Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, Governor Evers extended his “Safer-at-Home” order until May 26th . This decision will be challenged in court. We know any legislative action he will veto without the ability to override. 

I, along with many of my colleagues in the Senate, have been working with healthcare experts, and business leaders on strategies and guidelines to safely get our state moving Froward. These discussions should also have been taking place with the governor’s office but it doesn’t seem to have happened. Since the stay at home order was first issued, these individuals have been putting pen to paper to make sure they were ready to safely get Wisconsin back to work with the sole priority of making sure all Wisconsinites are safe.  

I have called on Governor Evers to develop a Wisconsin-based smart and safe reset of our economy in conjunction with business and health care leaders from our state. Unfortunately, it sounds like he is outsourcing a plan to states like Illinois and Michigan. We need a plan that recognizes that Wisconsin is different than other states.

Extending his 'Safer at Home' order with no guidance on why will destroy main street Wisconsin. Small businesses throughout the state cannot operate with uncertainty. The environment he is creating will mean even more people may lose their job. 

Already, nearly 400,000 Wisconsinites are now out of work . The governor had an opportunity to give people hope by communicating a smart and safe reset to our economy. It's time for him to recognize that hundreds of thousands of people in our state are suffering because he refuses to take the next step on moving Wisconsin forward. 

The Wisconsin Hospitals Association is posting updated information on the pandemic in our state. Please take a moment to check out their helpful dashboard to see first-hand the effect the crisis is having on our health care providers.
If you would like more information and helpful links in dealing with this crisis, please visit my website
On, Wisconsin!