July 2018
Volume XI, Issue 7
2018 Statistics
as of June 30:

Labs Taken In ... 133
Labs Placed ... 123
Spayed/Neutered ... 39
Featured Lab
Meet Jackson
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Volunteers and Fosters

Welcome New Volunteers!
Greg Fogerty  
Janna Kay and Joe Cosgrove

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New Beginnings







Bring Home Denver Hosts Safe Harbor 


Bring Home Denver, a premier real estate company, invited Safe Harbor to be their non-profit partner at their annual Summer Party held in Jefferson Park. Families and dogs enjoyed a beautiful warm afternoon and learned about Safe Harbor.  Guests' donations were generously matched by Bring Home Denver. Many woofs and wags of "Thanks" from the rescued Safe Harbor Labs!

2019 SH LR Calendar Entries Are Off to the Judges!

Thank you Lab Photographers for all the great e ntries to our 2019 SHLR Calendar Contest. Judging is getting underway and we're lookin g forward to announcing the winners later this month! The calendars, hot off the press, will be on sale at LabFest 2018

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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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Dear Friends of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue,  

Happy 4th of July and Happy Summer! Before you know it, it will time for the very best event of the summer -- Safe Harbor's LabFest 2018 to raise funds for our rescue friends, like young Jay who needed hip surgery and Miss Honey Bee who is blind and has diabetes. Paws crossed she may be able to have surgery to restore her vision. We're loveable, but sure get ourselves into a bundle trouble. Thank goodness for Safe Harbor and their generous supporters!

Best Wags and Wishes!

 ~Wrigley and Lady Dogga
Grey Muzzle Organization Awards A Grant to Safe Harbor!
Safe Harbor Lab Rescue is delighted to be the recipient of a 2018 grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization  to help with the veterinary care of the senior Labrador Retrievers we rescue. Over 300 applications were received; we are very proud to be one of 66 organizations selected for a grant.

Last year we rescued and provided care for about 70 seniors, many of whom required significant veterinary attention before they were ready for their forever homes. The grant from GMO will help with the cost of the senior labwork each senior dog receives upon intake. This includes comprehensive bloodwork and a urinalysis. The results of these tests guide our vets in providing our oldsters with the best possible care as they start on their new life with us.

Miss Chaco, pictured here, is a 10-year-Lab who was left at a shelter by an elderly owner who could no longer care for her. She is one who benefited from this senior intake labwork. We were able to treat her for advanced liver disease and urinary issues, adding to her comfort and longevity. We are very grateful to the Grey Muzzle Organization for their support of our work with rescued senior Labs!

LabFest 2018 - Saturday, August 28 at City Bark Denver!
Important Message from your Lab:    

Dear Mom and/or Dad - I will come when called, stay off the kitchen counter and try not to shed if you will just please, PLEASE sign us up to go to LabFest. I have paws and pleading eyes; you have fingers, opposable thumbs and a credit card - use them for the good and register us!
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Winnie Wins Some Hearts!
Our wonderful Winnie, who we adopted in 2016, had her first visit today as a Comfort Dog. Her inner and outer beauty really shined through to all of the people she met. We are trained through HABIC /Human Animal Bond in Colorado, CSU School of Social Work.

At this time we are visiting Brookdale Senior Living and may have more assignments as we get more  experienced It is  amazing to see how our precious Winnie can provide so much love and comfort to people.  Winnie also has become an integral part of our family with our children and grandchildren.  She always wants to be a part of all the fun, especially when food is involved!  Winnie's social skills are outstanding with humans. We feel so blessed that Winnie found us.  It was meant to be.   

~Barb and Mark L.

Dear Labby: Don't Let Me Be Toast!
Dear Labby is ready to offer advice on all matters "Labby" from both four and two-legged folks.
Photo courtesy of Kateri Nelson - all rights reserved.

Gentle Readers,

Summer is here, it's hot outside and really hot in the car. Never leave us in the car, even with the windows cracked.  According to "Your dog + alone in the car = not good" Your Dog 

10--The number of minutes it takes for the temperature inside your parked car to rise 20 degrees?
0--The number of degrees cooler the inside of your parked car will become if you crack open the window.
83--The temperature at which a dog can begin to suffer from heat exhaustion.
100 to 102.5--A dog's normal body temperature.
106--The core body temperature at which a dog can suffer heatstroke that might quickly become fatal.

Read more from Your Dog  about what to do if your dog becomes overheated or you see one in a parked car.

Please keep us cool and safe at home when you go out.

~ Labby
New Beginnings: Bear
The two dapper gentlemen in the photo are 1.5-year-old Bear and his new dad, Caleb. This fabulous, fashionable, and active duo is perfectly matched, whether stepping out for a night on the town, exploring the great outdoors together, or just hibernating at home and enjoying a relaxing summer nap.  

Bear's new dad tells us:

"Bear has been such a wonderful addition to the home! When I first saw Bear's pictures, I fell in love with his big brown eyes and perfect lab face. After leaving his foster dad's house, Bear wasted no time in getting friendly with his new family. He rode the whole way home with his head either in the cracked window or on my shoulder from the backseat. When we got home, there was a basket of brand new toys! Bear quickly picked out a teddy bear (Bear loves his bear!), Kongs, and a Frisbee and played with them and his new dad all evening. When it was time for bed, Bear curled right up next to my bed on a shag carpet he claimed as his. He slept all through the night until his dad woke up to a wet nose on the bed staring at him." 

Three weeks in, Bear is loving his new life! He starts every day with a walk and yard playtime and ends it with cuddling on the couch and falling asleep with his head on dad's chest. In between sleep, Bear's showing his comfort in his new home! He loves sticks and has amassed quite the collection in the yard that he tends to daily. If he can sneak them inside, he'll make you free mulch! Bear also enjoys napping with his favorite humans, curling up with anyone who gets on his favorite couch. Bear's loving, smiling face has been so wonderful. I'm looking forward to spending years playing fetch and cuddling with my new best friend.

Many thanks to Steve for fostering Bear!

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy and Jim Simpson
Meet Sandy and Jim Simpson. Sandy and Jim are long-time volunteers for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and they don't even live in Colorado -- they live in Albuquerque. When their local Lab rescue closed, they asked their daughter Sarah, who is a board member, how they could help with Safe Harbor Lab Rescue

Our Labs are so happy they did because they help in so many ways: reference checks, medical certificates, thank you letters, monthly PayPal accounting, and notifying our vet when new Labs are coming are some of the things that they do. When we asked our Labs what they love most about Sandy and Jim, they told us they love when Sandy and Jim grill at LabFest so they can steal some hot dogs and hamburgers.

Sandy and Jim are currently looking for a Lab to adopt to keep their 12-year old Lab, Daisy, company. We are sure they will find a lovable Lab from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue soon!

Thank you, Sandy and Jim, for everything you do for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue from New Mexico. We appreciate the long-distance support and dedication!