November 12, 2018
The Pro-Life Movement is a Youth Movement--Here's Why
By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director

I was once again reminded recently that the pro-life movement is indeed a youth movement.

A college student approached me about an internship with the National Right to Life affiliate for which I work, the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. She was thrilled at the prospect of learning how to spread the pro-life message both in her local community and across the Commonwealth.   More
Pro-Lifers Achieve Victory in PA--Despite Challenges
By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director

In spite of an incredibly challenging election year, pro-life candidates in Pennsylvania managed to achieve some key victories November 6th. Following the contentious election, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, buoyed by bipartisan support for the pro-life cause, retains its pro-life majority. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Senate also held onto its pro-life advantage. More
President Trump Issues New Rule Protecting Taxpayer Funds from Abortion
The Trump Administration has issued a new rule to protect American taxpayers from having to pay for abortions. This is a major victory for the cause of life in the U.S.

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Live in Southeast PA? Contact SE Regional Coordinator Carla Ezell to find out more about joining a chapter in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, or Philadelphia County. You can reach Carla by e-mail at .

If you live in another part of the state and you'd like to get involved in a local chapter, contact Executive Director Michael Ciccocioppo at  or by phone at 717-541-0034.
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