September 2018
Volume XI, Issue 9
2018 Statistics
as of August 31:

Labs Taken In ... 171
Labs Placed ... 160
Spayed/Neutered ... 50
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Meet Jackson
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Volunteers and Fosters

Welcome New Volunteers!
Lindsey Davis and Family

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2019 Calendar Available Now!
Our calendars are now available for purchase online!

Many of those who entered our photo contest will find their photos featured within the calendar as "little pictures."  
Last year we ran out so order yours soon--as always proceeds from the sale of our calendar help pay our Labs' medical costs. 
Upcoming Events

South Pearl Street Farmer's Market Pet Adoption Fair 
Sunday, September 9
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Colorado Gives Day 2018
Tuesday, December 4

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Cody & Tabitha



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Our Mission Statement

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers giving priority to those in Colorado.  We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.
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Dear Friends of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue,  

Because we're such irresistible dogs, we've been invited to a fun Fall event: The Old South Pearl Street Farmers' Market  Pet Adoption Fair where we will be sniffing out new friends and tennis balls, but probably not be sniffing out kale! Details to the left.
Oh and here's a heads up: The 2019 SHLR Calendar is available now and word around the fire hydrant is it's the best one ever! Ya snooze ya lose on this one, so order soon!
~The Labs

LabFest 2018: A Great Success and Very Fun For All!
We had a lot of wet and wild fun at our LabFest 2018....if you couldn't make it, there's always next year!  For Labs, long-range planning is about 2 seconds; you, however, have a whole year! Thank you to everyone who joined us, participated in the Silent Auction and supported us with generous donations to help raise funds for our rescued Labs' medical expenses.

Special thanks to all of our Sponsors, Volunteers, and dedicated LabFest Committee Members who helped make the event a great success!

Your Donations at Work: Miss Rivers...A Delicate Question of Plumbing
Two-year-old Miss Rivers, an owner surrender, came to us with a mention of urinary incontinence that was said to be mild. Once with us, we found it was not. After extensive diagnostics, our vets at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital  discovered she had a serious internal birth defect where urine completely bypassed her bladder, a condition called bilateral ectopic ureters. Rivers had successful major surgery to correct her "plumbing" issue. Once recovered, she went from wearing six diapers a day to completely dry. A remarkable foster home cared for Rivers during her three months of medical care. This sweet young lady is now a well-loved family member in her forever home.

As Safe Harbor's donors and supporters, we greatly value your partnership to make the care of our rescued Labs with medical needs possible.
Trainer's Tip....TILE: It's Not Just For The Powder Room

By Mitch Martin, ABC-CPDT

Mitch's training support for our rescued Labs, particularly young hooligans, has been invaluable. He adopted "Max Biscuit" from Safe Harbor.  


Dear Lab Gabbers -

I wanted to share something I discovered while looking for an affordable dog GPS tracker with an alarm. 

As most of us have dogs, cats, family members and other stuff that we don't want to lose, we dread the thought of any of them getting loose or lost. Most of us know the feeling of looking for or chasing a dog or cat. The people at  TILE  came up with a new Sport GPS Tag that has a 200 foot Blue Tooth range with alarm that can be triggered with your phone. It can be shared with anyone's phone that has Blue Tooth to increase the search area. You just share your TILE's individual link with whomever you want to increase the search area and you are IN!! It's kind of like the Matrix for dogs!  It also has a "last place seen" feature on the apps map.

All you have to do is purchase the Sport TILE, download the app and it will guide you through the set-up process.  It's pretty easy. I found Lowes to be the most affordable at $24 each. You also have the option of 2 and 4 packs for multiple dogs and items.  Well worth the price for the peace of mind if you find Fido has unlatched the gate and gone on an unchaperoned adventure!

New Beginnings: Chewbarka "Chewie"
That handsome ginger-haired pup bouncing around BJ and Vince's house these days is Chewie, a gorgeous and gregarious 1.5-year-old fox red Lab boy.  Chewie's new family also includes his fabulous human sister, Angela, as well as a frisky feline sister, who Chewie is trying very hard not to chase.  Good boy, Chewie.  
BJ and Vince sent us an update on their new boy:

Our new dog Chewbarka, or as we call him 'Chewie' (formerly Manny), is integrating well into the family. He is so smart and so willing to learn. He is scheduled for basic training, and we are working on behaviors such as 'don't chase the cat', 'don't pull the garden hose when mom is watering the vegetables', 'don't steal dad's socks', and 'don't go thru the screen door'.  At 1½ years old, he is still a puppy. 

Just hearing 'go for a walk', he perks up. We love our early morning and early evening walks along the Highline Canal. He gets such compliments for saying hi to the old folks and for just being a handsome pup. When it's too hot, he's in for a nap.  He has some separation anxiety when I leave the house, but I always find him laying on the couch when I come home and very happy to see me. After playing ball or going in the kiddie pool later in the evening, he's soaking up all the love and watching tv. He always likes to sleep close by one of the family, especially at night. I think he likes his new routine.

Many thanks to everyone at Canine Fitness and Fun for fostering Chewie/Manny!
Volunteer Spotlight: Joe Howard
Joe, who had dogs on and off for many years and a special fondness for Labs, decided when he retired in December, 2004, he would add a Lab to his life. About that time, he saw an article in the Denver Post about a new Lab rescue, Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, and shortly thereafter came upon an ad in the classified section: "Safe Harbor Lab Rescue: Fosters Wanted." The stars aligned, everything came together and in early 2005 Joe took on his first Safe Harbor foster, Bo, who he named after one of his favorite dogs. Foster #8 was Jessie, a 6-year-old stray from Pueblo who had been hit by a car and needed orthopedic surgery. She won Joe's heart and he soon found himself a "foster failure."  Jessie, whose smile won her a place on Bark Magazine's Smiling Dogs page, was the Lab housemother to 24 more fosters until her passing at age 13.

Joe remarks: "It's very rewarding to see these Labs get great homes, and I get to enjoy the company of an assortment of wonderful Labs." 
He is currently fostering Duncan, his 80th Lab. Fosters accompany Joe to a nearby park where he regularly plays volleyball to for fun and to practice as an elite competitor in national senior competitions

We extend a most heartfelt "thank you" to Joe for his commitment to and compassion for our rescued Labs.