May 2018
Volume XI, Issue 5
2018 Statistics
as of April 30:

Labs Taken In ... 89 
Labs Placed ... 79
Spayed/Neutered ... 23
Featured Lab
Meet Shane
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Volunteers and Fosters

Welcome New Volunteers!
John Roche
Brian Weatherhead
Christa Dowty
Gary Thomas

here   to find out more about volunteering!

2019 Calendar Contest is Underway

Calling all photographers!

Our annual Photo Contest
for the 2019 SHLR Calendar is underway!  We're looking forward to your Lab as a portrait, being spontaneously adorable, in action or just being, well, a Lab!

Entry form and more details here . Deadline is June 15.

Winners and Honorable Mentions will be featured in our 2019 calendar. Many photos will also appear elsewhere in the calendar as well  as in our promotional materials or on our "Thank You" cards.

Your entry fees will go directly toward our Labs' medical costs. Thank you!

Labs are the Top Dog ...Again!

Labs firmly held on to the number one spot on the AKC's  Most Popular Breed for a record-breaking 27th consecutive year.  No surprise to us Lab lovers!

Meet and Greets

When: Saturday, June 23
Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Where:  Chuck and Don's 
1705 State Hwy 7 
Erie, CO 80516


LabFest 2018: THE Best and Most Anticipated Lab Party of the Year!

When:  Saturday, August 25
Time:  11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Where:   City Bark 
2000 West 8th Ave
D enver, CO  80204

Please join us for our annual most fun and biggest fundraiser for our Labs' medical expenses, LabFest 2018! Swimming and hot dog stealing for the Labs; a BBQ, beer, the 2018 SHLR calendar hot off the presses and an amazing Silent Auction for you!

On-line registration begins June 1 so mark your calendars!  If you or your company would like to be recognized as a financial sponsor of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's  LabFest 2018 on our website, our Facebook page and at LabFest; or if you would like to inquire about donating an item to the Silent Auction, please contact us here.

New Beginnings






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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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Dear Friends of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue,  
Safe Harbor Lab Rescue turns "Sweet Sixteen" this month . . . that's 112 in dog years!

Many thanks to all our supporters, donors and friends who have made it possible to give so many wonderful and deserving rescued Labs a great new beginning over the years.

Happy Spring!

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue
Our Unsinkable Molly Brown
Is a microchip really "a ticket home?" Our Molly Brown woofs,"You bet it is!" Molly Brown was adopted in 2007 as an eight-month-old Lab pup. This March, eleven years later, we got a call from a small rural shelter in southern Colorado that they had our Molly B.! While our adoption contract requires a Lab must be returned to us if an adopter cannot keep them no matter the reason, this provision was ignored for our girl. As best as we can determine, she was passed around and around until, all these years, later ended up a stray in a shelter that scanned her for a microchip. Our name was listed as a contact.

Molly Brown made the 175-mile trip to be reunited with us and arrived with a tail wagging "glass is half full" Lab outlook on life. A spa treatment was in order, as well as much needed vet care. Ms. Brown has some typical elder arthritis and now takes a daily medication and supplement to keep her comfortable. She also had a dental cleaning so she can flash some pearly whites now, and had a cancerous lump completely removed. And now our girl is ready for her forever home! Her foster dad said she is a dream around the house: good natured and a wonderful companion.

Is it really true we consider our rescued Labs part of the Safe Harbor family for life? "No doubt about it at all!" woofs Miss Molly Brown.  

Welcome Back Molly Brown!
May is National Foster Care Month: Foster a Rescued Lab
We would like to say a special "Thank You" to our wonderful foster parents!  Some have recently joined our Foster Team and others are long-time volunteers who have fostered over 60 Labs; all have our deepest thanks for their invaluable contribution to Safe Harbor's success and sustainability. Each of these generous foster homes has given their time and opened their heart and home to a homeless Lab who needed a "safe harbor" in a time of often life-threatening adversity. They make a tremendous difference in our ability to rescue over 250 dogs a year.

Would you like to join them? We'll support you 24/7. It's a great team of Lab lovers and, oh the funny and heartwarming stories you will have to share! Many grateful adopters love to share news and photos of their new Lab with their foster family. Click here to find out more about fostering for Safe Harbor.  

Dear Labby: Fur-st Aid for Four-Legged Best Friends!
Dear Labby is ready to offer advice on all matters "Labby" from both four and two-legged folks.
Photo courtesy of Kateri Nelson - all rights reserved.

