June 2018
Volume XI, Issue 6
2018 Statistics
as of May 31:

Labs Taken In ... 106
Labs Placed ... 95
Spayed/Neutered ... 31
Featured Lab
Meet Maverick
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Volunteers and Fosters

Welcome New Volunteers!
Christa Dowty
Steve Bridges and Nikki Frick
Tracy Johnson 

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Meet and Greets


When: Saturday, June 23
Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Where:  Chuck and Don's 
1705 State Hwy 7 
Erie, CO 80516


Safe Harbor Lab Fest 2018

When:  Saturday, August 25
Time:  11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Where:   City Bark 
2000 West 8th Ave
D enver, CO  80204

New Beginnings

Bear and his kids

Liz and Bear




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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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Dear Friends of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue,  
The Dog Days of Summer are almost here! These are days made for mountain hikes, lounging on the deck with our peeps, swims in creeks, a good long toast in the sunshine, having an extra burger on the grill just for us and being treated to Frosty Paws for a cool treat. Speaking of cool, please remember not to leave us in the car no matter how quick you think you'll return. Even with the car windows down and a bowl of water, the temp in the car can quickly shoot up high enough to put us in serious jeopardy in a very short time.

Another way to be cool, stay cool, and help the rescued Labs this summer is to join us poolside for Safe Harbor's LabFest 2018 on  August 25. Check out the details below!

~The Safe Harbor Labs
Some Very Good News: Young Denver Philanthropists Help Safe Harbor Labs!
McAuliffe International School and their sister school McAuliffe Manual Middle School, both in Denver, invited Safe Harbor Lab Rescue to be a beneficiary of their annual Spring Service Learning Day.

The students had a great time making specially decorated tote bags with the SHLR logo for our newly adopted Labs. They filled them with goodies including personal notes to the new family, and dog toys dog dishes - all handmade!
Safe Harbor Lab and registered therapy dog Molly made a guest appearance at both schools for the event. She inspired all the students with some hands on fur time as they got to work on their project,  and was happy to provide some tummy rub time when students needed a break!

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's LabFest 2018: Have an Amazingly Good Time AND HELP the Labs, Too!
Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's LabFest 2018 is THE Lab Party of the year and it's coming up on Saturday, August 25, at City Bark in Denver, and now, the Labs are ready to take your reservation! Not only is it the ultimate "Labrador-lollapolooza" of fun, but it's our major annual fundraiser for our rescued Labs' medical expenses, which were $150,000 last year. Dogs can swim in the pool and their Humans can visit with other Lab-lovers while they enjoy picnic food provided by Great Range Bison and Mier's Deli.  And don't forget the ever popular and amazing Silent Auction that helps make LabFest a successful fundraiser for the Labs!

Our annual LabFest is a well-attended event by Lab lovers and Safe Harbor supporters. If you are interested in becoming a financial sponsor or donating an item to the Silent Auction, please contact our LabFest Committee.
Secure your spot and register now!
2019 Calendar Photo Contest: DEADLINE June 15, 2018
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Dear Labby: Let's Go, Go, Go!
Dear Labby is ready to offer advice on all matters "Labby" from both four and two-legged folks.
Photo courtesy of Kateri Nelson - all rights reserved.

Dear Labby -

With the nice weather coming up I can't wait to get out and do some hiking, running and camping with my dad! He's been going to the gym all winter while I've been watching TV on the couch 'til he gets home. I'll admit it; I'm a little out of shape but ready for some Colorado summer outdoor action. My dad says: "Whoa, my co-pilot friend. We need to start out slow."  
What the heck is he talking about . . . I'm a Lab and do nothing slow!

~Zoomer B.

Dear  Zoomer -

Ah, the siren call of spring and being out with our Peeps! Active outdoor adventures are hugely fun for us, and your dad is a wise one to make sure you're ready for them. With a little planning and forethought you'll both be safe and healthy for many miles together. Sore paws, achy joints or muscles and panting 'til you drop are no fun. Check out this great link How to Exercise Your Lab together. Then bring your dad his running shoes or hiking boots, and grab your leash!

Love, Labby

New Beginnings: Harley
With their bowl already half filled by a handsome hunk of Lab named Hank, Jessica and Stefan decided it was time to go back for seconds and add another scoop of chocolate sweetness to the family.  They chose the delightful and dashing young Harley to complete their four-legged crew, and this lucky, lively pup has been happily dogging his new big brother's pawsteps ever since.

Harley's new mom writes:

Our first priority when we bought our house with a little land and a fenced yard was to adopt another Lab. Harley (formerly Hershey) became instant best friends with his older chocolate lab brother, Hank when they met in Denver, and they shared a bed the whole drive back to Silverthorne. Harley has been adjusting to his new mountain lifestyle, though he's still learning what to do with his kitty brother, Iggy (mostly it seems he's just curious), and Iggy is still figuring out who this other big brown animal is.

Harley likes to follow his big brother everywhere, learning to devour carrots in a single bite and bark "Go Broncos" on command, as well as "typical" dog commands. He doesn't bark very much, doesn't beg for food at all, and is getting better at potty training. One thing we learned is that Harley cannot be left unattended in the backyard because he is able to jump our six-foot fence when there are deer around!
Besides having normal one-year-oldish puppy energy and chewing, Harley is incredibly snuggly and loves giving kisses with his ridiculously long tongue. His favorite things include going for walks, sleeping in really weird positions, playing and snuggling up with Hank, and bacon.
Harley is a handful of chocolate Lab puppy energy but we couldn't imagine our lives without him!

Our thanks to Steve for fostering Harley/Hershey!
Volunteer Spotlight: Michelle Buckalew
Ruby, Tianna, Blake, Minnie and Rivers all have someone very special in common: Safe Harbor Lab Rescue foster mom Michelle Buckalew!  

Michelle learned about Safe Harbor a year or so ago from her friend, Marlene, who is also a very active volunteer.  One of Michelle's foster Labs, two-year-old Minnie who thinks she's a lap dog, became a permanent family member. Minnie, Michelle, her husband Brad and their two older kids, all make new foster Labs feel a welcome part of their family.

Michelle, whose occupation in finance often allows her to work from home, was seven years old when she got her first dog and not a day has gone by without one since. "They keep me busy and active, and have always been a part of the family. Dogs love me!" she relates.  We're positive the feeling is mutual!

"Being a Lab foster family has been so rewarding," says Michelle. "I really like being a part of the Labs' transition from what might have been a traumatic past or rough time to their forever home where they are loved. I'm enjoying being part of an organization that is well run and you can see makes such a difference in Labs' lives."

Thank you, Michelle, for all the love and support you give each rescued Lab on their way to their forever home!