January 2019
Volume XII, Issue 1
Safe Harbor Fun Fact

 "Did you know almost 400 families have adopted more than one Lab from Safe Harbor?"

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Welcome New Volunteers!
Steve Sandoval
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Welcome back to Foster Nancy Gregorio

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2019 Calendar has

Good news and bad news - our 2019 calendar has sold out!

Thank you to everyone who purchased the calendar and our apologies to those who couldn't.

Next year we promise to have more on hand so nobody will be disappointed. Happy New Year!
Thank You From the Safe Harbor Labs!

Many thanks to Jackson Dorr, a sophomore at Valor Christian High School, for sending very appreciated supplies to Safe Harbor. Jackson started an organization called "Shelter Comfort." He asks pet product companies to donate to his organization and then he sends donated supplies to shelters and rescues. His goal is "to bring some comfort and fun to the animals in shelters as well as bring some smiles to the great people who work there."   
 Safe Harbor Lab Rescue is a Member of the "Denver Metro Animal Welfare Alliance"!

We are honored to be the first rescue organization invited to join the Denver Metro Animal Welfare Alliance. DMAWA's mission is: Fostering the collaborative efforts of our members to promote humane care for companion animals in our community .  DMAWA has about two dozen members including The Dumb Friends League, Freedom Service Dogs, Foothills Animal Shelter, The Humane Society of Boulder Valley and the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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Dear Friends of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue,  

2019 will be the seventeenth year that Safe Harbor has been rescuing Labs! It's amazing to think we have helped more than 3,700 Labs over those years. So many happy Labs were "home for the holidays" thanks to you!
We extend our heartfelt thanks to our generous donors who supported us through Colorado Gives Day and our year-end fundraising efforts. The lives of Labs who find their way to Safe Harbor will be so much better because of your kindness and generosity. In 2018 these included over 50 senior Labs from 7 to 14 years old and many others in need of medical care.
On to 2019!  We know there will be challenges, but with the partnership of our wonderful volunteers and supporters we are ready. Caring for and finding a loving forever home for each of our Labs is our passion!
Best wishes to you and all your critters for a happy and healthy new year!

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue
"Thank You Safe Harbor" From Our Momma Labs: Sadie and Alya
When Miss Sadie arrived it was clear she was really feeling under the weather. She'd had puppies not too long before she spent several weeks in a small shelter. By the time she came to us, a severe abdominal infection related to a lack of care after her last litter had set in. Sadie needed emergency surgery at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital to save her life.  Once on the mend, she quickly captured the hearts of adopters Bonnie and Kathleen!
Miss Alya arrived from Oklahoma with a secret that we discovered when she had her intake vet exam. After an apparent "fling" with an unknown suitor, she now had puppies due in about two-and-a-half weeks! X-rays showed their little skeletons and tiny heartbeats could be heard. Jean, an experienced vet tech at Alameda East Vet Hospital and people nurse, quickly and generously offered to foster Alya and her babies-on-board. On December 30th, Alya had eight healthy pups: six girls and two boys! They will be surrounded by their foster family's love and care until they are ready for homes of their own.

Dear Labby: To Do's to Start the New Year off on the Right Paw!
Advice on all matters Labby from both four and two-legged folks.     
Photo courtesy of Kateri Nelson, all rights reserved.

Dear Labby-
Everyone in my family is talking about New Year's resolutions. Mostly it's just blah, blah, blah, but occasionally I hear words like "food" and "exercise," two of my favs.  What is this all about?
~Maverick R.

Dear Maverick-
Every New Year's Day people nobly resolve to do things to make their life and that of others better in the coming year. But resolutions aren't just for people! Here are a couple you can go for . . .
1. Eat less, exercise more
We Labs tend to get pudgy and a little too comfortable on the couch over the winter. Be brave and ask your parents to measure your food. Then bring them your leash for a daily walk or their car keys for a trip to the dog park.
2. Beg less
Yes, you need to work on your dignity this year.
3. Steal less food
If you're a kitchen kleptomaniac, it's time to clean up your act.
4. Go back to school
No matter if you're 3 months or 13 years old, learning new things keeps you sharp and results in treats. It's a great way to spend time with our people and impress them with how smart we are, too.
5. Make a date with the vet
We play how we're feeling close to the paw sometimes so we don't worry our Peeps. It's important to get ourselves in for a checkup once a year to make sure all is well and stays well!
6. Update your ID
Does your ID tag have all your latest contact info? Are your current address and phone number on file with the microchip company?  If you get lost, you can't get home without ID! Who wants to end up in the Animal Control paddy wagon?
7. Do something new together!
Sit on the patio at Starbucks, scale a fourteener, become a therapy dog, sign up for agility or be a friend to a Safe Harbor foster  Lab and show them life is good!
Love, Labby

New Beginnings: Myrtle
Ever since the delightful Ms. Myrtle found the home of her dreams with Barbara and Kenneth, she has been staying very busy keeping tabs on her new parents, cleaning the kitchen counters, and warming all available couches and hearts..

Barbara recently sent us an update on life with Myrtle:

Myrtle, a special-needs 8-year-old Chocolate Lab mix, found her forever home with us following the death of our beloved 16-year-old Sampson, a rescued yellow Lab.  After having 5 teeth pulled, she has a goofy grin, on display here with her Mommy.  Myrtle impressed us with her good manners in walking and meeting other dogs and people, her steadfast refusal to stay in any place where her parents were not immediately available, and her need for cuddles.  She has also inspired us to keep our counters clear of any clutter that might be mistaken for food.  Myrtle is truly the sweetest dog (by volume), having consumed most of a bag of sugar, along with a box of croissants, 2 banana bread loaves, and assorted other baked goods.  Myrtle has made herself at home on our couch when we are gone (or she thinks we aren't looking) and snores contentedly on the bedroom floor at night.  Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge, our Sampson is looking down and saying, "Seriously?! "  

Many thanks to Linda O. for fostering Myrtle!  
Volunteer Spotlight: Julie Donelan
At Safe Harbor Lab Rescue (SHLR), we are always happy to welcome new volunteers to our pack. Julie is one of our more recent volunteers. We are grateful for her help in finding our Labs their perfect, forever home.

Julie decided to help with reference checks after her last SHLR lab passed away. She wasn't ready to welcome a new lab into her home just yet but wanted to make a difference for our rescue.

At SHLR, we conduct reference checks on every applicant to ensure we are finding good homes for each of our labs. It's a big task considering over 250 Labs are adopted from SHLR each year. Julie's favorite part about checking references is hearing how the family is ready to adopt a lab and give him/her the perfect home. Finding a good home for our labs is rewarding for Julie.

Julie appreciates that SHLR takes the time to get to know our potential adopters and our labs to ensure there is a good fit for the dog and the family.

As the story usually goes, once Julie got involved with volunteering, she couldn't help but find a new lab love of her own. Tesla (formerly known as Kia) is now a new member of Julie's family. Tesla loves to play ball and is making friends with Julie's 15-year-old cat.

Thank you Julie for your dedication to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue.