November 2019
Volume XII, Issue 11
Safe Harbor Fun Fact

We've spayed/neutered 78 Labs this year.  If each one caused 10 puppies to be born, that would be 780 more dogs! We're glad to do our part to help reduce pet overpopulation.

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Volunteers and Fosters

Welcome New Volunteers!
Mary Ann Gabriel
Julie Patterson 
Kathy Corbett
 Kathy Knetsch

Have fun, make Lab-loving friends, and help the Labs!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Early giving starts Friday, November 1, 2019

Colorado Gives Day is a statewide day of philanthropic giving to your favorite non-profit . . .  which we hope will be Safe Harbor Lab Rescue!  To donate please go on our
Subaru "Make a Dog's Day" Yappy Hour Event
Many thanks to AutoNation Subaru Arapahoe for inviting us to join them for their "Make a Dog's Day" Yappy Hour!

New Beginnings


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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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Dear Friends of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue,  

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we got to thinking: "Wow, are we ever lucky Labs." Thank you to all Safe Harbor's supporters and volunteers who have made our lives so much better! 
On to business!  Have you ordered your 2020 SHLR calendar yet? They're going fast! And have you put a big circle around Tuesday, December 10,   Colorado Gives Day ?  That's the special day when you can donate to your favorite non-profit, aka Safe Harbor!  And last, but not least, do you have a large steak on your shopping list for us? 
Woofs, Wags and Happy Thanksgiving!
~The Rescued Safe Harbor Labs
Your Donations at Work: Thank You From Miss Maple Syrup!
My Name is : Miss Maple Syrup; 10 years old

Medical Profile : Life-threatening pneumonia and hormone problem

My Story : Being a stray at a local humane society was kinda hard on my spirits. On top of that their vet thought I might have a medical issue where my body was making too much of a certain hormone (Cushings disease), so they asked Safe Harbor if they would take me. They said "Yes!" in a heartbeat.  After some tests, I started on meds to get things back in balance and then . . . I came down with a really severe case of pneumonia. I spent seven days in Intensive Care with a fever as high as 105 and dangerously low oxygen levels. Whew, it was touch and go, but I made it thanks to Safe Harbor believing in me and the critical care specialists at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital! 

Help with my big vet bill would be most appreciated!

New Beginnings: Clyde
Since joining Sarabeth and Antonio's family, ten-year-old Clyde has shed all his worries along with a few pounds and become quite the mountain dog. This beautiful senior Lab is embracing his inner pup as he hikes and wades his way through some of Colorado's most beautiful scenery and keeps up with his active new parents every step of the way.  What a dream come true for a gentle gent who may have a few years behind him but still has so much life to live and love to share. 

Clyde's wonderful new parents tell us:

"We are so happy to have him as part of our family!

Clyde has found his forever home in the mountains and couldn't be happier. He is reaching new heights every day! From hiking to a drive to the top of Independence Pass, Clyde is loving the mountain lifestyle.

When he isn't hiking, Clyde enjoys swimming at the dog park or relaxing with his family. He is still perfecting his picture taking skills. He likes to either move during pictures or face the opposite direction. We will keep working on it! 

As a side note Clyde came to us at 102 lbs and in two weeks he is already down to 97! Goal weight is 80 so we hope to be there by Christmas with exercise and a controlled diet."

Our thanks to Sarabeth and Antonio for opening your hearts to this wonderful soul and giving him a life that will be sure to keep him young and happy for the rest of his days." 

Many thanks to Connie for fostering Clyde!

Who Knew? Buying Groceries Can Help Our Rescued Labs!
Safe Harbor is now participating in the King Soopers/City Market Community Rewards Program!    Once you enroll, every time you shop using your loyalty card or phone number, Safe Harbor receives a portion of the Community Rewards Program's funds to help our rescued Labs.

Enrolling in the program is easy, like succumbing to Peanut M&M's while waiting in the checkout line! It will take a minute, but that minute will help Safe Harbor every single time you shop. There are 4 steps:
  1. Make sure your card or associated phone number is registered online at King Soopers .  
  2. Sign in
  3. Go to the "Savings" drop-down menu and select the "King Soopers Community Rewards" 
  4. Click on "Enroll Now" and then search for Safe Harbor Lab Rescue or enter our ID code AG558.
  Eat up and help Safe Harbor's rescued Labs . . . woof!
Volunteer Spotlight: Lee Spampinato
Checking references for potential adopters is an important volunteer job! It ensures we are matching and adopting our Labs to good people who will love their Lab and be able to care for them for the rest of their life. Lee is one of our amazing reference checkers who has been doing this job for 4-5 years now. 

Lee volunteers his time by calling a potential adopter's references. He started reference checking after adopting his lucky Lab, Ms. Trudy, and wanted to volunteer after having a great adoption experience. 

Lee enjoys talking with people and sharing his experiences about Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. Being a veteran himself, Lee has also helped introduce a couple of Safe Harbor's Labs to other veterans. He took Ms. Trudy to visit a wounded veteran, and she soaked up all of the love that was given to her. 

He remarks there is no other organization like SHLR. People who he talks with recognize that the organization is passionate about the rescued Labs. He appreciates that people thank him for the work he is doing to bring a Lab to their new home. 

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue thanks Lee for all of his help over the last few years!