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Volume 5, Issue: 4

December 2013

Trivia Question:


During the winter the hedgehogs do something similar to bears but it's not hibernation. What is it?




Previous Answer: 


Challenger, the Bald Eagle, is not able to be released back into the wild because he was hand-reared and imprinted on humans.




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We would like to thank our families, friends and volunteers for all of your hard work and support. Without you, Safe Haven would not be possible.


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Jennifer Borders

Vince and Danny Ochiuto

Sydney Clapper

Catherina Clapper







  Season One of Scaly Adventures is coming to an end.  The final episode airs on Daystar this Saturday, Dec 7th at 12:30.  Be sure to watch to see the highlights and hilarious outtakes.

















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Phoenix and Samantha
Samantha and Phoenix, photo by S. Nigel Platt
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From all of us at Safe Haven.
Safe Haven in the Winter by Kim Chiswell
A glimpse at what it's like during the winter.


If you have beenTortoise to one of our open houses then you have seen countless animals outside soaking up the sunshine.  As you walk through you are greeted by numerous parrots, you follow around through a gate to see giant tortoises enjoying the sun before you get to the reptile building with the large door open letting in sunshine and fresh air.  In the winter the scene here is far less enjoyable.  Many of the animals that get to be outside all summer have to be moved indoors.  The macaws that get to enjoy the large space of the aviaries have to be moved into much smaller cages among all of the other birds.  Just imagine walking into that room with no doors open and all the birds making their noise.  Extra time has to been taken to not only keep them all clean but to provide enrichment and things for them to do.  When you walk into the reptile building you have more enclosures to maneuver around that have been moved to provide optimal heat and no draft from the doors.  All of the tortoises and turtles have been moved indoors to much smaller housing.  Being indoors means no natural sunlight for many of the animals until the spring.  No natural light is not good for humans and not good for animals either.  To compensate for this we provide special light bulbs that help provide the good rays.  Most of the animals that we care for are tropical in nature or need some other source of heat.  With over 100 reptiles all needing their own heat source plus keeping the buildings warm enough drives our heating costs up significantly.  Something most people don't think about is that food costs go up as well because a lot of the foods we feed, especially the produce, are not readily available with local sources during the winter.  One could argue that some of the reptiles don't eat as much during the winter but for those that eat less there are plenty others that consume more food to store up on fat to prepare for the cold.  All of this means that at the time our event activity is the slowest the bills go up by over $300 a month; this doesn't include the other bills necessary to care for nearly 250 animals.  You can help out either by donating or by participating in one of the events coming up that are highlighted in our Coming Events.

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Safe Haven in Greenville News
Dakota. photo by S. Nigel Platt
Did you get to see the article written about us in a recent edition of Greenville News?  If you missed it you can see the article here:

Coming Events


December 16 - 20                 Cobb Tire & Auto Repair

Get your oil changed at Cobb Tire & Auto Repair on Wade Hampton Blvd anytime during the week  for $10 plus a donation to Safe Haven & Educational Adventures. Click on the link below for more information:


January 10, 2014                 Greenville Road Warriors Chuck-a-Puck

Joins us at the Greenville Road Warriors hockey game.  We have tickets for sale for $14 each for the game and we receive a percentage of the sales.  Once at the game be sure to check us out at the Chuck-a-Puck tables to get your foam puck to toss on the ice for a chance to win a prize.  If you want to purchase your advance tickets to benefit Safe Haven be sure to contact us at or 864-246-4425. Click on the link below for more information:









As a part of your community, Safe Haven is committed to preserving the lives of exotic animals and giving them a rescue sanctuary to thrive and receive love.


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Safe Haven is run completely by volunteers and 100% of your donation goes towards animals and education.  By partnering with us, you are not only saving neglected and abused animals, but you are reaching children and adults with positive, educational information!




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