It's Summer! Now What?

Summer is officially here, and we gotta looks pretty different this year. 

With many travel plans canceled and even more unknowns due to the virus, we're all going to have to get a bit creative with our summer fun this year.

Luckily, we're here to help! Organizers are particularly clever when it comes to enjoying experiences over things. Below, we're sharing some of our favorite activities you can do locally and still have fun. We hope you enjoy!

As ever, we are here for you when it comes to getting and staying organized. We're back to onsite organizing, with lots of safety precautions in place. Summer is a great time to work on your garage, shed or basement, and our team would love to be of service. 

Please give us a call to tell us about your project! We also offer gift certificates if you know of anyone who would benefit from the gift of organization!

Happy Organizing,

Missy and the team

Portland Events and Resources

Summer 2020 Fun-Making Checklist

As promised, here are some of our absolute favorite summer activities to do this COVID summer (please see #8 specifically). 

  1. Pack a picnic dinner and take it to the park
  2. Set up a projector screen in the backyard for movie nights
  3. Call a relative and ask for a family recipe you've never made. Make it and share the history of the recipe with your immediate family
  4. Have a family game night
  5. Have a "new culture" night where you cook food from a particular place in the world, listen to music from that place and learn about their culture
  6. Do a 30-Day LEGO challenge
  7. Hamilton is now available to stream on Disney+. Enough said.
  8. Make a coronavirus piƱata, fill it with candy and whack the heck out of it.
  9. Attend virtual cooking or mixology classes
  10. Everyone's choice day: each member of the family says what they want to do that day. Take turns doing each thing
  11. Invite a friend for a socially distanced meal
  12. Organize the garage, storage unit, basement or shed once and for all! We have a full-service team and would love to help.
  13. Order takeout and eat in the backyard
  14. Go camping. We love this packing checklist from REI.
  15. Go to the Drive In movie theater
  16. Three words: Slip. N. Slide
  17. Set up a neighborhood scavenger hunt
  18. Have a family dance party
  19. Cooking games - prepare a box of random ingredients for each participant and have a cook-off to see who makes the most creative meal from them
  20. Check out your library's supply of e-books
  21. Visit some of these virtual destinations
  22. Master something new
  23. Start a virtual book club
  24. Charitable giving - donate food to a food bank, create snack or essential toiletry bags to hand out 
  25. Watch a virtual concert (Link below!)

Have fun and stay safe everyone!

Local Music Festivals You Can Watch From Home
Portland is known for it's fun summer music events. Due to that thing that rhymes with Billy Ray Cyrus, pretty much everything is cancelled. BOO. In consolation, we found you  a couple of fun online concerts to tune into this month.

When: June 22- July 26, premiering 7:00 pm each Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Concerts will be available until 11:59 pm the next day on YouTube.
About: With this virtual festival, you can hear high caliber chamber music from your couch not just once, but three times a week! 
Where: Stream online here!

Pickathon "Concert a Day"

When : Every day at 1:00 pm
About : Since April 8, Pickathon, a widely popular three-day independent music festival that takes place on a farm in Happy Valley, has been sharing previously unreleased concerts from its former festivals every day. Even better? These virtual concerts raise funds for the MusicCares COVID-19 Relief Fund that provides support for those in the music community that have been impacted by COVID-19.  Performances feature a variety of artists ranging from Southern rock band Lake Street Dive to local Indie folk favorites like Blind Pilot.
Where : Stream online here

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