February 2018
Volume XI, Issue 2
2018 Statistics
as of January 31:

Labs Taken In ... 20
Labs Placed ... 30
Spayed/Neutered ... 11
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Welcome New Volunteers and Fosters
Connie & Bill Belz
Sandy & Chris Olsen

If you'd like to join us helping the rescued Labs, we'd love to welcome you to one of our volunteer teams:  Foster, Transport (if you need a little occasional "fur time"), Events or Adoption Support as a reference checker. We communicate by email so access to such is handy, and our volunteers have their own special Facebook page.

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Thank You

Many thanks to Kaitlyn who has been our very talented Volunteer Spotlight writer for the past four years. 
Kaitlyn and her husband have just welcomed a new baby to their family who will keep her busy with "New Mom" duties. Linda, a long time volunteer and wonderful writer, will take over for Kaitlyn. Welcome Linda!  
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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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Dear Friends of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue,  
There's no doubt Labs have a way of stealing your heart! Our Valentine's Day message for each of you is to say "thank you" for the many ways you give your heart and support to the rescued Labs. 
We are off to a rewarding start this year with 30 Labs rescued and 20 adopted in January. Our amazing all-volunteer transport, foster and adoption teams did a terrific job keeping up with all those pups! We hope you'll enjoy reading the remarkable and touching story of Owen, a greatly loved and very special rescued Lab, and watching the video tribute made by his owners.
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your four-legged loved ones!

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue
Owen: A Story of Love by Special People for a Special Lab
Over the years we have met many wonderful caring rescuers, fosters, volunteers, adopters, veterinarians, donors and supporters who have played a key role in enriching the lives of the Labs we rescue.

We would like to share a recent remarkable story about one of these Labs, eight-year-old Owen, and the many people whose lives he touched.  A stray with a dry sunburned coat and a large bloody tumor on his toe, he was picked up by Jefferson County Animal Control and taken to Foothills Animal Shelter (FAS).

Emergency surgery was performed by the shelter vet; the badly infected toe had to be amputated. Biopsy results showed the tumor was cancerous, but successfully removed. Owen had some recovery time ahead, so we were called to see if we would like to rescue this ball-crazy senior boy. Our answer: "Of course!" Our foster mom was ready to receive him right away.

Our volunteer picked up a very happy Owen and took him to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital  for his routine intake checkup. Our vet remarked Owen's type of cancer, melanoma, could be very aggressive and suggested lung x-rays to see if it had spread. We were saddened to hear it had, and began to make arrangements for a hospice foster.
Here is what is so amazing:  Ashley, a local veterinarian, and her husband, Jacob had contacted us about adopting a senior or special needs dog. Our adoption coordinator contacted them and shared Owen's story. Would they be interested?  They soon met Owen and adopted him, not knowing how long their time together might be.
Owen came to us on November 27 and went to live with Ashley and Jacob less than a week later.  Every day was filled with love and adventures. Then on Christmas Day he became very sick. He went to heaven on December 30, just a month after being treasured by his new family and many caring friends along the way.  Those who love and care for our rescued Labs are very special people indeed.  Here is a very touching tribute to Owen.

Owen:  A story of love.
Owen: A story of love.

Dear Labby: Make Sure Your Heart is Full of Love and Not...!
Dear Labby is ready to offer advice on all matters "Labby" from both four and two-legged folks.
Photo courtesy of Kateri Nelson - all rights reserved.

Dear Labby -
The other day my mom said: "Valentine's Day always makes me think of hearts and how it's almost time for you to have your heartworm test!" She sounded very cheerful about it, but since it involves things like the vet, worms and a test, I'm kinda apprehensive.  What's this all about?

~Rowdy  R.

Dear  Rowdy-

You've got a great mom looking after you! Heartworms really do live your heart, blocking blood flow, and can make you really sick. You get heartworms from a mosquito bite -- yes, dogs in Colorado get mosquito bites and do get heartworm disease. A simple blood test will tell your vet if all looks well. Then you can start on a monthly heartworm preventative to keep you healthy. Many vets in Colorado prescribe it from May-October.  

The blood test and preventative medicine are easy and inexpensive compared to what you'd have to go through if you got heartworm disease. The most effective treatment is very costly, done in the hospital after you've already been on meds for a few weeks, and is pretty uncomfortable. The worst part is you must greatly restrict your activity for months while the worms are dying off so you don't end up with even more problems like an embolism in your lungs. A tall order for us Labs!

It's a quick trip to the vet, one little poke and a tasty tablet once a month . . . that's it to keep your heart healthy! Learn more from the American Heartworm Society

Love, Labby
Heartworm Incidence Map 
New Beginnings: Bucky
Seven-year-old Bucky went from having nothing but the fur on his back and a few stray kibbles in a borrowed food bowl, to living the life of Riley (well, actually Bucky) in his new home with his fabulous forever mom, Sherrie.  Buckwheat recently sent us a woof-o-gram to let us know that the mountain air agrees with him and has put a new pep in his step and more wind in his sails, and he swears that it has also done wonders for his complexion.  This newly fresh-faced lad tells us that the best part of his new leash on life is always having his new mom at the other end of it.  What a good boy!   

Sherrie adds:  "Bucky is THE BEST! He is soooo sweet and always tries to please -- at least most of the time!  He loves people, riding in the car, is like my constant shadow, and loves to take walks!  The challenge is to keep him from pulling, as I don't think he was ever leash trained at all.  I have a good collar for this, and he is improving a bit each day. Sometimes his enthusiasm takes over, though.  Fortunately, I can leave him by himself when I go to work and the only evidence I have of any wrongdoing is the bed or couch is often his resting place.  He is a good sleeper, though, and does not wake me up until I am ready to get up myself. I dearly love him, already!  Thanks for connecting him to me!"

Many thanks to Susan and Paul for fostering Bucky!