Dear Labby, 

The other day I sent a "pee-mail" to my friend Barkley to see if he wanted to play. He told me he was laid up for a while with a bad cut on his paw. "Bled like crazy," he said, "but my Peeps had a doggie emergency first aid kit handy to patch me up til we could get to the vet." An emergency first aid kit for us pups?  Sounds like a good idea, but what should I tell my dad to put in it besides treats for an emergency snack?

~Moocher R

Dear Moocher, 

You're right! Every house and car/backpack too, if you're out hiking or at the dog park a lot, should have an emergency first aid kit for us. You never know if we'll get hurt, eat something poisonous, need our temperature taken or who knows what. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) lists everything you need for a basic emergency first aid kit They've got a great Pet First Aid brochure  you can download, too, and keep handy. There's info on emergencies like a snake bite (yup, I've seen them on the trail), heat stroke, burns and bleeding.  Good stuff to know to help us or a friend til we get to the vet.

Love, Labby


New Beginnings: Monty
We received an update from a beautiful SHLR alumnus named Monty, who recently adopted Catherine and Michael as his new parents and wanted to tell his story in his own woofs:

This is Monty and I wanted to give you an update on me since I changed my name from Talon to Montgomery, but all my new friends know me as Monty.

I found my forever home just in time!  These people were seriously in need of rescue. I am the office dog, responsible for employee morale from 9 to 5 on weekdays in a busy elder law practice. Our employees were hardworking professionals who needed to have some stress relief.  I provide therapeutic relief in the form of doggie affection on an ongoing basis throughout the day to a staff of two paralegals and one very busy receptionist. They cannot wait to see me when I arrive at work each day. Truth be told, I am pretty excited to see each and every one of them as well! 

My mom and dad are a husband and wife law firm. They work long hours and I help them as well throughout the day.  Mom in particular had gotten in the habit of working for long periods of time at her desk without getting up. I could see right away that she needed to learn to take a few walks during the work day, so I immediately implemented this practice with her.

I have set some goals for myself as part of the firm. I am working toward my AKC good citizen certification and my mom and dad and I are working with a personal trainer who is helping me achieve that goal. 

Like all of us, I had a few bad habits and I am working to let go of them. I had a slight tendency to jump up when I greeted people, but working in an elder law firm, I had to learn to let that habit go, as some of our clients are frail and that could present problems. I am working on becoming better at walking on a leash. I still have a tendency to become really, really excited when I see other dogs. My trainer explained to my mom that this is not actually aggression, but just super puppy excitement. After all, I am just under fifteen months old, so I am still a puppy in a lot of ways. 

I work in a 15 story office tower and I am trying to make as many friends as I can in the building. I am happy to see each and every one of my friends when I ride the elevators at work.  Working fulltime can be tough. I keep a bed under mom's desk for naps and I also have a couch in her office (which we share). 

I am also getting to know the local trails in the Pike National Forest with my mom who likes to run the trails. I have enjoyed several swims in North and South Catamount Reservoirs too.

Thank you Safe Harbor for helping me to rescue my mom and dad!

Partnership Spotlight: Dr. Jeff Steen & Dr. Holly Knor
Safe Harbor prides itself on the veterinary care our rescued Labs receive and our ability to rescue Labs with good temperaments, but who have health issues with a good prognosis, that others might decline.  We couldn't be so successful without the help of our veterinary partner  Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Jeff Steen and Dr. Holly Knor are the two vets who most often see our Labs. They are incredibly generous with their time, patience and compassion with our Labs . . . and our volunteers, too. They do the initial vetting that includes an exam, shots, heartworm testing and microchips. Further needs such as spay/neuter, diagnostics, dental care, medication management and care for a plethora of issues are addressed.  They stand ready to patiently educate us on all manner of medical things - ectopic ureters, exercise induced collapse, ehrlichia, pnuemthorax, to name a few!  As our primary care vets, they work closely with specialists at the hospital, such as radiology and cardiology, when needed. They gently hold our hand those few times we have to say "goodbye" to a suffering Lab.

The good doctors have both been at Alameda East for well over ten years and cared for hundreds of our Labs. Dr. Steen adopted Jewella from us in 2006; Dr. Knor is a "little dog person," but has a big heart for the Labs.  Not only are they excellent vets, but two better human beings would be hard to find!