May 16, 2020
Safe and Sound is the SPFGA's safety and facility-related system message broadcast.
OK, this makes things considerably simpler!
Yesterday's order from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, CMOH 20-2020 which amends CMOH 07-2020 (the order that closed us on March 27) considerably eases the attendance restrictions we'll need to consider with our re-opening.

The adjusted details of our re-opening plan may be found below and on our website.

Thank you

- SPFGA Board
Targeting Tuesday, May 19
  • Campground open for use. Members in a site must be from the same household.
  • Walking trails open for use.
  • Fish pond open for use.
  • Black powder trail open for use.
  • Firearm and archery ranges open at 50% capacity (i.e. every other shooting position closed off).
  • No registration list , but we will begin our re-opening with volunteer supervision to ensure compliance with physical distancing and disinfection requirements, along with spot checks using the camera system. This isn't because we don't trust you to comply (on the contrary: we think you'll do just fine), this is us doing our part to ensure everyone stays safe and that we do don't end up being ordered to close because of problems.
  • Some league events & courses will restart.

Keep in mind:
  • Read and follow the SPFGA COVID-19 Mitigation guidance document.
  • 2 m (6') physical distancing mandatory.
  • No guests allowed on property, members only.
  • Members planning on using the range must bring their own chair(s).
  • Picnic tables have been removed from campsites - campers must bring their own table(s) and chair(s).
  • Regular use of hand sanitizer (member supplied) is mandatory.
  • Regular disinfection (member supplied) of high-touch surfaces is mandatory .
  • The use of a mask covering the mouth and nose in common spaces (range sheds, outhouses, etc.) is mandatory; in other locations is recommended.
  • Club outhouses will be closed throughout the property. We are making arrangements for portable toilets in the range area, but these may not be available until later on re-opening week.
  • Members using the campground are advised to ensure they are self-sufficient with toilet facilities as the campground outhouses will be closed.
  • Clubhouse remains closed.
Some notes of warning
The culvert on Range Road 203 (the road to the gate) has not yet been fully repaired . Please be cautious passing by this spot.
Roads and the range parking area are in tough shape as a result of the trenching for the security system last fall. We will be having them repaired, but we can't wait for that project to finish in order to re-open. We'll re-open with some interim repairs just to get things going, then deal with the challenges as they come once the road repair starts. We'll need a fair bit more of everyone's understanding when that's going on.

As this stands, roads and parking areas will be fine when dry, but please be warned that they'll be greasy & sticky when wet.

Another thing to note is that the road to the Archery Range will be closed to vehicle traffic until the road repair is done. The grassy area by the incinerator as you drive in will be the parking lot for the Archery Range & members can walk up the road.
Volunteers needed
Firearm Range Volunteers
(contact or to to volunteer)
  • General supervision during the first week or two of re-opening to make sure that things run smoothly and physical distancing requirements are being complied with.
  • Let us know the dates and times you're available to help with this.

Firearm Range Cleanup
(contact or to to volunteer)
  • Back stops on all rifle ranges need to be replaced (these were pulled during the facility closure earlier in the spring).
  • Gongs will need to be rehung.
  • Various steps will need to be taken to prepare campsites in the campground.
  • Outhouses throughout the facility will need to be closed.
  • Open trenches need to be flagged and marked off.
  • General cleanup of range shed areas, including brass pickup and sweeping shed floors.

Archery Range Cleanup
(contact to volunteer)
  • General cleanup of range shed
  • Removal of wood from the old target butts

Various Other Facility Readiness Tasks
(contact to volunteer)
  • There are a variety of general tasks which need to be completed in order to re-open. Contact the Facility Operations and Maintenance Director if you are interested in volunteering.
Why am I getting this email?
Receiving safety and membership-related system emails is one of the membership obligations stated in the Membership Terms and Conditions you accepted when registering or renewing your membership. Safe and Sound emails are those system messages.

Given the nature of Safe and Sound emails we do not expect there will be many, but they are critically important.