Part 5 - Safety & Accessories

What to Wear When Cold Colder Coldest

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We are almost done with this Series. One more after this one. Today is Part 5 discussing Safety & Accessories. This educational debrief will help teach you on what to wear so you can walk or run outdoors all cold weather season long. The Fleet Feet Team is always ready to help you in store to find the right gear for you.

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on your feet, bottoms, tops & jackets.

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Today we discuss

Safety & Accessories

Safety Gear

There are several items that are a must especially if outside in the dark this season. We are all about safety at Fleet Feet and we actually require these at all our in person workouts. We highly recommend throwing ego out the window and simply wear them. Staying upright and not injured by another vehicle is always the best thing.

So, What do You Need Safety Wise?

  • Safety Vest - This is a key item that is worn over anything from a parka to a t-shirt. This will allows others to see you and for you to indeed be seen. They come in a variety of styles as depicted below.
  • Blinky Lights - These are great for humans and pets you may walk at night. For humans we recommend putting this on the front and back of you so you are as visible as possible. For pets, place it on the top of the collar so it is very visible. Pro-Tip: Don't look straight at it, it can be bright.
  • Headlamp/Chest/Handlamp - OK EVERYONE NEEDS A HEADLAMP. It is the most versatile piece of equipment for outdoor night time enthusiasts. First, it allows you to see where you are going. Second, people and cars will see you as they are approaching you. Why is this so versatile? Well, if your power goes out, wallah you have a headlamp. Need to fix something in a dark place like under the sink, boom, now you can see. Want to read at night in bed without affecting your partner, poof, now you can see and your partner won't be impacted. It's the perfect unexpected household tool.

Above are various types of headlamps

To the left are various blinky lights and vests


Gloves and Mitts are very personal to each person and just because you run "cold" does not necessarily mean you have issues with your hands being too cold

What is to consider is if you have Raynaud's, which is a circulatory system condition that causes your extremities like your hands and feet to become extremely cold even in 50 or 60 degrees. In this case, wool socks and Mittens. Why Mittens? Mittens keep your fingers together thus keeping you warmer and reducing the discomfort Raynaud's can cause.

The types of hand coverage from warm to the warmest are:

  • Regular finger gloves - this is the most basic of styles perfect for most people
  • Hatchback Glove - this is a glove with a built in mitt. Admittedly this is our most popular glove as it serves for regular cold temps and when it gets colder, place the mitt over your fingers and you have more coverage and cold protection
  • Mittens - there are lofted and wind covered styles. It really is a personal preference, but these are the warmest of styles.

You need to have your hands protected in the cold. You can not risk frost bite which can happen so quickly, so please cover your hands.


There are so many types of headwear because everyone is so different, it also depends on how much hair coverage you have too. But the one thing we must implore you to do is have your ears covered. Like fingers, your ears can get frost bite so quickly. They need to be protected. We will begin with the most basic of cold gear and move up to the warmest styles.

  • The Gaiter - OK - this one is unique because it is so multipurpose and is our most popular accessory, especially in cold season. The gaiter can act as a neck warmer, and ear band, a hat and even a balaclava. So versatile and useful all year long too
  • The Earband - This is a simple around the head garment to protect your ears from the cold. For those who despise things on their head this is the simplest way to protect your ears while wearing minimal head gear.
  • The Hat - The biggest controversary over hats is - Team Pom vs Team No Pom. Luckily the pom is an adornment to add a different look to the hat. But hats are a very aesthetically pleasing item. Meaning, you need to like how it looks and luckily there is a bounty of styles.
  • The Balaclava - This is the warmest of head gear for the coldest winteriest of conditions. Pair with ski goggles on a really cold day and you are set for your outdoor workout. This garment covers your head and neck and part of your face for protection. It's a good item in the toolkit for the coldest of days.

Above are examples of Gaiters which come in so many different colorways and fabrications from wool, brush backed to polyester

Below are various examples of hats with or without Pom and varying weights, colorways and fabrics

The Earband comes in a multitude of colors and styles, plus fabrics

Below is the Balaclava.

As you can see this will provide full coverage for your neck up, except the eyes so you can see.

The Arm Warmer

The Arm Warmer is a very low played but extremely useful piece popular in cycling. The arm warmer is another 3 season piece for when you are out there and it starts cold but warms up as you progress on your workout. You literally wear there on your arms and they act as removable sleeves. Typically worn with a short sleeve, when it gets too warm for you, just roll the arm warmers down or take them off an place in a packet. Definitely a unique piece with great functionality.

Interesting Arm Warmer Tidbit: When Ellen, Fleet Feet Owner, married fellow owner, Boots in the middle of winter, her dress was sleeveless. She knew she'd be cold going from place to place, so copied the arm warmer pattern and made velour ivory arm warmers to match her dress and keep her warm. She still has them. They are that useful.

Thank you for reading Part 5, the debrief on the types of Safety & Accessories and the benefits of each style. As always, the Fleet Feet Team is ready to help! Stop in anytime. We want to help you remain outdoors all cold season long.

In the Grand Finale of the Series we will have a form of a pop quiz where you can actually test out all that you learned in this series. Stay tuned.

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Regards, The Team at Fleet Feet

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