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Volume 6, Issue: 2May 2014

Trivia Question:


Is the coyote indigenous to this part of the US?




Previous Answer: 


The Fennec Fox has enormous ears to radiate body heat and keep the body cool in the hot Sahara Desert. The hairy paws protect the feet from the extremely hot sand.




Easley Library Program


Safe Haven will be presenting at the Easley library on June 4th at 2:00. Everyone is welcome to attend so please help spread the word for this excellent opportunity to meet the animals.                








Children's Book Signing


Dave Johnson, author of Narayani, The Unicorn of Nepal will be on hand at The Whistle Stop in Travelers Rest on May 17th at 2:00 to sign his children's book. Cost of the book is $10 and proceeds benefit Nepal conservation work as well as the animals of Safe Haven.









Farewell Friend

Kip, our Chinchilla, passed away on April 27th. Over the past 8 years he has entertained, educated and been loved by thousands of people, especially children.  He was exceptional in that he would allow so many children touch him in one program.  Thank you for being an amazing ambassador Kip, you will be greatly missed.      










Thank you!



We would like to thank our families, friends and volunteers for all of your hard work and support. Without you, Safe Haven would not be possible.


Honorable Mentions:


Dave Johnson


Rachael Styles


Gretchen Wilson














Safe Haven uses ZuPreem






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 The Volunteer Army by Kim Chiswell



I had lunch with a great friend today and we started talking about the volunteers. I was telling her how excited I was that we had so many and how valuable they were to me. This inspired me to write about a side of organizations that doesn't get anywhere near enough credit; the volunteer army it takes to keep a place going. I often get the question 'how many volunteers do you have'? I can give the total number but the answer isn't so straight forward. Every volunteer brings something special and their own skill set. Some are here regularly to help keep everything clean and enriched. Others come to help out when they can. There are those that specialize in the educational side of things and even artists to provide items to raise money. Then there are the ones with the construction skills that help with the ever growing list of projects. There are so many aspects to keep Safe Haven running and Nigel and I couldn't possibly do it all. So when we look back and are so proud that we have made it so far, so much of it is because we have had such a wonderful team of people to support us. We are forever grateful to each and every person that helps us get the word out and keep the animals healthy and happy.

I would also like to give a special thank you to my mother who is not only very supportive but she is at every single event selling the raffle tickets (or whatever we need). She also spends countless hours picking up the produce and other food needed for the animals every week. Happy Mothers Day Mom!







Bardou, 4 weeks old


  Our newest addtion

This little coyote pup can not be released back to the wild because it was too imprinted on humans. He was found abanoned in a front yard and badly dehydrated. He is being raised here at Safe Haven and will educate and inspire many people in the years to come. 



Do you want to know what's it like to run a sanctuary or what one's background is like to endevour such a thing. Check out Kim's blog for stories on her past and what's going on now at Safe Haven. Also, for more information on Bardou's arrival check out the blog and scroll down to "Introducing Bardou".


Coming Events 


May 17                       Children's Book Signing

May 24                       Raffle fundraiser at Two Berts

May 25                       Station Cove Falls Hike

June 4                        Easley Library - Free Program

June 8                        Volunteer Work Day

June 21                  **Adventure Day Open House**

July 12                       Adopt-a-Highway Clean-up

July 18                       Beasts and Brews at The Irish Pub


Date to add:  We will also be co-hosting an event in early June for all reptile lovers. More information to come at a later date.



Children's Book Signing

Join us for a book signing by Dave Johnson, author of children's book Narayani, The Unicorn of Nepal at The Whistle Stop at 109 S. Main Street in Travelers Rest at 2:00.  Purchase a book for $10 and all proceeds support conservation efforts in Nepal and the animals of Safe Haven.

The Whistle Stop 

 Easley Library - Free Program     


Come see a program with the Safe Haven animals!  Join us at 2:00 at the Easley Library, 304 Biltmore Road, Easley, SC. The program is free to attend but a donation of $2 per person is recommended.

Volunteer Work Day      


We will be working all day on projects so any volunteers (new or current) are encouraged to come out for at least part of the day to help out.  Let us know if you would like to participate.

Adventure Day Open House

It's our semi-annual event to come see all of our aninals.  Click Here for more details. 

Nature Hikes

We will be leading a hike through Station Cove Falls for anyone interested in observing local flora and fauna. Those attending are requested to please leave all canine friends at home so as to not scare away the wildlife we will be looking for.  Let us know if you would like to participate.


Join us to help keep our environment clean. We  will be cleaning up a section of Hwy 183 in Easley. It usually takes about 2 hours.  Let us know if you would like to participate.  

Beasts and Brews        

One of most popular events! Join us at The Irish Pub on Pleasantburg in Greenville.  Meet some of our animals and help support our organization.  Event starts at 6:00 PM.


As a part of your community, Safe Haven is committed to preserving the lives of exotic animals and giving them a rescue sanctuary to thrive and receive love.


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Safe Haven is run completely by volunteers and 100% of your donation goes towards animals and education.  By partnering with us, you are not only saving neglected and abused animals, but you are reaching children and adults with positive, educational information!




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