Electronic Organizers will be emailed to you by January 24, 2024. Paper organizers will be mailed the week of January 22, 2024

Using SafeSend to Submit Your Organizer

We are once again using SafeSend organizer to help simplify the tax organizer process.

Please watch your email for SafeSend correspondence. You may need to “white list” [email protected] or add this email as a contact so the organizer does not end up in spam.

Below are some tips and tricks for using the SafeSend organizer.

Getting Started

The first email you receive will provide a link to access your web organizer. Select this link to begin the process.

You'll be directed to the SafeSend site, where you'll find your digital organizer like the one pictured here. Select "Get Started."

Before you can access the organizer, you need to verify your identity. On this screen, you must select "Request Access Code." This will prompt SafeSend to email a code to the address on file.

Signing Your Engagement Letter

First, you'll need to sign your engagement letter by selecting "Sign Documents." Then, select “Start," enter your signature, and “Finish." If you're a single taxpayer, then you are complete. If you file a joint return and we do not have your spouse's email, SafeSend will prompt you to send a copy of the engagement letter to your spouse for signature. Otherwise, a link will be automatically sent to your spouse. When your spouse receives the email, they will go through the same steps to complete the form. Both the taxpayer and spouse will be required to sign the letter.

Answer Custom Questions

This year, the yes/no questions are split from the actual organizer piece. Please go through and answer as many questions as you can. Some are required and you will not be able to move forward without answering them.

Completing the Organizer

Next, select "Complete Organizer." Here is where you will update us on personal information, new or changed business updates, investments, or employment changes. If you have any questions or concerns, please add them to the notes section in the bottom right corner of the organizer. The tax preparer assigned to your return will answer those questions once they get started.

There are several pages to the organizer. Be sure to click the "next page" button on the top task bar to navigate through the pages (see below) or use the index on the left-hand side of the organizer.

If you chose, you can upload your documents as you go through the pages of the organizer. Just click on the upload button on the right side. You can also choose to wait and upload everything at once in the final step of the process.

Once you've completed the questions, you can complete the organizer. If you want to return to the organizer questions before you submit the information to our office, select "Save and Continue Later." If you choose "finish," a confirmation window will pop up giving you the option to have your spouse review or you can continue by clicking "finish" again. When you are "finished" your organizer will be submitted, and you won't be able to make any changes. We recommend that you only mark the organizer finished once you've completed the whole process and are confident that you don't need to make changes.

Uploading your Documents

If you've signed your engagement letter, answered the custom questions, and completed the tax organizer, then you're ready to upload documents. Select the "Upload Documents" button and begin adding your files to SafeSend. We are asking that you only upload PDF documents-- other formats do not work with our software. Please do not password protect the PDF files; this makes working with your files significantly more difficult for us. SafeSend is a secure portal and all your information will be protected.

When you've added all available documents, select "download" and confirm that your PDFs are all listed in the document section.


If you have not uploaded all documents, select "Continue Later". This option allows you to continue uploading at a later time. If you use this option, you can use your original SafeSend link to log back in and upload additional documents.

When you're completely finished uploading documents, hit "Finish" and then confirm that you have nothing further to upload. If you indicate the organizer is complete, you will be unable to upload further documents. We will be notified that you are complete and your return will enter our queue for processing.

Finishing Up

If you've completed all sections of the organizer, you will not be able to make any changes or upload additional documents to the organizer. We recommend that you download the organizer for your records. If after you have completed this process you find another document that you need to send, contact the office and we will assist you.

If you run into any issues or need to provide further information to our office, contact Kim Dziobak at [email protected].