

2020 Calendar Contest 
is Here!
Get out those cameras and start posing your Lab(s) for the 2020 SHLR Calendar Contest.  Will your Lab be the cover dog?  Click here to enter this year's contest.  Good luck!

 Upcoming Events:

  Orvis Days

Stop by and say "hi" to the Safe Harbor Volunteers and resident Orvis Lab, Moose, a SHLR Alum!

When: Sunday, April 14, 2019
Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Where: Orvis Cherry Creek 
2770 E 2nd Ave, Denver, CO 80206

 Save the Date: LabFest 2019
We're looking forward to having you join lots of other Lab lovers for our annual LabFest to raise funds for the Labs medical expenses.

When: Saturday, August 24, 2019
Time: 11:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Where: City Bark, 2000 W. 8th Avenue, Denver, CO  80204

For information about sponsorships and recognition, and silent auction donations please contact our event committee.

 Our Versatile Volunteers!

Safe Harbor volunteers have been helping the Front Range Agility Association of Denver with agility events since 2014, and recently helped with Colorado Kennel Club Agility Trials in February. Many thanks to volunteers Margaret, Stacy, Jacque, Patty, Bob, Gavin, Sue A, Sue N, Tracy and Sage who were on hand to help and represent Safe Harbor.

Volunteer Sue Netzel reports:  "We had a fun and very busy day setting up hurdles, running the time clock, assisting the judges and helping out wherever we were needed. It's a lot of fun seeing so many cool and talented dogs!" Our volunteers generously donated their "pay" of $475.00 to help with our Labs' medical expenses!

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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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Dear Friends of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue,  

Leave the tumult of daily news behind and take a moment to relish all the unconditional love and joy our Labs, or just good dogs no matter who they may be, bring us every day. That smile and wagging tail of your best friend can make you stop and think: "How did I ever get so lucky ?!"

Our SHLR 2020 calendar photo contest  is officially underway. We're looking forward to photos of your handsome, silly, active, lazy, crazy and just downright cute Labs!   
Happy Spring! 
Safe Harbor Lab Rescue

Theo and Barney: Two Chocolates Find Life is Sweeter with Us!
Eight-month-old Theo found himself in quite a pickle. When his owner learned Theo had hip dysplasia, he was left at a shelter partner to be euthanized. Fortunately, they called us for help. An orthopedic evaluation at CSU revealed a promising life ahead for still growing Theo. The veterinary specialists at Red Sage Integrative Veterinary Partners are caring for Theo under the watchful eye of his foster mom. He has an innovative treatment plan to strengthen his muscles and provide greater joint flexibility as he grows, as well as supportive medications. The future is looking bright for little Theo!

Like Theo, seven-year-old Barney is counting his lucky Milk Bones! A stray from a crowded, under-resourced shelter in New Mexico, he came to us with a badly damaged hip that will require orthopedic surgery at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital . He'll be cared for by his foster dad until he's up to speed on all four legs and ready for adoption. We speculate he may have been hit by a car and then left to suffer in the shelter until our rescue partner arrived in the nick of time. If only he could tell us his story!

Like for the people who love them, specialized care and surgery to improve the quality of life for the Labs who join us is very expensive. We are committed to making sure each has a well-deserved new beginning. We hope you will join us helping make sure that comes true for Labs like Theo and Barney.


Dear Labby: It's April and Time For...Your Heartworm Test!
Photo courtesy of Kateri Nelson, all rights reserved.
Advice on all matters Labby for both four and two-legged folks.

Dear Labby-

My mom just told me: "It's April! Time to go to the vet for your annual heartworm test!"  She sounded very cheerful about it, but since it involves things like the vet, worms and a test, I'm kinda apprehensive.  What's this all about?


Dear Jett-
You've got a great mom looking after you! Heartworms really do live in your heart, blocking blood flow, and can make you very sick. You get heartworms from a mosquito bite - and yes, dogs in Colorado can have heartworms. Heartworm disease is on the rise here as more dogs arrive untreated from areas with a high incidence of heartworm. A simple blood test will tell the vet if you're all clear, and then you can start on monthly heartworm preventative to keep you healthy.

The blood test and preventative are easy and inexpensive compared to what you'd have to go through if you got heartworm disease. The most effective treatment is very costly, done in the hospital after you've already been on meds for a few weeks, and is pretty uncomfortable. The worst part is you must greatly restrict your activity for months while the worms are dying off so you don't end up with even more problems like pneumonia or an embolism in your lungs.

It's a quick trip to the vet, one little poke and a tasty tablet once a month . . . that's it to keep heartworms away!

Here are "must reads" for your Peeps from the American Heartworm Society and VCA Hospitals

Love ~Labby

New Beginnings: Hoss
Handsome Hoss is not just another pretty face, he's also a very good boy. At approximately eight months old, Hoss has no shortage of young Lab energy but is pretty mellow for a pup and settles down nicely after a good romp. Hoss is enjoying all the perks of country life at home with his new parents, Wayne and Nancy, and six-year-old little big brother, Marty, a Petit Basset Griffon  Vendéen .
Hoss' new dad tells us:

After losing our dear Mac (Big Mac) a few years ago, who was also a Safe Harbor Lab, we were ready to open our home again to another big, goofy, lovable Lab in need of an active life and an adoring family. And that's when we found Hoss! Right away when I saw him on the website I knew I needed to meet him, and when a potential adopter fell through, I went straight to his foster home to see if we would be a good match. As fate would have it, we are a perfect match.

Hoss has settled into his life as a country dog who gets to go to the office some days, just like Mac did. Some of Hoss' favorite activities are riding in the car to go to the office with me, cross country skiing in Steamboat with the family, trying to get his dog-brother Marty to play with him, giving hugs, leaping into snow banks, playing with his best black Lab friend, Angus, and generally just being with us every day. 

He's a strong (90 lbs!), big-nosed goofball, who we are so lucky to call a part of our Boulder family, and we're looking forward to more adventures with Hoss. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Madeleine Hogan
Safe Harbor Lab Rescue is known for its dedicated and long-term volunteers. Madeleine fits this description perfectly. She has been fostering since 2009 and has fostered at least 45 Labs! Madeleine has helped so many Labs transition from homelessness to being a loved family member. Her favorite parts of fostering are to watch her foster start to relax and get comfortable in her home, get a routine of eating, walking and playing and then find his/her family to go home with. She finds fostering very rewarding. Additionally, when she had her Lab, Finn, it gave Finn a chance to show the new foster how good life could be. He enjoyed having part-time siblings to share his mom with.

When asked advice to those who are thinking about fostering, Madeleine said, "Just do it!" You'll feel great about helping a Lab get a second chance at life and by fostering, you allow Safe Harbor Lab Rescue to bring more Labs into our rescue. We couldn't agree more!

In addition to fostering, Madeleine also writes our New Beginnings stories for our website. If you ever want to smile during the day, you should read some of the stories  on the website.

Thank you to Madeleine for so many years of dedicated volunteer service to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue!