So...remember that culvert on Range Road 203 we've mentioned repeatedly since the fall that Beaver County was planning on replacing? Well, it appears that with the recent rains it's given up the ghost and the road in that spot is now washing out.


So now, in addition to the roads on the property not being able to sufficiently dry out so the needed work can be done on them, another wrench has been thrown into the gears.

This obviously raises questions about whether the equipment and loads of gravel needed for the road repair will even be able to get to the property, and it raises questions whether regular traffic of any volume across this spot will be possible

We're talking to Beaver County to see if this work can be expedited of course, but it frustrates us to tell you that this puts our whole launch date up in the air.

We're as sorry as you no doubt are at receiving this news, and we thank you for your continued patience as we get this whole thing sorted out.

As always, we will keep you updated, both here via Safe and Sound as well as the website.

-SPFGA Board