July 20, 2022
Dear Friends,
With summer in full swing, I am sure that many of you are traveling to vacation destinations both near and far. Many of us will be driving to points of interest throughout the state, providing us with an opportunity here at New Jersey Future to address an array of transportation issues we face as a state. 
This month, Smart Growth America released its annual Dangerous by Design Report. Nationwide, as well as in New Jersey, we are seeing a deadly trend of increased fatalities on our streets and roadways. The report examined traffic data from 2021, which ranked New Jersey the 19th most dangerous state in the union, but 2022 data hardly suggests improvement. As of July 2022, fatalities are up an additional 18% from last year’s record numbers. 
One crucial component to mitigating climate change is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, of which transportation comprises 40% of our total emissions. To do so, we must foster safe street design throughout our state to invite New Jerseyans to walk, bike, or scooter short distances for their errands and amenities. Without prioritizing safety, we will not be able to encourage minimal driving and meet emissions targets. 
In this newsletter, you’ll find further information on the Dangerous by Design Report and accompanying blogs and press covering this important issue. We’re also publicizing information for New Jersey drivers to participate in a “mileage-based user fee” pilot, offered by The Eastern Transportation Coalition to further examine what drivers pay and how far they travel, which, over time, may help us develop tax revenues for transportation projects outside of the traditional gas tax funding. 
Enjoy reading up on these intersecting issues, and stay safe on the roads this summer, whether you’re walking, biking, taking transit, or driving.

Peter Kasabach
Executive Director
In New Jersey, our streets and roads claimed 699 lives in 2021, with 220 pedestrian fatalities accounting for approximately 30% of those fatalities. This pace shows no signs of slowing this year: “318 people have been killed on New Jersey’s roadways [as of July 2022], already an 18% increase from last year’s historically high rates.” This deadly trend has arisen even as commutes remain disrupted from the coronavirus pandemic, with more people opting out of the daily commute to work from home or remotely. In short, while less driving should be associated with fewer fatalities, we have observed the opposite effect, both locally and nationwide. Even with less car travel overall, the increase in fatalities reveals the need to focus on the development of safe streets in our broader efforts to help people drive less.
Photo Credit: City of Hoboken
Image Credit: Smart Growth America
Want to learn more about the Dangerous by Design report? Tune into Smart Growth America’s online webinar on Thursday July 28th to hear directly from experts.

Register to walk through the findings and talk about the toll that this crisis is taking on communities and people across the country on July 28th from 3–4 p.m. EST featuring:
  • Ken Rose | Chief of the Physical Activity and Health Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Charles Brown | Founder & CEO, Equitable Cities LLC
  • Rayla Bellis | Director of Thriving Communities, Smart Growth America
Image Credit: The Eastern Transportation Coalition
The Eastern Transportation Coalition, a partnership of 17 states and Washington D.C., needs your help to explore an alternative approach, called a Mileage-Based User Fee (MBUF), which means each driver pays for the miles they drive instead of the fuel they buy. You can read more about this program here.

Don’t wait! You only have until the end of the month to sign up for a pilot program administered by The Eastern Transportation Coalition that will help explore the future of transportation in New Jersey. There is no cost to you and you can earn up to $100 by participating. Visit NewJerseyMBUFpilot.com to learn more and enroll.
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