Kent School District March 2022
Safety First
Last week, the Washington State Department of Health released new requirements and recommendations for K-12 schools. Masks are now optional in Kent School District buildings or on buses for all students, staff, visitors, and volunteers, except in health and isolation rooms. We expect kindness and acceptance for individual mask-wearing decisions and will not tolerate bullying or harassment.
Increase in Theft Throughout Kent Area
There has been an increase in theft in our area, specifically the theft of catalytic converters. This is not specific to Kent School District and occurs on Mercer Island, Bellevue, and a range of other nearby districts. We realize as a district, we do not have an effective means of policing, monitoring, and patrolling all campus parking areas. We are vigilant with monitoring cameras and activity, but due to the speed of these crimes (sometimes a minute or less), any response would be post theft in all likelihood.

We encourage staff and visitors to consider the purchase and installation of theft deterrents. There are many options available:

  • Install an undercarriage shield or cage.
  • Incorporate metal rods alongside your converter.
  • Weld flange bolts to your vehicle.
  • Install a tilt sensing vehicle alarm system.
  • Painting and engraving/etching your vehicle's serial number.

The safety of our students, staff, and families is important, so if you see something, say something and continue to be aware of your surroundings at all times.
Social Media Safety
Helping students stay safe online is a priority for the Kent School District. Here are some tips on how to promote safe social media use for your student, and how you can encourage healthy use of online platforms.
Nutrition and Wellness
Eating a complete meal is one of the most essential things in a student's development and success in the classroom. Learn more about how meals are prepared in KSD and how you can encourage healthy eating outside of the classroom.
Mentoring Programs
Our students' wellbeing and safety is a priority and providing social-emotional learning helps support student success. Student buddy mentoring programs build positive connections between students while strengthening the community in our schools. Several schools provide a student buddy mentoring program where older students help younger students develop empathy and discuss how they can address difficult situations such as telling an adult, walking away, talking it out, or telling them to stop.
Buddies spend one recess together every week building their relationship through different activities including card games, coloring activities, reading, and playing together at recess.

Check out these great photos of buddies and little buddies connecting at recess!
Student Safety Tips
Parents and students can use these safety tips to make sure they are staying safe in any situation.