August 2018
Volume XI, Issue 8
2018 Statistics
as of July 31:

Labs Taken In ... 152
Labs Placed ... 140
Spayed/Neutered ... 44
Featured Lab
Meet Reese
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Volunteers and Fosters

Welcome New Volunteers!
Guy Duncan
Sabrina Martinez

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Upcoming Events

Meet and Greet
Saturday, August 12
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Veterinary Specialists of the Rockies Open House
774 Maleta Lane
Castle Rock, CO 80108

LabFest 2018
Saturday, August 25
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
City Bark - Denver

South Pearl Street Farmer's Market Pet Adoption Fair 
Sunday, September 9
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Colorado Gives Day 2018
Tuesday, December 4

New Beginnings

Gus and Ella







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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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Hope to see you at LabFest 2018, our ever-popular annual fundraiser!   

The 2019 SHLR Calendars will be available for the first time, hot off the presses. Be among the first to score a couple; last year they sold out!  If you're without a Safe Harbor T-shirt for yourself or a signature Safe Harbor collar for your Lab, they will be available at LabFest, too. But most of all, join us for a great time to help our rescued Labs!

Warm Wishes for a Happy Summer,

LabFest 2018:The Countdown to August 25th Begins!
Rescuing Labs and making them whole in body and spirit is our passion. We do our best to make sure each Lab, from puppy to senior, has thorough medical care before heading to their forever home. That brings our annual medical bill about $150,000. "Whoa, that's like over ten million bones in dog money!" woofs handsome young Jay who needed surgery on both his hips. 

So grab your Lab and any other fun-loving pups in the family!  Make a difference with us at LabFest 2018 . . . and along the way meet lots of dog lovers poolside, by the BBQ or under the Silent Auction canopies
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City Bark
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Congratulations to the 2019 SHLR Calendar Winners!

2019 SHLR Calendar Winners

January: Steve Mokan, Avery
February: Teresa Carney, Shadow
March: Kimberly Schlichting, Bruno
April: Gary Clyman, Zoe
May and Cover: Brenda Halverson, Riley
June: William Prescott, Avery
July: Michael Metcalf, Gibson
August: Stephanie Bliss, Gus
September: Leslie Brown, LabFest Lab
October: Ricky Daly, Murphy
November: Amy Malcom, Chaco
December: Polly Kruse, Osborne and Henri

2019 Honorable Mention Winners

Jerry Meacham, Flores
Margaret Sharkoffmadrid, Kali
Jo Sempeck, Eggo
Debbie Ollila, Hailey
Darcy Kennedy, Seamus
Margaret Hui, Piper
Mimi Dair, Daisy
Kolby Olson, Finn
Samantha Jerding, Maddox
BJ Kumagai, Holly
Nancy Tellock, Remo
Marlene Todd, Hayden, Nelson, and Daisy
Dear Labby: I'm a Big Girl
Dear Labby is ready to offer advice on all matters "Labby" from both four and two-legged folks.
Photo courtesy of Kateri Nelson - all rights reserved.

I'm a big girl, a really big girl who loooves to eat. I'm an English Lab and I read we can be a little heavier than our slimmer American Lab friends. When Safe Harbor rescued me I weighed 95 pounds. The vet gave me a checkup and did some tests that revealed I'm pretty healthy, just a chunky monkey. She bluntly told me: "Whitney, you're just plain fat. You should weigh 70 pounds.  You need to eat less, a lot less, and get some exercise. You'll feel better and live longer, too." Help! What am I going to do? I know I'm  going to starve.

Withering Away,
Dear Whitney -

You have ample reserves so, no, you are not going to starve! The vet is right -- all that extra weight is hard on your heart, lungs 
and joints. Your family needs to measure your food, including treats, and make sure that's all you get. Period; no matter how pitifully y ou stare at them. To feel fuller, add veggies like green beans to your meals. Some families allow one cookie at bedtime for a special treat. Add some gradual exercise every day, too -- remember you're out of shape. Check out this article at The Labrador Site on Fat Labs  for more info. Stick with it girlfriend. I bet you'll look fabulous by the Holidays!

Whitney is currently with a foster mom who is helping her safely lose weight. She loves to swim.
New Beginnings: Lady
Our 10-year-old fox red beauty, Lady, has joined lovely 12-year-old, Suzie, and these two Lab ladies who lunch are enjoying their retirement to the fullest in the loving care and company of their fabulous mom, Lynne.  Suzie had been lonely ever since her previous canine companion passed away, and she is enjoying once again having a four-legged family member to walk and woof and gossip with.  Of course, both girls agree that nothing is better than having mom right by their side, whether snuggling at home, playing in the yard, or going on neighborhood tours as a family.    

Lady's new mom writes:

"I was thrilled to hear from you and being asked to share a short story of our new life with Lady. It was love at first sight for Lady and me and also with my older girl, Suzie. Lady is a sweet girl with a funny personality. We laugh and have a great time every day. She is getting over her trauma of riding in vehicles. She loves going on our walks most every day, and if we miss one her face expresses her disappointment but she cuddles in and forgives me.  I can't thank you all enough for bringing Lady into our lives." 

Our thanks to Lynne and Suzie for making room in their hearts and home to give this lovely senior Lady the golden forever after that she deserves.

Thank you to Linda O. for fostering Lady!
Volunteer Spotlight: Stephanie Bliss
Talk about a volunteer who contributes in so many ways to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue -- meet Stephanie Bliss. Stephanie puts new volunteers from the website in contact with the right committee based on what the new volunteer likes to do. In addition, she does an orientation for new transport volunteers to show them how we transport our lovable Labs to Alameda East. Stephanie loves to transport our Labs with her husband. She makes him drive so she can snuggle them on their way to their new happy lives!

Stephanie also lends a helping hand with checking references, facilitating adoptions and helping spread the word about Safe Harbor Lab Rescue at our events.

In addition to volunteering, Stephanie also calls two SHLR alumni Labs her family -- Lexie and Gus. Lexie was adopted six years ago and then Stephanie "foster failed" after three days of fostering Gus. Don't worry Stephanie, it happens to the best of us!

Stephanie says that volunteering for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue is her sanity and happiness. We say, "Thank You Stephanie for all that you do for our Labs!"