OUR MISSION: Make the Muskoka lakes safer and quieter to ensure the sustainable enjoyment of a treasured shared resource


I am thrilled to serve as the new Chair for Safe Quiet Lakes! By way of introduction, my professional background has been in senior management roles in technology companies for over 25 years, including 19 with Microsoft. My husband Ron and I are long time cottagers in Muskoka and we have recently built a new cottage on North Lake Joseph. It’s our most special place in the world and we spend much of our leisure time kayaking.

Everyone has had to work and socialize very differently in these times. Many of my friends have commented that it has increased their gratitude for friends, family and the beauty of nature. As Muskoka residents and cottagers, we are so lucky that we can continue to enjoy these special lakes.

Like other organizations, our meetings with the board and stakeholders have now moved to the virtual platform – but it has not slowed us down! Survey results continue to inform our work and we have embarked on some new and exciting projects.

Wakes & Speed: We have launched a pilot project on Mirror Lake and the Indian River to see if the use of No Wake buoys, signs and outreach will reduce wakes and speeds in smaller waterways. We are designing and installing No Wake signage and have started planning our PR campaign. The Muskoka Lakes Association has collaborated with us on this pilot project and have installed a radar speed device near Foreman Narrows. We believe that education, communication, and getting the conversation going are important drivers of change. We are super excited about this new initiative!

Decibel Coalition: We are developing a broad coalition of stakeholder associations across Canada to advocate for Federal Government decibel limit regulations. Canada is one of the few countries in the world that does not have laws limiting boat engine noise based on decibel limits. Our current muffler regulations are obscure and difficult to enforce. By contrast, in other countries, decibels can be easily measured and the standards are practical for enforcement agencies to apply. Changing a federal regulation is not easy but we have started the process. Our ideas have been welcomed and we have support from the Muskoka Lakes Association, Georgian Bay Association, Lake Joseph North Association, Quebec Memphremagog Conservation Inc. and positive responses from the OPP and the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

As we expand these projects, we are looking to increase involvement from different individuals and groups. We are searching for new committee members and directors who want to make a difference in Muskoka. We are welcoming participation on our committees, which include: Communications, Fundraising, Wakes and Speed, Decibel Coalition, Outreach, and Research and Advocacy. Contact me directly to discuss further at chair@safequiet.ca.

We would also love to hear your stories and see your pictures around Safe Quiet Lakes to share on our website and social media. Please send your favourite memories and fun pictures to outreach@safequiet.ca

Warm regards,
Diana Piquette, Chair
About Safe Quiet Lakes

Safe Quiet Lakes is a not-for-profit community group of boaters that promote safe, respectful boating.

We believe that positive, grass root conversations and education are important drivers of change. We created the Boater’s Code to help get the conversation started. 
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