December 2019
Volume XII, Issue 12
Safe Harbor Fun Fact

This year rescued Labs joined us from 11 states: CO, UT, AR, NE, KS, OK, TX, WY, NM, MO, and SD. Coming from trusted rescue partners, they traveled via transport partners' vans, cars and even private planes!

Featured Lab

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Volunteers and Fosters


Seth Sean
Mary Ann Gabriel
Sue and George Raikas
Lisa Schell 
Lisa Meyers and Joyce Arnold 

Have fun, make Lab-loving friends, and help the Labs!

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SHLR 2020 Calendars are Available!

Our beautiful limited edition 2020 calendars are . . . going, going and soon they'll be gone! 

Place your order today in time for a holiday gift for friends and yourself, too.

It's a Wrap! Holiday Gift Wrapping by SHLR at Orvis Cherry Creek


When : Sunday, December 22, 2019 
Time : 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM 
Where :  Orvis in Cherry Creek, 2770 E 2nd Ave
Denver, CO 80206

Stop by and say "Hi," and let SHLR volunteers artfully wrap your Orvis purchases. Donate to SHLR and you'll receive an Orvis coupon towards your purchase!

Upcoming Events
Colorado Gives Day is
Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Safe Harbor Labs are looking forward to your support! Your Colorado Gives Day  donation is just a click away.  

 Check it out on our
Colorado Gives Day page

Need a Unique and Thoughtful Gift Idea?
For that hard to shop for person or a special Lab-loving friend, consider a holiday donation to Safe Harbor in their honor or for a loved Lab.  Start a new tradition of friend and family giving!

New Beginnings




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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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Dear Friends of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue,  

We are passionate about our work to help the Labs we rescue become whole in body and spirit. Each Lab's health needs, simple or complex, are addressed by our top-notch vet partners; each is lovingly fostered until we can find them just the right forever home. 
This is a huge undertaking for our all-volunteer rescue. Imagine the vet bills for all those sweet Labs, many of whom are neglected, hurting, sick or never had any veterinary care. It's no wonder their medical care is our greatest expense. 
Please join us in our mission to provide compassionate and high-quality care for our rescued Labs by including Safe Harbor, a 501(c)3 public charity, in your giving plans. Our modest adoption fees cover only a small portion of the costs to ready Labs for their forever homes. We rely on the generosity of Lab lovers to help bridge the gap. 
Together what a difference we can make for these wonderful Labs who truly deserve a second chance. 

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season! 

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue 
Joy to the World!
We're just a few of the "Barks, Woofs, and Wags" in the happy chorus of Labs that Safe Harbor rescued and took care of in 2019!  

Belle - My homeless owner wanted a better life for me.

Odie - I was bald from an inherited skin problem . . .  now I've got fur! 

Jasper - I was neglected. My broken teeth and eye that didn't see so well were cared for.

Shelby - My shattered leg was expertly repaired and is as good as new!

Jack - I was scared.  My fosters gave me security, love and courage.


Colorado Gives Day 2019 is Tuesday, December 10
Colorado Gives Day is almost here! We are able to rescue and help joyful Labs like the ones above because of the thoughtful support of Lab lovers like you. How very appreciative we are! The Safe Harbor Labs hope they are on your "Giving Plans Radar" for C olorado Gives Day .  You may schedule your donation today or donate any time on December 10 th . It's just a click away!

Please invite your friends, family and social media contacts to support Safe Harbor Lab Rescue on Colorado Gives Day, too .  

Dear Labby: Some Fall Safety and Comfort Tips!
Dear Labby,
Photo courtesy of Kateri Nelson all rights reserved.

We Labs are the original party animals and LOVE this festive time of year! It can get a little overwhelming though, and it sure seems like there are tons of Don't Do's:
  • Don't eat chocolate, turkey bones and food wrappers.
  • Don't chew on electrical cords or snag stuff off the tree's lower branches.
  • Don't send burning candles flying off the coffee table with your wagging tail.
  • Don't eat wrapping paper, ribbon, tinsel or assorted holiday plants like mistletoe and poinsettias. 
  • Don't tinkle on the tree . . . the list goes on longer than a tennis ball thrown into the next county!
So, Gentle Reader, I thought I'd focus on the positive and provide some TO DO's  to share with your family: 
  • Keep to our regular routine; it's comforting.
  • Provide us a quiet, safe place to go when company comes over and we need a break.
  • Keep to our regular diet no matter how much we beg. Be strong!
  •  Keep the lid on the trash can.
  • Let guests know what we're allowed and not allowed to do.
Love, Labby
Do  live  in  the  moment  and  be happy   and  celebrate!
New Beginnings: Astro
Astro is loving life with Teresa and Paul and his  new siblings, Mia and Jack. Every day is full of four-legged fun and cuddles for this canine crew and their wonderful parents, and Astro is so excited to be a forever family dog and wake up every day knowing that he is home to stay. 

Teresa and Paul sent us an update on their  new pup:

Astro is an absolutely perfect addition to our pack! It was no surprise to us, due to his "ruff"  beginning, that he was slightly timid when we brought him home. He warmed up to the other pups very quickly though. Within a couple of days he blossomed and his true personality came out. He is a very affectionate, loving, playful boy. He has two siblings, Mia - our 4 y.o. black Lab and Jack - our 14 y.o. Yorkie mix (maybe)! Astro and Mia love to play and chase the ball together. We also took him to the dog park and played in the water this summer, and Astro took to it right away.  

We are so thrilled that Astro chose to rescue us and make this his fur- ever home!! 

Many thanks to Kathy C. for fostering Astro!
Volunteer Spotlight: Jaime
Jaime is long-time volunteer for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. Over the years, she has fostered labs, created medical certificates, helped with events at pet stores and most recently has taken on the "job" of organizing the silent auction for LabFest. 

When Jaime was looking for a new way to volunteer, she helped with the silent auction. Her organizational skills along with her passion to raise money for SHLR made her the perfect person to take over organizing the silent auction. It's a position that takes months of preparation. First she identifies organizations who will donate services or items, then she collects the items, enters them into a database, assigns suggested pricing, gift wraps the items with the LabFest committee and then runs the silent auction at LabFest. Without Jaime, our silent auction wouldn't be nearly as successful as it is. 

Jaime's favorite part of LabFest is seeing all of the wet Labs run around and have the best time. 

Like many of our volunteers, Jaime has "foster-failed" and adopted Tom. Tom can be seen at some events as he's a good Lab ambassador. 

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue would like to thank Jaime for everything she does for our rescue!