Kara Dillard, an NIF convener and moderator at the University of Washington, has organized several different kinds of online prep, so you can choose the one that's best for you.

Get to Know the New Guide:
These sessions will discuss each of the three options in depth, outline key questions to ask in the personal stake and options sections, and consider ways to help your participants reflect on this controversial topic.
February 2nd @ 4:30pm EST; REGISTRATION
February 17th @ 1:00pm EST; REGISTRATION

Join the CGA Moderator Refresher Workshop:
If you want to moderate a Safety and Justice forum online, but it's been a while since you've practiced or used the Common Ground for Action platform, take the moderator refresher workshop. Take both of Kara's workshops, and you'll be well-prepared to moderate the new issue guide. The CGA refreshers are on February 2nd and February 17th. 
February 2nd @2:00pm EST: REGISTRATION
February 17th @ 4:30PM EST REGISTRATION

Learn to Moderate Online Forums:
If you're new to online moderating, we're offering a two-part workshop. On February 10, you'll take part in an online forum, and on February 13th, you'll learn how to set up and moderate one yourself.. 
Feb 10@ 4:00 pm EST and Feb 13 @2:00 pm EST REGISTRATION