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Volume 6, Issue: 1March 2014

Trivia Question:


The Fennec Fox has enormous ears and hairy paws. What benefit would this have to the fox? 




Previous Answer: 


African Hedgehogs (which we have here at Safe Haven) go into a state of torpor. While both torpor and hibernation involve a reduction of metabolic rates and body temperature; hibernation is usually associated with hormones and has a lower drop in body temperature but torpor is brought on by changes in ambient temperatures and food availability. Torpor is a lighter sleep so the animal is more likely to wake up on occasion during this time.  I should note that hedgehogs found in colder climates such as England do go into a true hibernation so the true answer depends on what kind of hedgehog.



Kip Retires!

Kip, our Chinchilla, is officially retired.  Over the past 8 years he has entertained, educated and been loved by thousands of people, especially children.  He was exceptional in that he would allow so many children touch him in one program.  As he enters his golden years we felt that he should spend his time in comfort and peace.  Thank you for being an amazing ambassador Kip!      










Thank you!



We would like to thank our families, friends and volunteers for all of your hard work and support. Without you, Safe Haven would not be possible.


Honorable Mentions:


Cobb Tire Family


All those that donated to help us get through this winter!








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Our charity yard sale will held on Mary 22nd on Laurens Road in Greenville. We will take all of your unwanted items (large or small) for our sale. Please contact us at or 864-246-4425 to arrange a pick up.










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 Animal Behavior at Safe Haven by Kim Chiswell



Have you ever been to a Safe Haven education program? If you have then you have seen the birds on our arm, Kip the chinchilla perhaps sitting in our hands or even the reptiles calmly letting everyone touch them. Perhaps you have been able to see Keila, the Moluccan Cockatoo, show off her crest or Phoenix, the Green-winged Macaw, waving. All of this wonderful animal behavior is not done by accident and a few minutes with our other birds would show you that being so close to people is not easily tolerated by some. Every animal that we use for our educational programs has been trained using positive reinforcement training. This training is based on encouraging the animal by rewarding them for what they do correctly and ignoring everything else. This gets them to want to do things and they are never forced to participate in what they don't want to do. This fall many of our volunteers went through a 2 day training seminar to learn how to properly train any species of animal. This has not only benefitted animals here at Safe Haven but many of them have made a lot of accomplishments with their own animals at home some of which are even lizards.

Here is what Pierce Curren of Scaly Adventures had to say about his training experience with his iguana, Spike: "Thanks to Safe Haven's animal training program my iguana, Spike, is totally different. The first time I went to training, Spike was vicious, territorial and snapping at everyone there. But once I was given direction as to how to deal with Spike, and with a good amount of research and a couple of my own training methods, Spike became my orange eating, leash loving hip-monkey. In addition to using some of Safe Haven's program training tips, there was a lot of modifying I had to do to fit Spike's voraciously dominant personality. For example, I had to spend countless hours beside his cage doing nothing just to get him used to people. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend attending Safe Haven & Educational Adventure's Animal Training Program!"

Positive reinforcement training not only helps to prepare the animals to be seen in our programs but there is a great deal of health and safety benefits as well. For example, many of the birds are trained (or in the process) to allow us to clip their toe nails without having to be restrained. This nearly eliminates any stress on the animal and is much safer for us. Dakota, the bobcat, has been trained by our volunteer, Sydney Clapper, to do a variety of behaviors, such as to sit, jump on and off a platform, climb the fence and to come when called (just to name a few). Many of these positions give us a better view of various parts of his body for any health checks we may need to do. It also encourages him to be more active and stimulates his mind. Did you know that you could do many of these same things with your own cat or any other animal at your home? Coming soon (dates to be determined) Safe Haven, together with Behavioral Excellence through Simple Training (B.E.S.T.) will be holding seminars so that you can learn how this process is done and help live a happier life with your own pet. BEST is a new animal training consulting company started by Jennifer Borders, one of our volunteers. For more information on BEST contact Jennifer at






New Additions 

Safe Haven has some new animals that arrived since the fall.  Two new birds have joined us. One is a Blue and Gold Macaw named Bo that came to us with a wound on his neck.  He has completely healed and is doing very well.  The other is an Amazon Parrot named Churchill that is over 40 years old.  He had a home at a zoo in Boston many years ago where he had an altercation with another animal that cost him his eye and a few other permanent injuries.  He has had the same home for the past 20 years but has adjusted well to his new home here and he entertains everyone with his chatter.  

We have several new mammals, including George and Harry, ferrets that were donated because they had bitten their owners.  We have been working with both of them to keep their attitudes in check and they are progressing well.  Rosie, the Prairie Dog, has won over a lot of hearts. She enjoys running all over in the plastic roller ball and chewing on everything she can in her typical rodent ways. The owner donated her knowing that Rosie would get a lot more attention here than she could provide.  The Fennec Fox in the picture at the top of the page is Ginger. She has quickly become the favorite of many of our volunteers. Weighing at less than 2 pounds she is a tiny bundle of joy with enormous ears. This is quite fortunate because they have sharp nails for digging and large teeth to eat anything from small rodents to vegetables. She was

Rosie, the Prairie Dog

someone's private pet for many years and has lost her back leg in an accident. Ginger is quickly becoming known for her screams for attention as we walk in the door.

Of course, we can't forget reptiles. We received a Nile Monitor lizard that was purchased at a reptile show "because it was cool". The owner quickly became very fearful of this very fast and feisty animal. All of our new animals are adjusting well to their new home.  Be sure to come see them at our open house in June. 



Coming Events 

March 29                  Yard Sale

April 6                        Volunteer Work Day

April 13                      Station Cove Falls Hike      

April 26                      Bowling for Birds      

 May 4                         Wildcat Wayside Hike

June 8                        Volunteer Work Day

June 21                  **Adventure Day Open House**

July 12                       Adopt-a-Highway Clean-up

July 18                       Beasts and Brews at The Irish Pub


Date to add:  We will also be co-hosting an event in early June for all reptile lovers. More information to come at a later date.



Bowling for Birds

Help raise money for aviaries and other enclosures for the animals in our care.  Come bowl with us at Golden Lanes in Simpsonville on Apri 26th.  It's $20 per person for shoes and 3 games between 5-8. Please feel free to bring family and friends!

 Volunteer Work Day      

We will be working all day on projects so any volunteers (new or current) are encouraged to come out for at least part of the day to help out.  Let us know if you would like to participate.

Adventure Day Open House

It's our semi-annual event to come see all of our aninals.  Click Here for more details. 

Nature Hikes

We will be leading a hike through Station Cove Falls and Wildcat Wayside for anyone interested in observing local flora and fauna. Those attending are requested to please leave all canine friends at home so as to not scare away the wildlife we will be looking for.  Let us know if you would like to participate.


Join us to help keep our environment clean. We  will be cleaning up a section of Hwy 183 in Easley. It usually takes about 2 hours.  Let us know if you would like to participate.


As a part of your community, Safe Haven is committed to preserving the lives of exotic animals and giving them a rescue sanctuary to thrive and receive love.


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