August 31, 2020

Dear students,

Welcome back! We hope that the first few weeks back have been rewarding and artistically inspiring. Thank you for your help in keeping CIM healthy and safe as we move forward through the semester.

As activities increase in the building, we are writing to review and emphasize some of the policies in place for the safety of CIM community members.

  • Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth is a critical strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Woodwind, brass and voice students who are alone in an enclosed space, more than 15 feet away from the nearest person or outdoors, may remove their masks when actively playing or singing. All others should wear a mask at all times unless alone in an enclosed space (with the door shut).
  • Appropriate distancing is required. For masked activities, a minimum distance of 6 feet is required between all people involved unless impossible due to ensemble requirements. For unmasked activities, a minimum of 15 feet of distance is required. There are 6-foot plastic measuring pipes in all studios, chamber rehearsal spaces and concert halls to assist you with finding the right distance in the configuration that works for your rehearsal or activity. 
  • Ventilation breaks for practice rooms, studios and large spaces are important. They are programmed into EMS and must be strictly observed. You are required to leave the space you have reserved at the end of your reservation time. Do not stay in the room when you do not have it reserved. Failure to leave your room at the end of your reservation may result in suspension of your EMS account.
  • Reserving practice rooms and rehearsal spaces in EMS is required. Here are a few quick EMS reminders:
  • Please visit the Online Scheduling Info Page and EMS Policies and Reservation Types to view booking rules and info about how much time you can reserve per day and how far in advance you can reserve spaces.
  • When creating a reservation please confirm that your name is selected in the “Group” field.
  • If you are unable to use your reserved time, please cancel it in the web portal. Your colleagues deserve to be able to sign out a space if you are not using it.
  • Please do not reserve a “chamber space” unless you are using that time for a chamber rehearsal or coaching.
  • For any questions or concerns contact
  • Please remember that some CIM community members may wish to take additional precautions beyond what CIM expects of all students, faculty and staff. Some people may be in high-risk categories or live with others with health concerns. Please be respectful, kind and understanding and allow people to draw boundaries they are comfortable with.
  • Finally, if you move a chair, stand or other piece of equipment, you must clean it and return it to where you found it. There are disinfecting supplies stationed throughout the building and hydrogen peroxide wipes next to every piano. In addition, no chairs, stands or other CIM-owned items should ever be taken from a room or the building without permission from the Concerts and Events Office.

Thank you for helping to keep CIM’s community healthy and safe and we look forward to providing you with the support you need for the rest of the semester.
All the best,

Maddi Tolliver
Senior Director, Artistic and Facilities Operations