Safety Bulletin: Preventive Maintenance For Horse Trailers
Winter 2019

Your trailer should have an annual inspection before you take your horses south or locally for showing/hunting. This soggy winter weather is the perfect time for you to arrange for us to provide your trailer with a Preventive Maintenance (PM) check-up, keeping your trailer and rig safe and dependable, and ready to travel when you are. 
It’s easy to take it for granted from season to season that our trailer wheels, brakes, tires, lights, wiring, harness look good . . . and are safe for the next trip.  

The fact is, it’s inevitable: Without regular inspection and maintenance of your rig, you’re at risk for undependable braking, cracked, dry rotted tires blowing, or worse.

When was the last time you had wheel bearings repacked? Tires inspected, including spare? Had your brakes and lights examined to ensure that they are working properly? Are your tires older than 2-3 years? Do you know the condition of the unexposed side of your tires and spare?

We are making it easy for you to have peace of mind and safe travels with these two options:

For a flat fee per hour
·      We will pick up and deliver your rig, upon request, OR
·      You can bring your truck and trailer to us.

Appointments are available between Jan 1, 2019 and March 31, 2019  ONLY.
1-2 days maximum for most turnarounds.
Don’t risk it! 
Put our 40+ years of expertise to work for you.     
Call today to get on our schedule! 
David Wisner, Owner
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