February 2019
Volume XII, Issue 2
Safe Harbor Fun Fact

Our Biggest Loser: Luke
Arrival Weight: 160 pounds

Adopted Weight: 95 pounds

It took seven months in foster care, special food, and a lot of green beans!
Featured Lab
 A Lively Fox Red 7 Year Old

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Volunteers and Fosters

Welcome New Volunteers!
Carrie Wheeler
Bill Emison
Tom Miller

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The Labs Woof: 
Go On... Treat Yourself

The holiday season is behind us, so now it's time to treat yourself and/or your pup to something special . . .   just because. Take a cue from us Labs: be impulsive, just do it!

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 Safe Harbor is a Member of the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies (CFAWA) 

We are pleased to be a member of CFAWA whose mission is "Advancing collaboration, advocacy and professional development within the Colorado animal welfare community"
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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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All  those wonderful Labs who found their way to Safe Harbor and into your life have a special Valentine's Day message for you:

"The day we met is a day I will never ever forget. I have never been so happy since the day I found you! ~Wags and Kisses"                                                        
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Safe Harbor Lab Rescue
Miss Shelby: A Little Girl's Big Break
Just before New Year's Eve seven-month-old Shelby was hit by a truck in her driveway. Not only was she badly battered, but her hind leg was broken and shattered. She was taken to a vet hospital where cost of her care was more than her family could afford, and euthanasia looked likely until a staff member called Safe Harbor. It was 1:30 AM, but we immediately accepted her into our rescue. Shelby was transferred to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital where surgeon Dr. Stephan miraculously repaired her leg with state of the art procedures, including a bone graft, in a multi-hour surgery.

Spunky and sweet, Shelby was up and walking with support the next day, and is now recovering well in her foster home. You can sponsor Shelby to help cover the costs of her extraordinary veterinary care. 
Dear Labby: My Friend Needs a Breath Mint!
Photo courtesy of Kateri Nelson, all rights reserved.
Advice on all matters Labby from both four and two-legged folks.

Dear Labby-

My friend Roper and I were catching our breath and panting our heads off the other morning after running around in the snow. His breath, holy smoke, it was enough to make me faint and I'm no stranger to stinky stuff! As his good friend, I'd like to help him with his malodorous issue, but how?


Dear Lady-
It sounds like your friend has a mega case of "doggie breath," scientifically called halitosis. The swoon inducing breath could be due to a number of things, so Roper's Peeps need to make a date for a visit the vet.  Often, though, the result is dental disease - plaque and tartar build up making a great environment for bacteria to grow. Gums can get infected and recede, bad things happen to teeth and the bacteria can even enter the blood stream causing other internal problems.   Plus, tragically, your Peeps might not want to kiss you anymore. February is National Pet Dental Health Month and the perfect time for a visit for a doggie dental check up! Check out what the Animal Veterinary Medical Association has to say about dental health.  

Love, Labby

P.S. For fun you and your Peeps can read Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey.   

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New Beginnings: Max
From the moment they met, two-year-old Max and his new dad, George, knew they were meant to be together, and they've been making the most of every day since.  A natural blond with a nose for adventure, an eye for beautiful scenery, and four paws that are always ready to hit the trail, Max is in his element when exploring the great outdoors with his dad by his side. 
George sent us an update on life with his new boy:

When I saw Max's photo on the SHLR website, smiling slyly while getting a belly rub, I knew that he was the one.  At his foster home, he greeted me with exuberance, and then slept with his head in my lap on the drive home.  Hard not to fall in love with this handsome boy.  At home, Max adapted immediately. Luckily I'm retired and get to be his companion 24/7, because he would prefer to keep his eyes on me at all times!  While still on his best behavior after only a month in his new home, Max seems to have made a great transition. 

Max loves to show his true nature once he gets outdoors. Hiking on the trail, he is nose down, leading the way. Every side trail gets explored, and every other dog we meet gets an invitation to play.  At home, Max amuses himself with endless power chew toys, even when he's making sure I haven't gotten too far out of his line of sight.  Family members get the same love.  All in all, I really feel like I got lucky, since Max and I have made a lifetime match.

Many thanks to Patricia for fostering Max!
Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Meredith and Sherri Paulsen
Happy Anniversary to a dynamic duo - Kathy and Sherri! These two ladies recently celebrated 10 years as Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's adoption coordinators. Each year Kathy and Sherri review and talk with approximately 600 potential adopters. This past November and December, they received over 100 applicants looking for their new best friend.

Kathy is in charge of reference checks to ensure each Lab finds their best home. She is organized and thinks through every detail. Sherri is our front line to our potential adopters; she finds out information about the adopter's preferences on a Lab's age, gender, personality type, etc. and acts like a matchmaker between the humans and the Labs. When asked how they work so well together for so many years, they told us they are like peas and carrots - they think alike and approach things in a similar way.

Both Kathy and Sherri enjoy hearing updates about the families who have adopted from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. Sherri loves the emails that she receives from the Lab's perspective.

Their favorite part of their "job" is when an adoption is successful and feedback lets them know it was a good match from the start!

A BIG thank you to Kathy and Sherri for their 10 years of service and 1,000's of hours spent helping our rescued Labs.