Forsyth County Sheriff's Deputies have seen a rise in auto break-ins throughout the Village of Clemmons and Forsyth County. The majority of the auto break-ins consisted of subjects going into unlocked vehicles and rummaging through glove boxes and consoles looking for anything to steal. Every car owner should be aware that as we experience warmer weather, this kind of criminal activity can increase. There are several precautions you could and should take to lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim of this type of crime.

First, always lock your doors. This principle applies to your vehicles, as well as your residences. Many times someone with crime on their mind will simply walk through neighborhoods looking for easy opportunities to remove your property.

Second, residents should not leave anything of value in the vehicles. Purses, computers, firearms, money, book bags, etc. should always be removed from your vehicle. If you are unable to remove an item from your vehicle, please place it in the trunk or other area which is not visible from the exterior of the vehicle.

Third, criminals do not like lights and noise. If possible, you should leave an outside light turned on at night. Motion sensor lights work great and are outstanding crime deterrent for homeowners. Car and home audible alarms also provide a deterrent to would be criminals.

Finally, report anything you believe is suspicious to the Sheriff's Office. If it is important to you, it is important to us. The emergency number is 911 and the non-emergency number is (336) 727-2112. Be a good neighbor and keep watch for suspicious activities, vehicles, and persons. When one is encountered, give the Sheriff's office a call; "See Something, Say Something."

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